About Baidu included a little practical skills

but do stop people know, dependent on the search engine of the new station is very high, we cannot do without the search engine! You can say you are not a search engine to make a station, but the premise is your site has enough visibility


has done a lot of sites that do local sites, his hometown, now do industry website http://s.chemlogo.com global chemical network, a search engine is not a good start, but to keep after the update, there are many included, mentioned here with you a little skill that Baidu is love news, so the you press on you, and some frequently updated data in a table, and all in News.asp? ID= form to do. It is best to let these files in the root directory, do not put too deep in the directory, such as xxxx.com/new/new.asp, I think this is also the unreasonable.

recently found that Baidu included more love is blog, so I think in the search engine spider crawling in the website is not on blog.asp? More interested in the connection of the ID=, this is just a little experience when I do stand, I hope to share with you, I hope you add my QQ:83043237 exchange.

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