Mass cheating is not punished by search engine theory


is known as a black hat. A lot of SEO master are highly unified attitude, is to do SEO don’t do black hat, white hat or grey hat to do. White hat live long, gray hat is king. I was also nurtured by the older generation. Never black hat, but in the process of SEO, I will study many ranked first two website, when I checked their backlinks, found their reverse link in GG and Baidu are not only tens and hundreds, but the reverse link Yahoo and yodao are tens of thousand.


and I found it after I clicked on them. These backlinks are spam, message boards, or comments. In other words, these one or two ranked websites have used cheating. But why hasn’t it been K,



when I start to think, God laughs. Why not K? Why,


that’s what I want to say today. Mass cheating isn’t punished by search engines.


, that is to say, the key search engine punishment is no longer a mass, but by the mass website, that is to say if a website is not rubbish message timely if these sites will not be included. Because from a certain kind of reason can also be understood as, the webmaster himself regardless of the site, it is not the site users want to find. So it can explain why reverse link search is such a big difference. In a sense, the search to thank these groups, because the group of people to make the search more clear, those sites are useless.


why don’t the crowd get hurt,


because if the group gets hurt, so that a search engine will also be used, because according to this theory, as long as the rival site in the mass, the opponent will be K out, it would be, who will kill who want to kill. This is also a game. The result will be more mass, you kill me, I kill you. It’s called escalation of violence. This is what the search engines don’t want to see.

adds one point:

1, the mass of the site does not clean up spam messages will be search K, mass useless.

2, the mass of the site to clean up spam messages, mass useless

so, this is the search engine for the best way to send, so mass this road impassability ah.

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