H2009 personal Adsense year end summary

08 years too fast, when the earthquake panic has not completely receded, the city scattered pedestrians about financial crisis depression. But December 31, 2008 is over. The new year has begun.

I want to learn ah, ha ha, in 08 years this year we were dogged by bad luck, survive, this is not a kind of happiness? Although mediocre, but mediocre happiness is alive.

read an article in A5 yesterday, said the small owners in small, not vulnerable to financial crisis harassment. However, the advertising unit price of Google, AdSense and Baidu alliance all the way down, not just reflect the recession situation, advertisers and the sharp decline in investment?


stationmaster, this road is becoming more and more difficult to go, just like the slogan of the laggards, the remnant is king. As long as we can be left in the cold winter has been very good, head of the winter is cold? The global economic downturn, user loyalty is not high, too dependent on the search engine to traffic fluctuation is too large, individual stationmaster still has a long way to go.

remember that at the beginning of 08, A5 and countless people talking about the development of the local web site is a good find, but 08 years later, history tells us that the development of the site area is not my personal webmaster can single handedly development. How to coordinate local relationships, how to compete with traditional media such as advertising companies and television stations, and the popularity of some regional networks?. The road to a local website is not as broad as it used to be. Perhaps your forum will be interrupted by a phone call from PL.

08 years in April, I began to English station involved in making the trend of "downstairs brother, never graduated from high school, to buy a set of software, a day to maintain hundreds of English website, also down the income of 20 thousand yuan." This sentence means friend hit me, I bought an American space with dedecms started my career English, although soon see google.com included, but has no flow, not to mention the advertising revenue. It’s a pain in English to make an English stand. In fact, we can also do Korean stand, Japanese station, French station, but there is one basic requirement, that is, you have to understand these languages.

one day, I had a whim. I can’t understand Japanese words in a small movie. Why don’t you teach yourself Japanese, and then you can enjoy the little movies a year later?. And then do a lot of Japanese stations.

08 years beginning in June, in this hot season seems to flow from the 20 thousand IP website without any success, sliding to less than 2000, after 3 months of negative income. In September, began to continue to update, in order to ensure that the input data can be 100% by search engine included, mainly BD, I carefully do optimization and originality. But a person’s strength is non productive and can be updated at most a day

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