Find how many sites are under your host

today for a blog to bind your own domain name, because it is a novice to find half a day do not know how to bind, remember in the domain name to host IP, so in the online search through the domain name lookup on IP, the gb/broadmeter/tracemap/domaintoip.htm world network website found. Found interesting features in search of the IP column: query website address (maybe someone knew), try to bind their input into the blog site, you want to find the IP, found the IP has several web sites exist at the same time, curiosity, a look inside. The original is in the server. Through the blog. IP can also query to.

tried to make website, the original of this virtual server I at the same time there are 5 sites. I want to pass a function for those who want to buy virtual host site friends will help you, the most it can know this server with the number of sites, this server is not a good judge as advertised, what up to 10 sites, 20 sites of a class. Now too many J owners must take


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