The task China pig Witkey crossline station report

some time ago, a very controversial article "three deadly, enough to destroy Witkey has aroused public concern,", on Witkey mode mixed, of course, each one according to his lights. Through the observation and analysis of this period, I find that there are some bottlenecks in Witkey mode, such as payment security, credit evaluation, Witkey mode, studio transaction and so on.

industry development bottlenecks encountered, in fact, very normal. As the saying goes: the poor are changed, change the pass. If you have to carefully observe the greatest strength of the two sites, the task China and pig, is not difficult to find that the task China has been completely out of Witkey bondage, and another to find a breakthrough virtual commodity trading wisdom; and based on the original pig Witkey mode increases the power to complete their breakthrough studio; where is the author? China task and pig two Witkey website, do the crossline, look at the big two station in the end what are the similarities and differences between witkey.

contrast a task treasure VS Cheng Fu Bao, who is dressed in wolf leather sheep

?The biggest characteristic of

virtual wisdom commodity trading is that it doesn’t need complicated processes and procedures such as logistics and distribution system, and all the processes are completed online. But the virtual smart goods have a characteristic: confidentiality, timeliness. That is, the wisdom of goods once opened, lost its original commercial value. It’s like I have an idea, but when it comes out, the business value it originally belongs to me is gone.

in order to ensure the virtual wisdom of commodity transactions more secure, the task of China and pigs have launched their own payment tools. In order to make it more convenient for people to use payment tools, the author makes a contrast between "mission treasure" in China and "Cheng Fu Bao" by "


technology supports payment convenience, cash withdrawals, convenience charges,

task treasure mission, China and Tencent financial payment through the close API interface, Tencent payment accounts exist, recharge directly into the bank interface. After the application is made, through the customer service audit, the amount of cash transferred by the Tencent system automatic cash transfer does not require fees, do not deduct 20% transaction costs.

Cheng Fu Tong pig and payment instruments loose cooperation, the existence of account cannot directly through the sincere Bao chongzhi. Recharge first jump into another payment tool, and then enter the bank interface, apply for withdrawals, the finance to the bank one by one to transfer funds to customers, withdrawals need handling fees, to deduct 20% transaction costs

comparison two credit rating – according to the number of tasks statistics, more realistic, accurate and reliable

One of the characteristics of

e-commerce is that most people who deal with themselves are unfamiliar and invisible, so the corresponding credit evaluation system is very important for virtual e-commerce. But how to make credit evaluation more true, accurate and reliable, we must take certain measures and means. The following is a comparative evaluation of the credit rating system for China and Australia, for reference only

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