just found a few websites promotion experience

I just found several website promotion experience, I become a webmaster, actually small day very comfortable, work is also good, but suddenly one day to think this is a good idea (so as not to say what I wrote is advertising, not to mention here is what specific ideas I, interested can look down, and then began to do stand).

After the

site was completed, it was discovered that some users were coming through the search engine, but the number was still small. How to promote their website? Let their website traffic more up, these two problems have been bothering me. I was wondering if I needed to go to all kinds of media commercials. I don’t have that much money. Later, on the Internet, to each big Adsense BBS kantie, combined with practical experience, figured out some methods, here are three of my website, now every day a little income depends mainly on the mobile phone signature to push this my two blog, talk about the method.

, let me tell you something.

1. keyword

keyword selection is important, do not pick popular, high degree, can be slightly unpopular, and then make this content enough. Still more effective.

2. go to the big forum posting

this way leads to direct users, not too much, but there will be some, especially with your industry related forums will be better. For example, I can go to the webmaster Admin5, there are some webmaster online to send articles, go to Sina, QQ and such BBS to hair, the effect is good. And it’s good for search engines to search for their own articles.

3. release good soft text

soft Wen quantity is not necessarily more, but to write the fine and good, and then a little organization, friends to hype, so that a lot of Web site will reprint, very useful. If you can do anything like this sensational news, it’s a fire. Don’t let your server crash.

4. update information every day

this is very important, the key is to insist on doing every day, don’t always copy, also appropriate modification, become pseudo original, so included in the very good.

5. mutual friendship connection

it’s hard to change to good links at first, but it’s still useful if you try hard, and it’s good for improving your website PR.

6. site quality

website quality is the most critical, because if the site does not have quality, and who would like to come here to see you, even if it came, but also a glance away, no repeat customers. Therefore, insisting on improving the quality and quality of the website is the foundation of the website.

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