A few stationmaster anti experience

network kite all sorts of strange things, but thousands of strange from the pope as long as the master of his character you will no longer be deceived distress.

usually cheat webmaster routine is: the sale of traffic flow, and purchase cheap advertising, buying advertising, low-cost sales website, low sales domain, sell, price optimization program.

but I’m sure this is basically cheating meal, please exchange money in account to decide whether to buy, do not deal directly with Alipay [more] money to take advantage of the network transaction intermediary [even cheated the loss will be greatly reduced!

recommended transaction intermediary [figure king] for example above said these usually cheat I use way is nearly 5000 yuan loss results! I also suffer! Now write to let novice webmaster brothers learn more good, do not be fooled by these swindlers. Of course, there are plenty of crooks here, too,

transactions need to be discreet and you can’t find anyone on the Internet to give money to you. We want to Chinese the Internet to create a piece of blue sky. But……… Today’s Internet China caused by the damage is too big, I hope to have the Internet this: network transaction organization of noble character and high prestige Green Alliance certification [Note: the public welfare or will be contaminated by

remind network deception Comrades: today you can cheat cheat tomorrow? You have received the money Meixin can sleep soundly? Is not as important to you! How many millionaires under investigation China is cheated out? Do something lying down the knife


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