Yu Bin 5 points in Anhui webmaster Conference

Yanhuang network of the old K invitation on behalf of the 8684 bus network, and House365 Zhou Ning, Nanjing science and technology together with the bean beans sinus rushed to Anhui Hefei, to participate in the webmaster general assembly, the general assembly, there are some well-known websites and web site managers involved in the industry, such as the Hefei hotline, Hua Jun software park, 52pk game net, Hefei nets, Anhui recruitment network group purchase, long marriage network, the station reached more than 300 people, due to the conflict of the Dragon Boat Festival, many webmaster or give up the opportunity to leave master general assembly, this illustrates that Anhui’s high-end stationmaster congress attracted many webmaster attention, but also a progressive Anhui Internet era.

attending the Anhui webmaster conference this time, the harvest is quite good, sum up experience as follows:

1, Alipay’s goal this year is 120 billion of the traffic, visible Alipay hand was rich; Alipay 1/3 does not rely on Taobao, Alipay business integration this rapid growth; Alipay CPA immediately arrived, promising.

2, the current economic environment, and give attention to much better than confusion and, as long as the focus on their own areas of expertise and stick to it, eventually you will succeed, as Ma Yun said: "today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, the vast majority of people are dead in tomorrow night, not see the sun the day after tomorrow, so the rest of us if you wish to succeed, you must be very hard every day, live for today, you can to tomorrow, after tomorrow you can see the sun the day after tomorrow".

3, SEO is boring, such as modified title, belong to the repetitive behavior; in the optimization process, and the need to fine, for example in the column or single page optimization, need to have increased awareness of the keywords, such as bold or red etc..


4, local web site operators, the team is the most important, followed by the resources and profit model, including media resources and cyber source, but also the necessary cooperation with the media or some websites.

5, the industry Web site is beginning to meet your users, not yourself. They visit your website with your purpose, and your website is to help them achieve these goals. So, to consider what users need, to meet their needs, the more clear the demand, users will be more and more.

because of the tense time, I, Zhou Ning and Dou Dou returned to Nanjing after the meeting. Overall, this conference is a lot more successful than the previous meeting in Nanjing. Of course, the most difficult one is the old K of the CO organizer. This Congress several times, can effectively improve the enthusiasm of the local Internet, expand everyone’s connections to the webmaster, on the local network, can play a role in promoting the local economic development, even can affect a place. Stationmaster Congress, The more, the better.


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