Webmaster is to grow up standing can not be afraid of leg pain to insist on their own

got in touch with it, no matter what the road was.

at the very beginning, just like a long journey, do not know the road, what even the road things are confused, confused, lonely, watching other people go forward, I say I will also learn.

, such as promotion, for friends, I feel that work is work, it is inappropriate to send advertising to them. What is changed into the character signature associated with the site, go to a friend on the space of truth to the message, for fear of their own fame I remember my PS be destroyed on one day, a picture of the beautiful cake processing, we take the domain name of the website, make the signature, leaving a second words. My friend said is very beautiful, but I know that you are on the website, publicity your website, I have never used this private QQ message, he also specifically made for space and QQ, but I have to update the site, add new content to the website, no time to organize space that is almost empty. To send a few ads in the forum, the first direct copy of our site content up a little later, add a link, the results ID was sealed, only to know: Oh, originally here not to advertise.

then see the soft Wen, Khan ~ ~ I don’t even know what soft Wen, go to soso to see, just understand, there are university ask. But I can’t write, look at others in the Admin5, imitate others write, made in Baidu Post Bar, just a few days ago (http://s.tieba.baidu.com/f? Kz=389868907), do not feel what effect, to find reasons to yourself, a person in order to apply after posting a 500 baidu account that did not own to the top of their top. See a message: female friends to buy clothes is very beautiful, is non boyfriend requirements of the brand, boyfriend to break up, in the beginning I did not think this is a soft, a home truth I still fathom the day to see the information, only to find that it is a soft, I really hate my head we have not found it earlier, I also said that people do not know enough! The sweat ah ~ really to find a way to crack into a few months ago! I have no contact with website promotion, see how the Rita reviled them, now I can not, and now I admire their courage, the same woman, at least now, I do not so crazy. Maybe they’re not so realistic, but it also makes me understand a lot of Internet on the promotion ", is cruel to use unscrupulous divisive tactics", which is a virtual world The benefits of the community: people can change.

in addition, the keyword is also a problem.


of our website is to manually add the content, I am the only one, so the relatively busy, often think how to set the keywords to attract people, in order to improve the ranking a little bit, I don’t know what is what, for example this is industry news, I found a new industry smell, the article added, the out on our website page, the effect is not very ideal, then you want to.

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