What goes up must come down to the station


first, all share to struggle in the station on the road! A lot of power when you want to give up we can persist in the end is what we do not even know. But if we persist in such an industry, we should try to give yourself a result, although we can not completely successful, but at least we know we tried fine! I believe that many people have such a feeling, every day I did a lot of work, but did not see to effect, do not know how to put your site operation up! So it is confused, so we today from another perspective


all we can see is the successful bosses around us. Did we ever think about how they could succeed,


1, persistence and perseverance,

that I know is that no matter what kind of boss, they have the same is such an identical characteristic, this is how many people say! What is the power but we can stick to it? Many people don’t give yourself a clear reason to continue to adhere to some things because of family! The pressure, I’m not going to stick to it will keep his wife and children, some people is because you want to strive for a result of persistence! And no matter what kind of reason to let these people stick to it! I know, as long as you are in a certain industry can adhere to 5 years time, so whether you have what skill, then your income will not be too low! Think the people around you, some people insist on sales in the industry for 5 years, can do some sales manager. People open their own company, adhere to the 5 years of stable income, a stable customer! This is to adhere to the results! And in real life for a career to 5 years are not great wisdom, is simple, but instead will get smart people in various industries jumping. So 5 years time is wasted


but what is our webmaster so-called stick? Many times owners on the chain, introverted, Links, included content, in fact we know is that, again on the basis of innovation is the best, within innovation can rapid success! But not everyone can think, can do it! So most of the webmaster or dry too observant of conventional standards. work each day!

I am very honest to say, in fact, if every day to ensure that we have completed the basic work, can guarantee is our website steadily promotion, ranking, included, and so on. And the site is very stable. So there is no need to worry about K or other aspects of the impact, and sometimes too eager for quick success, we will be led by Baidu nose!


said above to adhere to, the most fundamental reason but insist is perseverance, a lot of people have superhuman perseverance, so no matter what they do to hold on, make their own efforts and.

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