How to effectively make English Web site group earn dollars

1-2 year Network Entrepreneurship Program:

1, short term goal: develop 10 content rich websites that contain at least 100 articles, and optimize to get the highest traffic. Time in 60 days;

2, mid term goal: develop 25 content rich websites, with at least 250 articles, and optimize to get the highest traffic. Time in 180 days;

3, long-term goal: to develop 100 content rich websites, there are at least 1000 articles, and optimize to get the highest traffic. The time is two years;

generates revenue, and each site will generate revenue within 90 days. The site will initially run Google AdSense, and then do other affiliate marketing.

below is a step by step plan:

stage 1:

1 to build 10 websites within 5 weeks. Using CMS is not hard to implement.

Contains a minimum of 10 unique article 2, article

of each site, the theme, the best content is standing around a central building, such as medical, health, finance and so on, can also choose the appropriate high keywords to do matching content site.

3, for each article at least to establish a reverse online bookmark link:

4, after 5 weeks, the tenth site is completed, you need to rest for a while.

5 creates 10 articles each week in the next four weeks.

6, the article directory submitted to the top 10.

7, for each article to establish a reverse connection.

8 creates at least 5 directory links per week per site within four weeks.

9, submit your web site to the 140+ search engine.

10, each search engine manually submit page URL:

second stage:

1 sets up 10 additional sites in the next 5 weeks.

2 sets up a reverse link for each published article.

3, fifth weeks later, repeat the same construction link process.

third stage:

will build another 5 websites in the next 5 weeks and repeat the whole process.

above is the ideal design, step by step with the realization. There is a lot of flexibility and space to avoid being discouraged or too late to lose confidence. The hope is to complete the 25 site within 3 months, and give another three months of buffer time to comfortably reach the target.

After the completion of the 25

sites, in the next 3-6 months will be committed to building high-quality reverse connection. Until you can see three digits per month

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