From the financial specific to the bank Ali’s financial platform how to build

recently the industry with such a rumor that Ali group has officially submitted to the relevant financial supervision department intends to set up Ali Internet banking application, if the application is approved, so Ali financial business will rise to a new high quality, its scope will include deposits, loans, remittances etc. the traditional business, so Ali financial strategy is greatly enlarged.

has previously seen a friend wrote the article, which provides a systematic analysis on Ali platform strategy behavior and motivation, the implementation of every business are given the author’s own understanding, very thorough. In fact, not only from the analysis of the other, Ali considered in the financial sector, we can roughly summed up the development ideas of a total of four level of induction, today I also to be a teacher, talk about their own views.

1 laying the entire product chain, the user first cultivate soil, shaping the gene product, highlight the core elements of future development, like Ali financial good credit, no matter who you are, no matter how senior sellers, as long as the high credit, can obtain the ideal credit, this is Ali to a basis of architecture the prerequisite is that the first job of financial, let the sellers know the importance of credit, in addition, from Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan and Taobao to Amoy a loan for CBU and ICBU Ali Ali loans, although there is no simple direct bank, but on the side has its own strategy to start the laying of chain, it is wisdom.

2 forms a closed loop product circle. Do any of the products is as much as possible flow and leave for their own use, from Alipay, micro-blog, Gao De joined the revision and acquisition of Tintin, unfamiliar street, Ali put the Buddha all channels have been constructed, coupled with the already mature shopping platform, electricity supplier prototype the ecology has became more and more obvious, not only that, there are now Ali from shopping, entertainment, social networking, and a map of the shadow line. It can be said that Ali’s ecology can meet the needs of more people.

3 using the advantages of business consolidation, earlier financial Ali had been using Ali cloud cloud computing platform as a computing platform operation of Taobao and Alipay data, then orders loans, credit loans and other Taobao products are produced based on this. As can be seen, Ali group constantly optimize their business type, and the role of technology and data will be self-evident. Early Ali, the data has been designated as one of the three major strategies, and the accumulate steadily, we can feel the data plays an important role in the process of product operations.

4 to avoid competitors, looking for differences in the early development. As you all know, the revolution of Internet products will influence traditional products to a certain extent. WeChat is an obvious example. Ali is now entering the financial business, it is also a challenge for banks, special wine Moutai webmaster, Ali take sensible avoidance strategy. "Platform + small loan" >

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