Adsense in the end want to bet on the ideal and youth

occasionally turned over an old article on A5 today. "A webmaster doesn’t gamble on ideals and youth on the web." it made me feel great. For their confused webmaster, road more can not find the direction, more don’t know is retreat is into. First of all, there’s a lot of sense in what you’re saying. "Do not take a lifelong occupation attitude to learning website, really want to do the business, take one eye to do, dare to invest, also dare to lose money, but will just leave them. If you invest hundreds of dollars or that your personal website as occupation view webmaster, want to rely on it to spend a few years or even a lifetime, it is almost impossible to do, I think after 35 years, the majority of personal website or not will turn into a dormant, personal blog. China Internet environment finally will gradually standardize, live personal website is one in a thousand, depending on the website income over a lifetime is one in a million. Be hit by venture capital investment, basically belong to the odds of 1/100000." These words also deserve each of us to do site self proclaimed for the webmaster to think.

personally, I think there are two sides to everything. There are good and bad, success and failure. Men and women are all together, relative, that is, relatively speaking. So, our stationmaster stands in this angle to think this problem, also can have two completely different answers, one is affirmative, one is negative, just like original text that old man says. But this affirmation or denial is to look at the position that oneself stand, go up to consider and locate.

The webmaster in the

article. I think it was that day in the A5 for the tens of thousands of IP traffic mix of webmaster, if you pursue this alone, that is for each month or more than 1000 of the cost of living is a springboard for stage dream or stair, I think can put their own youth and now passion is gambling on the Internet and I fully believe in the same time, serious to pay and traditional industries, I feel personal webmaster website, more suitable for most of the so-called hot blooded youth. First, before the age of 25 is just school age, except for a few family background is very good except, but with their own meager power even there is no capital to invest in other industries or projects, for example, the Internet industry in a year’s time to invest in traditional 2W funds the industry will not necessarily invest hundreds of than you earn more.

put the money to look too important here, also just from the money point to make a comparison, earn money and will lose something, like the experience of society and also some society as a webmaster can not feel. But the purpose is different, to each person’s cognition is also different, just like the same two grades gently working boy. The same is 1K’s salary, and if he’s only for the daily expenses and the daily needs of his life, then the team is the biggest reward for him, but if his dream comes to him

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