Talking about Baidu Google and YAHOO’s K station principle

a few days ago, I asked a friend working in Baidu, Baidu K station is the principle of what, she just gave me back a sentence, see you not pleasing to the eye, K you. Of course, this should be just a joke, but this sentence may really describe Baidu in the minds of the vast number of personal webmaster image. It seems that Baidu never talks about any principles. As long as your station conflicts with Baidu’s interests, Baidu will K you.

When the

in 2007 June, one of my literary Station was Baidu included about 300000 pages, the daily flow of sound. So, I went to apply for Baidu search alliance, the result was reply to inform, because my website content is highly repetitive articles on the Internet, so not through. In fact, this does not matter, but the terrible is second days, this station that the total station was K. What I want to tell you is, if your website content is almost collected or reprinted, you’d better not take the initiative to touch Baidu, because they will do manual K station.

relative to Baidu’s madness, Google is much calmer. Calm but very good, not necessarily! My friend’s website, in 05 years, looking for search engine optimization. Optimization results of this company, not too technical, even use the "ghost text" to deceive the search engine, the short term is indeed achieved good results, but not for two months this station, from Google disappeared, followed by Baidu and YAHOO could not find, and when friends go to the company, already deserted. Later, my friend handed over the website to me. Soon (about 4 months), the site was quickly restored in Baidu and YAHOO, after revision and change servers, but it has not been included in Google. This phenomenon has been supported until December 07. But, in the end, Google or to recover included, and keyword ranking is not bad. Is it really my letter to Google every Monday to get the corresponding letter, Google staff to help me restore the station? Ha ha, is a mystery.

before that is due to poor technology and Google K example, but in fact, the optimization now, we are not stupid to do so. Among them, the link mass is now the most effective way. And Google has made great progress in this respect. In the process of competition in Olympic Valley, I witnessed a website link and was ranked first by the sending process of Google K station. Again, for Google, is not included, but the link to do, be based on hard, mass links is taboo.

YAHOO K station is actually the most ruthless. YAHOO will collect all the information that can be seen, such as whois information, IP information, website JS script, website CSS code and so on. For example, a station of a station owner is YAHOO K, so other stations are also very dangerous, because YAHOO will follow whois information to find your other websites. And YAHOO K station is generally press IP to K, that is, all the sites under this IP can not escape the bad luck. The parameters of my site — 100 Valley www.b>

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