Do stand mentality determines the success or failure of the site

station is a very large group, China stationmaster at least 2 million. I don’t know how much money I’m making. Personally feel that doing stand is actually a challenging thing, she needs you have a good psychological quality and good will. And to do a successful site, and not just understand the station, technology wide, technology can be. Here, through my own doing, standing, experience, say, do stand psychological quality of importance.

is a long-term process, and it takes time for a station to grow. Do you want to stand as some of the dishes must be slow cooked was delicious. The same is true of standing. Especially those of us who do not have a lot of money invested personal webmaster, do a station is even more so. This requires us to have a lot of patience and perseverance. We know the growth of a web site, the fundamental need for web content to continue to enrich, and the continued growth of external links. And all this takes time. Of course, if you are standing except garbage as you can, within a day, thousands of tens of thousands of data acquisition, can also be a lot of garbage outside the chain, but a regular station is to come out one step at a time. And often there are many webmaster will fall in the middle, only those goals are clear, persist in the end of the webmaster to succeed. Therefore, the psychological quality of the station is very important, then how should we mediate our mentality, I will talk about my practice, and I hope to give you some inspiration.

first, we want to do the station in the future, how to make money, but in the early development of websites still have to pay attention to the site, don’t think about how to increase the income, and make their own troubles, such as your site traffic there, a profit based on money.

second, and then do the site at the same time, if you can, we can find a part-time job. In this way, you can use your spare time to make your own website. With a part-time job, you can get a little income, so that you can at least support yourself. If you’re just trying to do the Internet and feed yourself, you’ll have a lot of pressure. If the site doesn’t work for a long time, it’s hard to stick to it. And you’ll be in a state of impatience, and it’s hard to do a good job on your website.

third, be sure to normalize your life and understand the people around you. Very webmaster life is relatively chaotic, and this will certainly affect our family, if our families are not harmonious, how do we do our website?. In our website also have no income, the people around us who can support our network business, "with no reality whatever" we should appreciate them, understand them. (article source: Guangzhou Beida Jade Bird reproduced please keep links)

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