Promotion soft Wen writing elements

soft writing four elements:

1: wake up,

an eye-catching title with the most hits. Always believe this: the title of the party is the most attractive.

two: short

Part of the reason for the success of the

search engine is that it meets the needs of Internet users. It is more convenient and convenient for Internet users to find content. On the other hand, it also proves that most Internet users are gentle animals without patience. They don’t spend too much time reading an article. Unless you’re an online novel. But in forums and blogs, there are no novels. Many times we will find a long article will be divided into several segments were released, not only to increase the Nian, but also because of the long article will let users increase the difficulty of reading.

two: sperm

if an article does not interest users in the first one hundred words. Trust the user to close the browser immediately after reading your article. So, often in writing the beginning of the article, many webmaster will mention the essence, the essence of the article is to write the abstract, put in the first paragraph of the article. How to extract the essence, first of all to understand the Internet users, know what they want to know, you will understand the summary of the article, how to write.

four: for

, we always want users to browse our articles and click on the links we bring to our expectations, but this is often a problem for many of them. The main reason is not that the articles are not written well, but that they do not give the viewer a desire. We often find. The film promotion hand when they promote a movie, the movie is not written down, many are comments and feedback released movies. Let the user more and more have the desire to see this movie.

more than four points, is to promote writing soft some skills. But a great deal of paper doesn’t mean you can promote success. Often a lot of time to promote the mentality of hand will also affect the effect of promotion, search the Internet, engaged in network promotion companies, they have called five thousand. Some only have five hundred. In the eyes of many executives, network promotion is becoming more and more difficult. They’ve always been

is too lazy: always thinking about promotion is a very simple thing, that is, send a post, do a few links. But I do not know a post can bring traffic to the site is very limited. The promotion of a website is successful, sometimes it is ten thousand posts, one hundred thousand posts are popularized.

is too bipolar: one is so, promotion is not good, such promotion is bad to the user, to search engine bad, but never thought of how to carry out. And the other pole is so good promotion. It’s easy to focus on all the people in the company and do so. Bombing promotion, if not a good grasp of a media attention, to grasp the overall level, to grasp the continuity, the momentary effect may be >

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