A brief discussion on the third stage filing system

today saw the filing system third line IDC access providers to record, why was an unsettled state of mind.,? If to verify the record, so I 13 sites, not to close to 10 to 11? 1 is for the record of their ID card, the 1 is for the record of the family the ID card, the other is with colleagues, friends, or friends of the identity card record! And verified, the family name in the past can be verified, friends can also call the past, the netizen? Who is willing to go to the site to verify the

record for you

we all know our filing system an ID card can record an account to add second, it must allow access providers to add, access business attitude is not good, even give them the data do not add N days. If you want to add the second websites for access providers, to add more difficult! And if you add second web sites, will lead to the first site for Aaron audit stage, will lead to the site can not be accessed! So many people second sites, third sites…… The record can only choose to use the family’s identity, if the site more, may choose a friend, or search on the Internet, you say we use these instead of their own, or the data record, is used to make illegal information


today is a webmaster published the new network will stop parsing the CN domain name to Humphreys, he just cheaper just registered a CN, but is a legitimate Web site, there are so many years of hard to be stopped? So broken? Who is right and who is wrong?


in the earlier published why we love the domain name registration with false information, a lot of domain names registered with false information, but in order to prevent the leakage of personal information, if the disclosure of personal data, it will be illegal use, fill in false information to register the domain name only in self-defense, not to do illegal websites. But in the rectification of registration domain name, fill in false information has become illegal website, in the end legitimate Adsense from where to go,


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