The future development of regional portals in Yunnan

let me start with the history and current situation of the ten years’ portal development in Yunnan.

1998 Yunnan information port ( on-line

1999 Kunming hotline ( on-line

2000 Kunming online ( on-line

2002 Yunnan TV network ( on-line

2003 Yunnan network ( on-line

in 2004, an advertising company opened the Sina Yunnan channel ( on-line.

2004 Sina Kunming ( on-line

2006 cailong China network ( on-line

A common place is on-line news and community website

first to say more, each site has the same news all want to use a community to give users a communication space, but also have a few friends registered above website community? We may be popular in Yunnan information port community, the original Kunming hotline is a community, and I personally think that the popularity or do the best community in Yunnan area. Because of the many gatherings they have successfully organized, it will be a commercially valuable community if it is not closed. Other communities, up to the rising stars, do not explain. Each gateway has the development and decline of a portal, will focus on the Kunming hotline expand to decline it, because I was the first to know the Kunming Internet website is the Kunming hotline, so from 1999 Kunming hotline start line I have been concerned about the Kunming hotline, I think that the development of Kunming hotline five years ago is brilliant and I use the word to describe the brilliant Kunming hotline I feel a little too. First of all, they are also on-line news plus community, this will not say. Let’s start with their music and listen to them. They had national famous Internet music at that time and finally had to shut down because of copyright problems. In the last few years to see the Tencent QQ music, the original basic function is our internet music? Look at the Kunming hotline software download, originally done is also very good, and now also closed. The reasons I will not detail here. Look at what is now Kunming hotline is basically all the columns in the basic state are outsourcing, ALEXA fell to one hundred thousand. In the above mentioned site, now the status of the basic Kunming hotline better than there, and some, I feel as good as the Kunming hot line, finally, I think, with the loss of time will slowly disappear.

Why would

the above site there is such a situation? One reason is attributed other consequences, there is no innovation or innovation, do not want to say no conditions.

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