Blog promotion experience sharing three months of soft writing experience

now, soft Wen has almost become synonymous with advertising, is generally considered to be a disguised form of advertising. It does not know in what month, after years of development, is the "soft" point to reach the acme of perfection. All kinds of skills emerge in an endless stream, your text "soft" more hidden, soft more different, then your soft Wen level is higher, the quality is better, even though those articles seriously polluted the language of the motherland.

occasionally look at the online text, for those authors really admire admire.

an overview of today online text, paid more attention to techniques, and innovation for the content is played down a lot, in fact, I think, is not the same as the soft advertising alone, in others see your soft Wen, can acquire some knowledge, gain, and shift to accept your silencing in advertising potential it is the highest level of the soft, not only play word games.

nearly three months, I was a promotion of my blog, with some other methods of promotion at the same time, the proper use of the soft method, has achieved good results, has been in some of the original station has published more than 30 pieces of text, the number of soft to be reproduced on other websites of more than 2000 times, in the bring a large number of the chain for the website at the same time, it also brings a lot of traffic.

at the same time, after this period of practice, the level of writing soft text has also improved. Below, I put my writing in these three months, the soft text after a general summary:

one, imitate practice stage,

began to write the soft before, I made more fully prepared, read a lot of soft text. Online soft Wen, some are pretty good, the level is quite high, that is some old writer or ask the gunman to write, general soft Wen also has, generally is some novice write. Although these levels are not very good, but inside also has own unique opinion, is still quite favored.

can be seen from here, in fact, not necessarily with the traditional media to show so high, everyone on the Internet can have their own characteristics as long as you, a space for one person, on the Internet can create their own piece of the sky.

affectation, that I can’t do it, but to write their own web site in the soft, hate every word with links to your website, it is like I started writing the text. I always think about how my web site is "cleverly" written into the text, and I wish every word would bring a link to my website.

and, in fact, later proved that he was wrong.

this period, to build some of their experience, wrote the joy of the site released, the site was included in the joy of Baidu, as well as some personal AdSense and some interesting things. The quality is poor.

two, but restless stage

for me, this stage has a shorter experience

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