Creative win for the sake of users is for their own sake

as we all know, the current network marketing homogenization competition is extremely fierce, including SEOER, including network marketers are faced with duplication of content, marketing and other issues of a single.


business cards are also about creative, unique Google business cards (online pictures)

this can only be done from the website marketing creativity. Because facing any website homogenization of the fierce competition, the business is not only an exclusive sale of you, no branch; and product services, the vast majority of the site and other sites are similar. As a result, finding the unique selling point of your website is a top priority for web operators.

such as "crushing" site in this way create new styles of network video, a powerful witness to their mixer what can be crushed by more than 29000, brought the chain for the website, this website proved a great role for marketing.

What makes

even more incredible is that, sometimes, even a new idea of a major crisis is likely to be the key to bringing back the dead.

, for example, the shopkeepers are very concerned about the face of Taobao’s comments, a shopkeeper directly set fire to the return of the fake, upload pictures to the shop, won the extreme concern more buyers; in the face of bad, "funny uncle wandering" reply, has swept the network within a period of time help, not only their own shop smoothly through their website, but also become a unique selling point.

about the website marketing idea, ZAC stressed that in addition to the necessary skills in SEO, SEOER also have some creative advertising and marketing, can really do SEO, because after all, SEO is marketing, rather than technical work.

Lee also attaches great importance to the marketing idea, he said: "I know a lot of people in order to better sort, starting from the search strategy point of view, do a lot of" optimization ", but less for the psychological and behavioral decision search".

should be said, for the above quotation in Lee more limited to the title tag writing "for the search of the psychological and behavioral decision" creative advertising, many sites now are very seriously (because SEO website title tag); and they also attaches great importance to the web search keywords analysis, and continuously strengthen the role in writing the title tag website some popular keywords, and according to the written copy users often search search. It should be said that this is a great step forward.


website marketing ideas is not limited to the title tag writing and "around the keywords", it is easy to fall into the "creative ideas" of the delay, the most typical example is the "dull remarks until the title of the party and" off "

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