n the age of garbage boom was a gangster

this is a story about myself, the first month of 2004. Under my strong demand,.

, a company that has lasted more than 2 years, has been dissolved

has since started a history of creating web spam. In my opinion, spam is what is now called SEO, a search engine.

was by day, a phenomenon was found in the search Google. When it is time to film and film website alliance flooding. When searching for customers was found to have a BLOG station is ranked first. Curious. In this paper, we use inurl search the findings have relevance to connect a large number, almost uniform message version. In this I guess its ranking related to this.

there are so many message boards appear his connection, not to open several manual. The message board found the time interval to send very close. Therefore concluded that there is mass message software. But after several search, did not find a public message group sending tool. Mass software is now everywhere, but that time there is almost no actual effect, some are lying useless junk.


finally decided to own the development of a few days. Try to come up with a powerful thought, no one with no predecessors after mass software, not only through the Baidu and Google analysis of search automatically add a message board address, can automatically identify some verification code, when the mass is rare. So for the mass screening means is not too much. So the bulk of the success rate is very high. Registration of several domestic and foreign blog, made a small edge. Second days more than 9 points, it included the Google website, the relevant keywords in the Google home page, it was exciting for words, but also on the message board after the fate of the poor have a little worried.

that was an age of hooligans, so I did rogue.

, tooIn fact,

promotion is applicable at the time of, do not know whether the Google ranking algorithm in real weakness. It has the function. There is another problem. The BLOG registration is easy, but to remove too fast. At first I asked 2 people, dedicated to help me to register BLOG station, and later found free space, but the efficiency of manual registration is too late, the registration process is very slow, no way to do the bulk scale. Decided to develop the automatic BLOG registration to the post procedure. For a BLOG and free space station are developed separately, this is no way to compare the efficiency of artificial. The deepest impression is provided by china.com free space, then I use the program for space operations, from the registered account to produce waste articles, finally submitted to the space, can achieve a fully automatic.China space can be multi page, but also can hold There is a 3 level domain name, that is, xxx.home4u.china.com., the final actual effect makes me feel excited and scared

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