14 important tests after the construction of the website

when we finish a website, before the line, are busy testing processing all kinds of bug, the bug should be said that we have the awareness of the test, is to provide a better user experience, in fact, so many number of common bug, when we do the site more, also test more, will slowly understand, finally we can sort out a little similar to the following table, just like when we do website SEO optimization, specially compiled a list of keywords in a notepad file, so that we can easily understand their site is not fully dealt with these bug below. Let Tianjin liver disease hospital to give you a detailed talk about this one.

1. of all texts, including English spelling mistakes, if you are using the standard XTHML construction, then the definition of CSS and ID in the name of Class, with the best English name, such as head header, bottom footer, navigation sidebar, instead of toubu, Dibu, daohang what, to prevent search engine in the capture of the website don’t know that one is what, you know, these important common English word marking the search engine or know, after all most sites are doing so, we can not say is not the offbeat, daniel.

2. page is not already completed, is not all links are effective links, whether there is a connection can not enter or not click, if there is an error page, then to make a 404 page, that is user friendly, but also to the search engine friendly, also appear more professional website.

3. if the page in print, to ensure that the code can run normally, if you want to know the user on the website an article of interest, just to see next to a print this page, then he is likely to click, if the button is invalid, the user is likely to plan, even your COPY the title of the article directly to the search engine to search, so it came from your website, you say is not terrible, so if there is a print, we must ensure that this button is effective.


, 4.Meta tag keywords, description tag involves SEO elements is not complete, when only a short while ago SEO has just emerged, did not pay attention to the content and quality, as long as these three mark repeatedly repeated the keyword can be an easy job to do the home page, this kind of era has now gone for ever. The importance of title we already know that the importance of keywords and description tags has become increasingly weak, but does not mean that we can ignore it, Tim is our site more professional committee.

5., if you have robots.txt, make sure the format is correct. Now that you have doubts about the format of the robots.txt file, then >

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