Soft Wen really want to be sentenced to death

in the network arena today, appeared every kind of soft Wen, a lot of people think it is pure soft regard as worn-out shoes, website boast, increase website visibility, improve a website visibility approach. Especially in the webmaster forum often see "very helpless when it comes to all your soft, soft, the identification is completed, and this person is the" TMD ad ", it is the site of soft, can get some other" replies, I don’t know if they’re in that state of mind, "sour grapes?". A lot of netizens think so, soft text is rubbish. Look at it in a disdainful manner.

indeed, no matter what, soft Wen is an advertising, is a marketing tool, in China’s network lack of trust under the premise, Internet users tend to soft Wen to derogatory direction to think. But after all, the soft inside provided content, and not a little useful information or not, now users have such a mentality, than to find that this article is not soft, like how to show off their "Jin Jin fire", in fact, I personally feel, as a spectator, read an article to have a "absorb the essence and reject the dross" mentality, we can learn from the good place, should not be holding a differential mentality to read.

In fact,

is a webmaster should be more careful thinking, why I is very hard every day in the update site, but only a few of the traffic, PR is also poor, every day looking forward to your site suddenly like Baidu famous. Maybe your failure is not that you don’t have to persevere, more is that you didn’t go to learn modestly, not to mine useful information from the others, even if it is a soft, it will also provide useful information. But we can only go to the identification of the old "fire gold" soft eyes, we should not be sentenced to death.


also pointed out: soft Wen is part of a promotion planning, should be the owners will learn the language. Languages like HTML, CSS, ASP. But now a lot of webmaster in see is soft when, scold a go, is direct shot, soft wen. I don’t know why? The article deceive your feelings or soft?, we more should be learning, of course in the emergence of a large number of soft, uneven in quality article let us lose the soft feeling, but the more we can from their deficiencies, learn a lot of experience, really shouldn’t belittle others, so what brings you to not good. I often write soft article, good and bad, there are a lot of criticism, some people say I write is rubbish, there are a lot of people support me, but anyway I was leaning on the soft quickly put my site promotion out of Shang Yihong. But I also learned more experience and appreciated them in their criticism.

soft Wen for our webmaster is particularly important. It can not only bring us traffic, but also increase the power of the website

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