Tea website how to do their own soft propaganda

first of all we say — what is the tea website publicity soft, soft propaganda is the content of tea in the promotion of a possible way, propaganda is a tea website, it may be a product of tea. At the bottom of the articles I write each have to leave your site name and address first, can be said that each article to do AD, from a certain point of view, my article Pianpian are tea soft propaganda. Here we will talk about how to write a quality tea propaganda soft.

one, the title has penetrating power

Title: subject to take more attractive, the subject is not attractive, many people will not read your article, your soft writing is no good. Soft Wen wrote, the title should consider the following points.

1 uses the curiosity of the reader. Once you grasp the reader’s curiosity, the appropriate title of the party? As we have tea, write soft article also is such, such as < a pound of tea, I sold 1W > and < buy tea, take a wife back casually > think this is a big attraction flow, are relatively good.

2, ask questions directly. For example, we plan the birth of eyebrow products, soft Wen, the title is very direct, "how to do a good job of brand tea", "how to improve the flow of tea web site", the target consumer to see this kind of title will look down. Another example, our tea site "Tieguanyin five big effect" and so on, are straight hit crowd, put on, not everyone looking, but for people who have problems to see. This article hit after sales rose immediately, we are tested.

3, Title live. Many soft melatonin can by the majority of readers, the life of the title plays a very important role. So start with life.

but a little attention, pay attention to the content itself, not the crested chicken.

Don’t stray from the


writing must have a center and a theme. All the content is organized around this topic. Since it is the center, it must be clear. Generally speaking, the theme of this article is about the concept of product launch, as we do the tea to join, will join the brand, said the benefits of how to do if it is to join mall, just to make some of these functions of tea, etc..

three, publicity articles should be valuable,

now, what is a valuable article, I personally feel that a good article, that is, in the publicity of their own, but also to help others. This is an article that is valuable to others as well as to yourself. I do the network promotion, what are the natural and detached, I write soft article also is to promote their own websites. But I have promoted the famous tea, and I have also shared my experience, so that more people can learn from it and avoid detours. I think this is valuable, and only in this way can I have a virtuous circle, let me >

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