Play Baidu starts at Boutique station

With the increasing of domestic

QQ users, QQ on the site to continue to increase, in such site a slice is quite easy, but we are full of passion, enthusiasm of the owners, without any difficulty is the reason to stop us forward.

do any web site must have a plan, analysis of the target population, your station is for whom to prepare, and your flow should come from?. Although there are a lot of QQ stations at present, but we still haven’t got enough, we still have plenty of opportunities.

I want to talk about today is doing fine, do the characteristics of station, so we successfully winning only bigger, I also do this boutique station, I have more experience, the QQ station has been flooded, our website needs to have its own characteristics so that we can more easily keep users perhaps some people will say that QQ station is rubbish station, but I think it is garbage or not, as long as the money is good, I think it would be some people say do stand simply interested in it, if you do not see, remember to have heard before lecture teacher Wang Tong, at that time I only remember he said Chinese market is huge, to start from the market, I think I speak today also coincides with Wang Tong teacher, talked about the fine station, there are many benefits, such as repeat, boutique station generally can be done 30% Well, in short, I own a boutique station is 40%, so there is content to do, and there is no reason why Baidu does not include you ~ do not say much, first let us talk about how to do it,.

first from the analysis of key words, I put all the keywords on the QQ say (search index tens of thousands of the deadline for April 2, 2009 data)

QQ:142237 QQ space: 123505 QQ Avatar: 33265 QQ expression: 39519 QQ personality signature: 49009 QQ net name: 34815 QQ space code: 13866 QQ space message code: 15164 QQ game: 10443…

there are many keyword traffic is very large, we are interested, you can find their own. Although we can not do big Keywords: for example, QQ space, but we can break a popular keyword decomposition of a lot of small keywords, search index is still tens of thousands. Take the QQ space player as an example:

QQ space free player: 8415 QQ space player code: 3094 QQ space player: 2119 QQ space music player: 941 QQ player: 1348 free player: 2609 QQ free player: 1698… QQ space player do more professional I suggest that you go to see, although the Baidu only included a page. But I think this station traffic is not low, because most players as long as the user has entered the site, they should remember, because the player is actually the users.

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