Talk about my county town website construction mentality

in the webmaster online learning a lot of older things, but also read a lot about the local county site how to operate information, benefit greatly. Today, I also talk about some of the ideas I made about our county website. Please enlighten master, please paizhuan.

I’m a freelance worker in Shaanxi, Longxian. I prefer to work on websites, but I’m basically a rookie. Each time it takes a long time to work out. The county network has been going through 2 months. Here’s my fight for the last 2 months.

one, preparation stage,

A, the enemy

in Baidu, Google and other commonly used search engine query keywords of the county (county, some words like X X X landscape, snacks and so on, is the county’s County, some well-known, people are very familiar with), see that there are no do, or have done so with the size of the site. Find the site information collection, site planning type, they understand what columns compare popularity, fires, to do so is to prepare us for the early stage of the site (our new sites may not have a lot of new articles can be made, especially the county network, so big a little bit. 5 minutes the people can know).

in general, local, government, and should be available, but mostly dormant. Or, many local county sites are based on forums (which can bring together a lot of people).

in Baidu post bar, QQ group, QQ City Daren, 51 city online, etc.. Search some local related posts and groups, local online, how many people (this is also for you after the promotion, how many potential groups to foreshadowing, of course, and your income also has relations). Understand the local personnel dynamic, or they are concerned about what (including some of your competitors do Post Bar promotion of their own site, need more understanding and attention), the additive group, and the space organization, and to add, slowly active atmosphere within the group, all the Internet time understand, a topic of concern, usually talk about what? So you later on when their own website promotion not everyone does not know you, 2 is considered to be advertising played. Know more, and later you can join the free management of the site’s friends, perhaps friends of their friends friends, will help you advertise more.

B, prepare data,


local site is nothing more than a local port for displaying local information and active local people. I personally think that in planning between government stations and local forums, then we need to prepare more relevant text, pictures and other information, a large number of collection.

two, planning stage

A, domain name selected

on the domain name how to choose, Adsense online has many related skills, I say here, generally choose.Co>

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