Being a station is just an interest but don’t take it as a profession

in the world, many things are not made for money. Of course, it is not like things will make money.

of course, it’s the same with websites. Anything is not all people make money, do not necessarily make money in the website, only a few people make money, of course, I am one of them.

but do not make money when their time, they think it is improper and interest, is a kind of occupation, on the contrary, you must think this is a kind of occupation, rather than interest, so you can make money.

my forum, China webmaster and Advertising Forum, should be a lot of people are familiar with. I’m really interested in doing it, but I’ve been doing it all the time. For example, 500 points in exchange for 4 digit CN meters activity, equal to I am in investment. I do not like many of such funds, and unlike some big station, every day to the VC investment website, published here a personal point of view, if you do it, the last is the wind give you buy, you are a failure, because the owners earn much money do not important, important is the freedom to do what you love to do, do things that interested me free. Of course, the time I struggled for was a few years ago. Now, even if the VC asks me to give me the money, I won’t go, because it’s not giving me the money, but turning me into a part-time worker.

wrote this article, mainly to see some people say that the station as a hobby, do not work. Even the author says, "people ask you what you do, you don’t know what to say.". I really feel funny, they will think of why the failure like others? It is because of you to accept failure, and comfort yourself that is just a hobby, of course, not to earn money, and do not know the occupation. When you are earning tens of thousands of dollars a month, people say what you do, and you actually answer very simple, business people, free businessmen, or bosses. Now you dare not say what is, just because that was the strength of one day when you find other people in addition to wealth, more free time, people not only ask what you do, that is also a mysterious occupation for you to teach him, and what not to say


station is far easier than doing business, a lot of people temporarily do not earn money, because is the learning experience stage, is a businessman from the point of view, at present, many webmasters are between the ages of 20-30, is to do business, when the real big should be at the age of 40, so not what it is good to doubt their own.

, but be sure to keep in mind that one can make the station interesting, and never get out of business, or you’ll never make money.

finally, there’s one more point to say, the day I saw a post, a message that earned two hundred thousand, and now I’m posting a message:

in the case of not much CPC advertising, there is a RMB0.1 CPC now appears

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