Community O2O starts with good user maintenance

user oriented era, regardless of how to change the relationship between supply and demand, the user’s needs and experience as product and service development direction, is always a priority of the enterprise; especially in the local life service as the foundation, to the surrounding businesses as the center of the community platform radiation, more to do user maintenance. So, for community O2O, how to do a good job of user maintenance,



segments users, good community atmosphere maintenance,

no social, no business, a local community, if not enough user viscosity, it is bound to achieve the effective spread of word of mouth, that is to say, the maintenance of community atmosphere is very important. As the saying goes, Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. in a community, users must be in some aspects in common.

For example

according to gender and identity to distinguish, as freaky help, young mothers can be in terms of how to better care for the child’s daily life, consult some experienced mothers, while each other can also exchange some maintenance tips; again according to the occupation to draw points, such as white-collar workers, through the exchange of experience in the workplace or to meet the demands for making friends and so on, according to the different age, gender, position of user segmentation groups, so that the community atmosphere, the establishment of a community of emotion, then according to different groups generated by demand, businesses on the platform by providing cheap products to meet them, to achieve precision marketing.

also, in some on-site service projects, such as home laundry, cleaning, meals, also need to subdivide the user groups, mainly from the price sensitivity of platform and loyalty to distinguish, this part of the platform dependent strong user requirements, they may be higher, after all, is currently on the market 58, Jingdong, the U.S. group home and other giants in the door-to-door service this block not only willing to throw money at the same time, pay more attention to the quality of service.

don’t over spoil users,

"now no matter which stores are coupons into flying times, not only the user with selective dyslexia, businessmen blindly follow the trend of coupons will be forced to minimize profit, the basic price sensitive users as can be imagined, loyalty is very low, but the business is also impossible to endless" price war "really do business at a loss, the longitudinal Sok Wang believes that" there are no special advantages in products, ushered in the closed shop tide part of businesses in the Internet war."

Because the

user community O2O platform businesses and the community closer, so the "price war" is not really avoided, but if the platform to establish a standard to prevent vicious competition, there will be a problem, the user’s selectivity is varied, the U.S. group, Volkswagen, 58 giant itself is a huge threat. Obviously, the platform to enclose all of the users is not feasible.

as mentioned above, community O2O has a community atmosphere in the course of its operations

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