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we often talk about SEO, and we also talk about how to make your web pages Google, Google’s ranking, or Baidu, Baidu’s ranking. Like my blog, if you zai1Google Google search "orz86", which my blog will be ranked first, while in Baidu Baidu, I can only row in fourth, although the first is my site built on the BSP. In the end, how many commercial value can you get in the first place? Maybe everyone can’t tell. The following series of articles will tell you how much Google ranked first. How many


in the next period of time, I will show you the translation written by Aaron Wall What is a #1 Google "Ranking Worth?" (I translated as "Google", ranked first in the value) because my English level is limited, so in some aspects of the translation may be wrong, I hope that a lot.

V1.0, a real case study,

Patrick (Patrick), the webmaster of a network bingo card site, ranked fifth in search results at Google’s "bingo cards".

(1), a fifth place, brings 6000 independent visitors each month.

(2), a ranked first, can get 8.5 times as much effect as AOL’s leaked data, which 6000*8.5=50000 independent visitors a month?.

(3) his web page now brings in $40 for every 1000 visitors.

(4) reckons that if he ranks first in the word "bingo cards", he will have $2000 a month in earnings.

you can go to calculate your keyword ranking caused by this model, the value can also be from other data (in the form of these data will be mentioned) get your ranking value — even if you don’t care about your website ranking.

, V2.0, Google rankings can create or destroy your business opportunities,

when I was browsing is I see this message in WebmasterWorth: why Google allows owners to interfere with our ranking. "It’s a very serious conspiracy, and it’s more damaging than Google’s spam team," says a member named Hissingsid. Seriously damaged access to our pages. In our market, there have been 3 places that have destroyed our business cooperation. "


it’s a terrible fact that there are a lot of businesses that rely on search engines to survive, but search engines themselves are a huge thing

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