Master four key words choose not to worry


selection is an important factor for the test of SEOER, to rival site is analyzed, including keyword difficulty, keyword layout, keyword description, making a series of technical title. Related to the difficulty of site optimization, so the selection of keywords is a more advanced technology.

then how to choose suitable site keywords,


a, new station is not suitable for difficult keywords

Many owners will choose a lot of

traffic, but the words, very difficult to do that, not suitable for the new difficult words, there are several reasons: 1, high difficulty keywords need very long, or some words you have no chance to do on the home page. 2, the site friendship connection in exchange will encounter difficulties, if the keyword choice is difficult, then Baidu weight will be difficult to get promoted, it is difficult to exchange for high quality friendship. 3, easy to make webmaster negative, if a site persisted for 1-2 years without any improvement, I think the webmaster will be very little, and the proper sense of achievement will let the webmaster become more passionate. To sum up: individuals or do not recommend the choice of difficult keywords?.

two, do not do any search keywords,

simple point is not do anything without Baidu keyword index, Baidu index is a search for the customer search keywords and the Baidu keyword weight will be in accordance with the number of keywords distribution, as far as possible in the 3-5, this can be the key word weight distribution is very good, if you add a no keywords flow, will only waste the weight of keywords. Like this no competitive pressure keywords, if you have to do, website maintenance can consider using long tail keywords to achieve rankings.

three, analysis of the opponent’s website, easy to achieve high index keywords

illustrate: I’ve done a rival site, key words: stock software, Baidu keyword index 1W+, the coefficient of difficulty is very large, but through his traffic analysis, found the key words: free stock software download this keyword index is relatively high, but the coefficient of difficulty do this keywords but low N times, I believe and this is what I need to do keywords. Each industry has such keywords, only to analyze, you can get.

four, extended keyword

what is the expansion of keywords? Simply say, through this keyword can produce countless long tail keywords ranking keywords, called extensible keywords. Key words for stock software, but free stock software download ranking is also very good, and free stock software download called stock software keyword expansion of keywords. Such keywords are easy to produce very long tail and other key words, but often these keywords will be now very high index, belong to difficult keyword, here only introduce. < >

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