Ten thousand yuan how to do network promotion

, give me ten thousand yuan for promotion. What will I do,


see a previous post, the question is how effective before ten thousand pieces of flowers in promotion, here I talk about my idea.

such promotion is two levels, one is the capital level, and the other is the time level.

on the level of time, means that ten thousand pieces can not be spent all at once, and can not spend too slowly, affecting the red speed. There should be layers. Personally think is: the first month by artificial cost free publicity methods, such as what BBS, ah, BLOG, TM and so on, not much introduced.

There are three reasons why

does this: save money, accumulate some of the most original users and word of mouth. Two is to test whether their website itself in the program security, stability, UI and other aspects of loopholes, if there is in time to make up. The three is to look at their value trends through these flows and users so that you can adjust your development direction to the right track at the very beginning.

begins to spend half of the $ten thousand in second months, and then decides the amount of input for the next third months.

assumes that the effect is not very good, may have to immediately close hand, come back to seriously consider the plan you in the beginning is wrong, repeated discussions, think about it, maybe 5000 dollars in the next province certainly as the next project start-up capital, ha ha.

The second aspect of

is the funding level.

The principle of

capital spending should be decentralized experiments, focused inputs.

no one knows which of the best promotional effects, but also different stations, different promotion methods will bring different results.

so put money in the beginning, each a little, to study the best method of analysis, the large-scale late in the capital into this method, can effectively avoid the waste of money.

If I were

, I will buy 10000 day window flow, find four leagues, each league to 1000, let them do CPC or CPA, then leave 1000 to some fame small site traffic, the total investment of about 5000.

after spending, see the effect, determine the next step of the plan.

above is a personal view, please throw brick pointing out doubts.

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