What’s the real value of a good web site for VC

Hello everyone, today, Shanghai SEO (SWJ) communicate with you, VC in the end what concerns our website? In the end what is the value of the site,


SWJ was also from the personal webmaster came, from garbage station to regular warfare, from * * station to regular warfare, from the "portal station" to small classification station, you can say that about 80% of the type of Web site SWJ have done. Now the face of more and more personal webmaster rise, more and more young master born in the era of change our attitudes have changed, from the original 10 thousand IP daily for a month can be profitable and even thousands of absolute numbers of 5 or more, the quality now can also be the key depends on your site.

what is the quality of the site? SWJ first from the point of view of individual webmaster words: website content to more, interface to atmosphere, variety to rich, flow to big, ranking higher. But are these really useful? In fact, these are just a small part of the quality of the real web site.

then look at SWJ from the perspective of: the development prospects of the site, profit model, "CEO website is what people" as the main basis for judgment. Only the good prospects for the development of clear profit model will know the execution of the operation to the entire site reflect the value of the SWJ that Mr. Ma is a good example of learning example is SWJ… To analyze the specific day after Taobao will say.

then from VC (venture capital) point of view they will consider from those aspects? ALEXA according to SWJ contact and understanding current VC or compare the value of the PR value of the site, and the main flow development prospect of profit model of reading is not in front of the weight, but also pay attention to. Once a SWJ site to exchange links with YAHOO, the other said only one question: "wait for your PR is greater than 5, come to me."."

so, VC and large portals and so on, they still only stay in only some of the sites concerned, for the SWJ point of view, compared to the surface of things deeper things, they have not dug.

if I were VC, I would first ask you what your profit model is, as far as the prospects of development are concerned. I don’t want to tell you about it. I’ll go and see it. There is the comprehensive quality of your website, I will go to analysis, such as: the content of the site, how many percentage is original, friendship connection quality is not high.

well, SWJ is here, what ideas and suggestions, welcome to communicate with me, in addition to SEO, we should learn more, do a generalist, must not be misled by SEO. The real SEO is talking about resources and strategies, not the kind of cheating outside, talking about what and simple page operations, and those SWJ aren’t even SEO at all

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