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The rapid development of China Mobile

Internet has brought a lot of business opportunities, so that the majority of entrepreneurs have a broader innovation, but also bring huge pressure to the traditional PC Internet era overlords. In the PC Internet, search engine has long been the absolute flow entrance, the largest search engine Baidu ALEXA ranked first in the country, fifth of the world’s strength, as evidenced by the search engine is absolutely dominant in the PC on the internet.

, but with the development of mobile Internet, as well as the transformation of mobile search, the site in the mobile field with the power of search engines to obtain more users, mobile is absolutely inevitable trend. In the case of the search giant began to increase innovation force action in the mobile field, the move is imminent website.

How does

website owner develop mobile website with Baidu


AI media consulting iMedia Research data show that as of the first quarter of 2014, China Mobile search users reached 460 million, of which the second and the following city mobile search users is growing rapidly, in 2013 370 million. Accounting for 80.4% of the total mobile search users. According to AI media forecast, by 2018, the number of mobile search users in the second and third cities will increase to more than 662 million.

more than 4.6 million users, Baidu as PC search engine absolute overlord, in mobile search, the current market share is also the first. Recently, webmaster friends told me that Baidu Webmaster Platform opened a new activity, I see activities found in Baidu, so efforts to promote mobile website, through the promotion of mobile overall site experience, so as to improve their search engine action, if the site owners can take advantage of it, with the help of Baidu better from mobile search access to direct traffic, from improving the mobile site experience better brand reputation, or not too difficult. The following, I would like to share with you, and I have some ideas about how the website owner can develop mobile websites with Baidu.

1, to understand the degree of mobility of the site

to do one thing, first to see if you are and how much to first understand the development situation, strengths and weaknesses, competitors and the industry it, we will have more success may challenge. It is important to develop our mobile website and understand the mobility of the website.

2014 mobile website contest

the launch of Baidu, after successful registration to view the site for the degree of mobility, hovering between mobile search optimization and PC optimization search, do not know their own websites in the mobile search engine spider eyes is what image, the other side is not like PC will search for their own some good website webmaster, is a good opportunity to know the degree of mobile website. By taking part in Baidu’s activities, perhaps some of the details that you have neglected seem to be the most disgusting of mobile search engine spiders. You’ve changed yourself

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