first_imgThe Association of Spanish Soccer Players has sent two letters to the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare and the Higher Sports Council (CSD), in which they convey the feelings of the First and Second Division soccer players in the face of a hypothetical return to activity in relation to health.In these letters, sent to Salvador Illa (minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare) and Irene Lozano (president of the CSD), the soccer players make clear that “Health is the most important thing, not as an individual element, but as a sense of collective responsibility for all of us who participate” in the field of soccer, without forgetting “our families”. The collective asks that “The sports authority -CSD-, in coordination with the health authority, give us security regarding this de-escalation after the competition”, underlining that “As a group, we are concerned in a scenario of a pandemic that this process of incorporation into the competition routine is not marked with clear and determined rules from the Ministry of Health, which is what gives us full guarantee to avoid situations of undesirable infections, affecting a specific group “, influencing “the sequential forecasts regarding the different phases, among which are group training, and especially phase four, before the competition” and taking into account the precedent of last week that occurred with respect to Real Sociedad and the Fuenlabrada.In these writings, by responsibility It is requested that measures to prevent occupational hazards be specified, taking into account that this activity is within a group. And in relation to tests and other types of tests, footballers want to be certain of confirmation if they can be done by the health authorities, taking into account that there is a demand from society, and they are jointly responsible for this sense with what the authorities determine, being evidence that public administrations must know and authorize.last_img read more

first_imgThe women’s wing of the Grand Masonic Temple, the Naomi Chapter # 12 of the Order of Eastern Star (OES), has donated food and other items to the Americans for Africans Incorporated (AAAI) orphanage.Worthy Matron G. Lucinda Worquea, on behalf of the Charity Committee of the Naomi Chapter # 12 of the OES said the donation is part of their annual event to help those desperately in need; especially children and widows.The Worthy Matron quoted her favorite verse of scripture, Proverb 19:17, which says: “Whosoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his deeds.”“On behalf of the trustees, worthy matrons, worthy patrons, officers and members of Naomi Chapter # 12 of the Order of Eastern Star, this donation is our way to buttress your efforts in taking care of and educating these children. It also serves as the chapter’s ways of identifying with the needy in times like these. We believe that you will benefit from and use these items wisely,” Worthy Matron Worquea said.The presentation of the items took place at the headquarters of the Americans for Africans, Incorporated (AAAI) in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.The donated items include four bags of rice, one large bag of sugar, one tin of powdered milk, one five gallon container of vegetable oil and a bag of salt.Others items donated were one large tin of mackerel, a carton of bathing soap, two (2) cartons of powdered soap, two sacks of tissues and one box of toothpaste.The chairman of the Charity Committee of the Naomi Chapter # 12 of the Order of Eastern Star, Associate Matron Beatrice J. Thompson, said it gives the officers of the chapter great joy to take part in charity programs that help them reach out to the needy.“During this time of year, Naomi chapter # 12 identifies with the needy and less fortunate. We are here to do our best for the children in the hopes that God will continue to bless you for the work you are doing for them. We pray that these kids will eventually become the country’s future leaders,” Associate Matron Thompson said.Past Matron and Co-chairman for the Charity Committee of Naomi Chapter # 12 of the Order of Eastern Star, Sis. Aretha Collins expressed her thanks to officers of the Charity Committee for accepting her proposal after assessing the AAAI orphanage. She explained the reasons she identified the orphanage was due to its appalling condition and appealed to the AAAI proprietress and president Oretha Wesee for the Naomi Chapter #12 to come to its aid.“During my assessment at the home I saw the kids and the little food they were eating, so I spoke with the proprietress and she told me they were in need of food and improved sanitation,” Past Matron Collins said.Continuation of the OES’s donation to needy institutions as part their charity program will resume next month, according Chairman Thompson.For her part, orphanage proprietress, Madam Oretha J. Wesee, said she was grateful to God for the donation and indicated that this is the second time for the sorority of women to identify with her home.She urged humanitarian groups and individuals to come to the aid of her orphanage as its school is in desperate need of food, pampers, soap, toiletries and other items to reopen for the sake of the children.According to Madam Wesee, the AAAI was founded in 2001 and has helped 98 kids get adopted to homes in the US and other part of the world.  These adoptions ceased in 2009 since a moratorium was placed by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgAs we continue to discuss the divine and human roles in Ebola prevention and care in the series on whether Ebola is a curse or natural/man-made disaster, we will in this second article focus on divine judgment and how it might relate to the Ebola crisis in West Africa. What is divine judgment? What does it entail? Whom does God judge and why does he judge? The introductory article which put the series in context highlighted the following points:The Ebola outbreak in West Africa baffles the countries directly affected and the international community. This is coupled with the hard fact that it has no known cure and vaccine to prevent anyone from catching it. Up to date it has killed at least a thousand and five hundred persons and a lot of people are incrementally being infected!It is good to note that strenuous efforts (though belated in some instances) are being made and measures being put in place by the affected countries themselves and the international community through UN, WHO, Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), Samaritan’s Purse, Red Cross and the United States to fight and defeat Ebola. But they warn that the virus is out of control and it will take months to get a grip on it. We are tempted then to ask: “Is this virus a curse from God to punish the citizens of the affected countries for their sins?” Some clergy men and women and ordinary believers have answered with a resounding “yes”. But are they right? In my view Ebola is not a curse. It is a natural virus or possibly a man-made virus that is having devastating effects on lives and human existence and is testing our whole way of life.Now we attend to the question of divine judgment. A divine judgment is simply God’s punishment of sin. When God causes a misfortune or a bad thing to happen to a person or a group because of some offense then divine judgment occurs. A divine judgment is a reward for disobedience to God’s command or instructions. It can take the form of a sickness, a family or national catastrophe or a series of terrible events or situations emanating from God as a result of people’s acts of disobedience. It may affect the offender directly and his/her descendants.The question is “Does God ever curse anybody”? Or mildly put “Does God ever punish offenders”? And the answer is “yes” of course he can and has done so on a number of occasions well attested to in Scripture. He punished Adam and Eve for eating fruit from a tree they were told not to eat (Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-15). He caused a number of horrific plagues (ten in all) against the Egyptians for their maltreatment of his people and refusal to let them go at his clear command (Exodus 7-11). Aaron and Miriam, sibling of Moses, were struck with diseases due to their offense against their brother, Moses, the servant of God (Numbers 12), Achan and his whole family and Ananias and Sophia (husband and wife) were killed by God because of disobedience (Joshua 7; Acts 5). Jesus himself cursed a fig tree (Mark 11:12-25).However, we must not be quick to point to every misfortune or disaster as punishment or a curse from God. God can allow sufferings of all sorts to come to people who have done no wrong. The reasons for their suffering may be for other purposes apart from their own sins (Job 1-2; John 9). We better be sure (unequivocally know) before we can describe a particular occurrence or calamity as a curse or punishment from God. In the instances we have cited God’s reliable servants, the prophets, declared them as divine judgments. But even in biblical times there were false prophets who told lies and the leaders and others who followed them bore the evil consequences.There are instances when we suffer due to our own wrong choices or evil deeds. There is what one expert in HIV/AIDS calls “built in judgment”. We stand at the end of our actions. If we refuse to abide by rules given by health experts not to touch the dead bodies of Ebola patients unprotected and instead hold them in all sorts of ways we will contract Ebola. It is not God punishing us. Our foolish actions catch up with us. We reap what we sow, to borrow a biblical parlance. Ebola is a natural or man-made virus that we can, with divine assistance, fight and defeat and learn loads of lessons from about how we relate to one another and manage our affairs, and not necessarily a curse or punishment from God!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgThe secretary general of the Liberia Immunization Platform (LIP) has cautioned Liberians and partners that there is no room for premature joy and complacency in the ongoing Ebola fight nationwide.Mr. James B. Ballah, LIP’s chief scribe, gave the warning Tuesday on the Old Road in Monrovia during a one day stakeholders seminar held at the civil society group’s headquarters.The meeting attended by Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) and policy formulation partners was geared towards the implementation of the MOHSW and the LIP’s ‘Community Mapping Project.’According to the seminar organizers, 30 participants were drawn from several Monrovia-based organizations.S.G. Ballah called on Liberians to work as a collective force in order to kick Ebola out of Liberia.It is not for Liberians and partners to sit idle, but rather to intensify efforts aimed at beating back the deadly Ebola virus from the country.Secretary General Ballah intimated that Liberians and their foreign partners should be aware that the Ebola virus could re-emerge and kill many more Liberians.Mr. Ballah also underscored the need to triple the efforts aimed at enhancing and intensifying the preventive health measures prescribed by medical authorities.Secretary General Ballah further recalled that in 2013, Liberians were given the opportunity to get together and form a collective work force as a civil society group for sustained advocacy in the country.He explained that the intention was to join the Liberian Government in the provision of sustained immunization initiative for all children and women in the country.The LIP secretary general called on all Liberians, especially mothers, children and partners, to support Liberia’s immunization programs.He disclosed that there are 18 countries involved in the global immunization initiative.“Ghana has become a success story in the West Africa region owing to the sustained immunization of their citizens, especially children and mothers that have met the age requirements,” Mr. Ballah asserted.He regretted that as a result of the current Ebola epidemic, LIP’s immunization program for the nation was disrupted. He said Liberians should now begin to galvanize efforts for the immunization of children.In remarks, the interim chairman of the board of directors, George Stewart, urged the participants and partners to consider the discussions and exchanges at the seminar as critical to implementing a successful immunization program in Liberia.In a brief statement, the program manager for the Global Alliance Vaccine Initiative (GAVI) at the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) Liberia, Ms. Suene Flomo, stressed the need for the participants and partners to continue exchanging views and comments on a professional basis and thanked support partners and staff of LIP for the splendid collaborative interactions over the years.In a statement on behalf of MOHSW’s Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), program manager Adolphus Clarke admonished the LIP staff, community chairpersons and participants to work as a united front for sustained immunization projects in the country.Mr. Clarke underscored the need for the organizers and participants in the various communities to consider the immunization programs as top priorities for all Liberians.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,A majority of owners of minibuses give operators their bus to work and have various conditions they have to work the bus including the time of collecting and dropping off the bus, maintenance, and the target (amount of money for the bus each day). Now, one of the first things most operators do is to ensure that they put aside their money for the day first so should any mishap occur to the bus, they have their day’s money intact whilst the owners would be without, depending on the time. In other words, they put themselves first. After being frustrated about the way Guyana was being governed by the previous Administration, many of us campaigned vigilantly with this present Administration and after their success, we were all shocked to see this Government reducing themselves, very similar to minibus operators, ensuring they are okay first and then down to business. According to the President, increasing their salaries would stamp out corruption. Ironically, we started to see credible proof of corruption in this present Administration and bullyism worse than the previous Administration. They blatantly continue business as usual while the public forms their own opinion of them. Despite their assurances that things would be better, they choose to take things for granted and were caught with their pants down at the last concluded Local Government Election. Before they could fully bounce back, again, their world was rocked with the No-Confidence Motion. The two actions caught them unprepared and they conceded defeat but Nigel Hughes quickly came with their rescue with a strange explanation which had them running breathlessly to the High Court and the Appeal Court in which the latter passed a judgment in their favour and now the Opposition is running to a much higher court for satisfaction. With the action by the Government, it clearly shows that they will not be giving up power and we also see a rush by this Administration to award and finish pending projects.Editor, with all that happening of recent, all sorts of things could be said in and out of favour of this Administration but social media seems to be buzzing with newsfeeds and videos that should be of great concern to us all. There are various incidents of bullyish attitudes being shown and the latest is a student of Christ Church Secondary School who seems to either be in Grade Seven or Grade Eight in a physical confrontation with a teacher. In the background, you can hear a female voice saying dump her in the bin. There are incidents of students and teachers being involved in illicit drugs. Then we have the various hospitals having numerous infant deaths where most of those concerned believe that negligence is the main cause. I am not scared to pen it but at many public places you go to conduct any sort of business, there is a serious change in attitudes and when you voice your opinion, it falls on deaf ears.These behaviours are strange and alarmingly, it seems to originate from schools. My only logical reasoning is that because they are seeing the actions of the Government and the Government’s abuse of power, they are telling themselves they can get away with whatever they are doing too.Sincerely,Sahadeo Bateslast_img read more

first_imgPerformance on a variety of cognitive tasks – working memory, vocabulary, spatial recognition, reasoning, calculation – rapidly improves between ages 6 and 10, but then levels off. “We don’t honestly know why,” said Dr. Deborah Waber of Children’s Hospital Boston, who led the study published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. This is a snapshot of abilities of subjects ages 6 to 18 during their first study visit. Results might change after researchers observe each participant’s progress with age and compare their MRI scans, she said. The adolescent brain is still growing. Indeed, the region responsible for things such as impulse control and moral judgment is the last to mature – sometime in the early 20s, said Dr. Jordan Grafman of the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. The study did not evaluate those kinds of skills. “It’s an incomplete picture,” he said. But the age finding does make sense, suggesting that a foundation necessary for higher learning is in place by puberty, said Dr. John Gilmore of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. The brain-development specialist was not involved with the project. Scientists already knew that before age 12, the brain is racing to wire itself, making more connections between nerve cells that in turn enlarge vital regions. This is a time of rapid learning, the reason it is easier to learn a foreign language as a young child than as a teenager or adult, Gilmore said. “Obviously, learning continues to happen,” Gilmore said. But the new study says that “by 10 or 12, kids have the basic building blocks they need to learn.” The study also found that girls start with slightly better verbal ability but boys catch up by adolescence; they have an equal aptitude for math. While healthy children from low-income families scored slightly lower on IQ tests, earlier suggestions of a bigger gap for children from low-income families are due to poorer health of many. Once those key MRI scans are added to the children’s ability tests, scientists will have a better idea of the range of normal childhood development. Then they can use the data to help figure out what goes wrong in brain diseases such as autism.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! WASHINGTON – Can you get smarter than a fifth-grader? Of course, but new research suggests some of the brain’s basic building blocks for learning are nearing adult levels by age 10 to 12. After puberty, the process slows, and the brain “prunes” itself, focusing less on installing new wiring than on programming and refining what is already there. It is the first finding from a study of how children’s brains grow. The most interesting results are yet to come. Recruited from super-healthy families, about 500 super-healthy subjects, from newborns to teenagers, are having periodic MRI scans of their brains as they grow up. They also get a battery of age-appropriate tests – for IQ and such abilities as language skills and memory. The project, funded by the National Institutes of Health, is tricky work. Move during an MRI, and the image blurs. Because scientists cannot sedate healthy children, they are having to get crafty to keep their subjects still. Tired toddlers are put in the scanners at nap time; mom squeezes in for a cuddle, and earplugs help block the machines’ noisy banging. Six-year-olds wear earphones and watch favorite videos beamed into the scanner. The MRI images measure how different parts of the brain grow and reorganize throughout childhood. Overlap them with the children’s shifting behavioral and intellectual abilities at each age, and scientists expect to produce a long-sought map of normal brain development in children representative of the diverse U.S. population. Today, scientists were publishing a sneak peek at some surprising early results. last_img read more

first_imgFormer Liverpool hitman Stan Collymore has warned contract rebel Raheem Sterling the Reds would have no second thoughts about allowing him to leave if he thinks the club’s new contract offer is below him.talkSPORT understands Sterling is not prepared to sign what manager Brendan Rodgers has described as an “incredible” new deal currently on the table for the 20-year-old.Rodgers insisted on Monday that Liverpool would not be held to ransom by the starlet’s representatives, with Sterling yet to agree terms despite first being handed the offer over a month ago.Real Madrid are thought to be preparing a summer bid for the England international if he does indeed refuse to extend his stay on Merseyside beyond the two years remaining on his current contract.But ex-Reds ace Collymore believes Sterling would be better off staying at Anfield, saying the youngster is “living in a dream world” if he believes he can compete for regular first-team football against Real’s long list of Galacticos.“If Liverpool offer Sterling between £75,000 and £90,000 a week, he is doing exceptionally well on a five-year contract,” Stan told Kick Off.“If he’s asking for £130,000 or £150,000 and wants to be the club’s top earner, do you know what I would do?“I would honestly sell him, as good as he had been for Liverpool.“They have benefitted from the emergence of players like Philippe Coutinho and Jordon Ibe, while Daniel Sturridge has come back and I think they will biff off Mario Balotelli and Rickie Lambert and get in another good striker.“Sterling is a player who is obviously important to Liverpool, but I don’t think he’s a huge deal breaker down the line.“By all accounts it seems that it is true Sterling is a target for Real Madrid, but he is living in an absolute dream world if he thinks he is getting in that team ahead of Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema.“He could be sat on Real Madrid’s bench for a couple of years, not get a game, get forgotten about, not necessarily get a game for England and end up coming back with his tail between his legs.” 1 Liverpool forward Raheem Sterling last_img read more

first_imgAnd now, the Frenchman has thrown the ball back to his players saying they have to start winning again to win the trust of the supporters.“When I saw 60,000 people in the stadium for Hull, I think you have the potential. Today, there were not so many fans in the stadium but I expect that fans will only come back to the stadium after there is victory. We need to make an effort for that and seduce fans to come and support us,” the coach said after the Swaziland loss.He added; “I said in the beginning when I came that it will be difficult alone. I need the players, I need the board and most of all, I need the fans. I ask them to support the team and I think we will be better soon.”The tactician will be hoping for a better performance on Monday afternoon when the team plays its second friendly match against Equatorial Guinea at the same venue and he has promised to make some changes to the squad as he continues to understand the players.Harambee Stars players walk out of the pitch at half time during a friendly match against Swaziland on May 26 at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluThe Frenchman was irked in the Swaziland game as the team lost chance after chance and he now wants an improvement, saying the process of making the team great again is a long one but one that started positively to some extent.“We will make changes of course and try to avoid the loss of concentration and committing mistakes in defense. We will also try to be better offensively and to be a little more of killers in the opponent box,” the tactician said looking ahead to the Monday afternoon match.Looking back at the loss against the Swazis, Migne says he was happy with how the players performed in the first hour of the game but was disappointed that the levels dropped as the game wore on allowing the visitors to score 11 minutes from time.“It was interesting going for one hour; we tried to play football but after we forget a little bit what we have to do. We forget it only one time and it is 1-0. Afterwards its difficult. Offensively it’s the same; we have to be better in challenging for balls in the box. In international level, the truth is in the box both offensively and defensively,” the tactician noted.Harambee Stars head coach Sebastien Migne issues instructions to Ovella Ochieng during a friendly match against Swaziland on May 26 at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluHe added; “I have some answer after this game for sure. We try to continue to develop something. I don’t forget I have only local players, but it’s not an excuse to lose because Swaziland also came with local players.”“Except players from Gor Mahia no one knows the high level in the team. We have no excuse for losing because the board (FKF) and the ministry did well to fulfill what we wanted for this game. But reality is that we were sick and we are trying to take care about it and develop football,” the coach further explained.After the Equatorial Guinea game, Stars will shift attention to the four-nations tournament in India where they will play against the hosts, Chinese Taipei and New Zealand.Migne might be forced to take with him a weak squad as most of the first team players turn out for Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards who will be taking part in the SportPesa Super Cup which starts on Sunday in Nakuru.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Harambee Stars head coach Sebastien Migne walks past his bench during a friendly match against Swaziland on May 26 at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos. PHOTO/Timothy OlobuluNAIROBI, Kenya, May 28- Harambee Stars head coach Sebastien Migne has admitted that the team has to turn the tide of results to attract fans back to the stadium, promising that he will do all within his knowledge to ensure the team ticks again.Migne started his tenure with a 1-0 loss to Swaziland in a friendly match last Friday in Machakos and fans in the stadium and by extension social media were not happy with the performance and the result posted.last_img read more

first_img0Shares0000Lionel Messi and Barcelona were frustrated in a 0-0 draw in Lyon in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie © AFP / FRANCK FIFELYON, France, Feb 20 – Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde shrugged off his team’s struggles in front of goal after they were held to a 0-0 draw away at Lyon in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie on Tuesday.The Spanish side had most of the chances at the Groupama Stadium, with Luis Suarez firing just wide in the second half, although it was Lyon who came the closest when Martin Terrier hit the bar early on. Lionel Messi and co. were once again left frustrated on the road at the business end of the competition, and have now gone six away matches without winning in the Champions League knockout rounds, scoring just a single goal in that time. It is a run that goes back three years.Desperate to end Real Madrid’s recent European dominance, Barca must now finish the job when the teams meet again at the Camp Nou on March 13, but Lyon remain in the tie.Barcelona’s form needs to improve between now and then, though — they have drawn four of their last five matches in all, and have scored just once, from a penalty, in their last three outings.“We played good football, but you have to hit the target as well, and we didn’t,” Valverde said.“We are on the right road, though, and the tie is still up in the air. We will try to win it in front of our fans.”He added: “I am not happy with the result, but I am happy with the performance and with what we created.“We didn’t score, but that is how it is. It is not easy to win away from home in the Champions League.”The visitors — who started with Sergi Roberto in midfield rather than the out-of-form Philippe Coutinho — had good reason to be wary of their hosts, who have excelled in big games this season.– Lyon still unbeaten in Europe –Bruno Genesio’s team had taken four points from a possible six against Manchester City in the group stage and recently won at home to Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1.They are still unbeaten in Europe this season, although this was their sixth consecutive draw.Philippe Coutinho helps Luis Suarez back up on a frustrating night for the Uruguayan in Lyon © AFP / FRANCK FIFE“It’s a satisfying result because it leaves us with a chance for the second leg, and we didn’t concede. If we can score at the Camp Nou we’ll have a chance of going through,” said Genesio.He admitted that he had hoped for an even better performance, but Lyon were missing their World Cup-winning captain Nabil Fekir due to suspension here.It was the 21-year-old Terrier who surprisingly started in his place, and he delivered the most exciting moment of the first half for the crowd of almost 58,000 with a thunderous strike from 20 yards out in the ninth minute that was tipped onto the bar by Marc-Andre ter Stegen.The same player later shot over at the end of a fantastic move, while Houssem Aouar had earlier been denied by the goalkeeper, but it was Barcelona who enjoyed the longer spells of possession.Ousmane Dembele — one of two Frenchmen in the away line-up — came closest for them in the first half, although their best chances came after he had been replaced by Coutinho midway through the second period.Suarez came within inches of breaking the deadlock 20 minutes from time, firing narrowly wide from Jordi Alba’s cutback. He has now gone 16 away matches without scoring in the competition.Coutinho had a powerful shot beaten away by Anthony Lopes, with the Lyon goalkeeper also frustrating Messi and Sergio Busquets as Barcelona dominated but departed without a potentially precious away goal.“It is a little bit of a disappointment, but there is still the second leg to come and we hope to do better,” said defender Clement Lenglet.At least they extended their unbeaten record against Lyon to seven matches, but there remains hope for the French club ahead of the return.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

first_imgManchester City supporters’ groups have expressed their frustration after learning they will be unable to attend the away leg of the Champions League last-16 tie against Dynamo Kiev.The match on February 24 will be the second of two the Ukrainian club have been ordered to play behind closed doors by UEFA for offences that included racial abuse of players by supporters during their group game against Chelsea.CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE LAST 16 DRAW IN FULLCity supporters have been similarly prevented from watching their team before, after CSKA Moscow were hit with a stadium closure last season.City fans organisation 1894 Group have been vocal in their criticism of such bans and unfurled a banner at the Etihad Stadium last week which read, ‘Closing grounds punishes innocent fans’.A spokesman for 1894 Group said: “City fans are penalised once again – however it could have been any innocent set of fans penalised here.“UEFA has had its head in the sand for years dealing with racism at European stadiums. Banning innocent fans is not the answer.“In the 70s and 80s in England we didn’t shut whole stadiums down. We targeted the minority and removed them.“By closing down a whole stadium the trouble-causers feel they have achieved something. It actually gives them publicity.“What UEFA is doing does not solve the problem. They (UEFA officials) need to come out of their bubble and start talking to fans groups.”City fans have no great love for UEFA, as shown by their regular booing of the Champions League anthem prior to home games.There are numerous reasons for the protests, including the Financial Fair Play penalties imposed on City, but most of the ill-feeling stems from the game in Moscow in October last year.A number of supporters had already made travel, visa and accommodation arrangements when CSKA were punished and they felt they were unfairly treated.Their frustration was exacerbated when it appeared around 650 CSKA fans attended the game having acquired tickets from sponsors’ allocations.Kevin Parker, general secretary of the Manchester City Supporters Club, said: “If UEFA sticks to its rules that it is going to be played behind closed doors and nobody is going to be in the stadium, that should become an advantage to City.“However, we City fans have previous with UEFA, when we played CSKA Moscow in a game that was supposedly behind closed doors. Lo and behold there were quite a few CSKA fans in the stadium under this umbrella of UEFA guests.“City fans and the club, I am sure, will be watching this one with interest to make sure UEFA follows through its rules.”The attendance for Kiev’s match against Maccabi Tel Aviv last week, the first behind closed doors, was recorded at 475.The situation for City supporters this time is slightly different given that they know in advance no tickets will be made available.And Parker said: “I think a lot of City fans would have struggled to get to Kiev anyway. I think we already knew before the draw certain airlines wouldn’t want to be flying to Ukraine, so some of the companies that would have chartered flights for supporters might have struggled.“In terms of the draw itself it is not so bad. Dynamo Kiev will not be easy but we wanted to avoid Paris Saint-Germain and, after that, of the teams we could have got, it was much of a muchness.” 1 Man City fans protest against UEFA last_img read more