Warning quick cost me 30 thousand yuan to buy the site

considered for a long time, or decided to buy this site management failed experience written out, I hope this painful lesson can give you new webmaster friend a warning.

in May 2008, after several days of bargaining, I bought the "Links alliance" website from a webmaster hands: www.pagehome.cn (anyway, has been K, is not afraid of a joke, out for everyone as a negative example), the station is provided to the webmaster friends visit the web site, link exchange platform, buy Baidu included page nearly 110 thousand, updated daily snapshot Google PR value; 4; more than first pages of keywords ranking in the major search engines, web site on the IP rate of 20 thousand, PV4 million, nearly 200 sites are added every day, should be said to buy this website is worth.

the next payment through Alipay, for the domain name transfer, official website on my new rented server and start running, everything is very smooth. Looking at the steady growth of site traffic, thinking of buying a website hollowed out for several years savings, so began to think about how to make use of traffic money, as soon as possible to recover the investment and start profitable. The most important way of personal website profit is the advertising alliance. By comparison, I chose to put Google ads and first video ads, the credibility of the two league owners in the ring, good reputation. The first day, Google Revenue $5, the first video of 30 yuan, a total of about 60 yuan, and the next few days, traffic and advertising revenue are relatively stable, and slightly increased. I’m satisfied with this situation. At this rate, you can recover your investment in 12 months.

May 12th, China has shocked the world’s 5.12 major earthquake, Internet users to see the recent earthquake dynamics demand explosion. I also seize the opportunity to do a few earthquake related keywords and topics, site traffic has shown rapid growth. But this time, because the first video and Google regularly broadcast public service ads, my income has not increased with the growth of traffic, but a sharp decline, even once fell to 15 yuan a day low. In order to increase revenue, accelerate the recovery of funds, I decided to continue to do a combination of popular keywords ranking flow continues to grow, a new multi Wangzhuan channel, so I do the following work:

1, sell a large number of links advertising: the site PR value of 4, traffic is good, buy links people in an endless stream, at the peak of the home page did nearly 50, the average 25 yuan each month, you can increase 1500 yuan;

2, the total station to add pop-up ads: Although the amount of serious deduction, the daily volume of pop-up there are more than 8000 times, income of nearly 40 yuan; (although the income is good, but ignore the user experience)

3, remove the first video ads to continue playing public service ads, change the cat X click advertising; (this ad click rate is good, that is playing a touch ball, content and title is also


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