English station before the station how to locate

if you start preparing for an English website, here are a few things that are important.

first, have a good understanding of the content of the website you are going to build. English site than Chinese station, Chinese station what you can do is not to consider, at most out of a dumpster, it was acquired by Baidu traffic, then earn advertising fees, and English station, you want to make English station are not easy, because first you the content source is the problem. There is no way to copy, you count your station only two IP, they will send a warning letter to you, that you do not infringement, otherwise give a court summons. Ha ha, seems to have said a bit, but this is the truth. Friends who often do English standing in China will receive email about copyright warnings. I used to be warned because I copied a short piece of content and asked to delete the copied content. So, before you start doing English, think about what you’re going to do, and what you’re going to do if you’re ready, and next, do a keyword analysis of what you want.

second, about keywords. No matter what you do, you have to do seo. SEO is not a keyword, the way of thinking with the domestic foreign people are the same, this is taboo. Because English in the same Chinese words and expressions, there are many, such as notebook, some people use notebook, and some use laptop, and also use Notepad, which in the end?. Just look at the search volume.

notebook 436, laptops 2442, laptop 830, Notepad 119 (

seems to be a little bit more laptop)

recommends two query sites:



keyword analysis is a very important work, in the early days of the station must consider good, otherwise it may waste you a lot of time. Keyword analysis results will determine the main keywords and related keywords, the next step is to select the domain name.

third, the choice of domain names, determine keywords, domain name selection, then the domain name can contain the keywords you want to optimize, if you want to do the health class. Then make good use of http://s.health-****-***.com and the like. Just as http://s.1000nb.com gave you a health station, the wind and the horses were out of joint. This is a very beneficial thing for the website or its seo. Just do a test, the top-level domain name contains keywords, domain name in the Google in the weight is very high, very much

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