first_imgA team put together by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges will visit USC this week for the final part of the university’s reaccreditation process.Every 10 years USC goes through the reaccreditation process, which gives a school credibility as an institution of higher education, said Robin Romans, associate provost for Undergraduate Programs and accreditation liaison officer.“Accreditation is a process of quality assurance that’s developed in the U.S. It’s a way to ensure that institutions are fulfilling their mission and meeting the public’s expectation of accountability,” Romans said.All top universities in the nation are accredited, Romans said, with the WASC being the sole institution that can accredit schools in California.Attending an accredited university benefits students immensely, he said.“It certainly says that your degree is of high quality,” Romans said.Accreditation is also necessary for universities to be able to award government aid from state or national grants.It takes three to five years for universities to go through the accreditation process, which consists of three stages. The process for USC’s most recent accreditation began in 2005, and the school is expected to be reaccreditated in February.According to Romans, the chances of USC not getting reaccredited are next to zero; the process doesn’t worry the university.“We know USC will be reaccredited,” Romans said. “For USC, the important part of accreditation is what we learn from peers at other academic institutions who serve on our visiting team.”The first stage is the institutional proposal, which was submitted to the WASC committee in October 2005. In this report, the university accreditation team stated the mission of USC and what it hoped to accomplish. Goals cited in the report were to achieve interdisciplinary education and to be a learner-centered institution, according to Romans.After the WASC accreditation committee accepted USC’s proposal, the university moved on to stage two: the capacity and prepatory review. In this report, USC had to show the WASC that the university had the capacity and means needed to fulfill the goals in the first report.The committee answered questions regarding the diversity and competence of its faculty, among other things. Similar questions were answered about the student population. The report also focused on undergraduates and how to improve qualifications, increase retention and graduation rates, and enhance diversity.The visiting team, chaired by former president of Harvard University Derek Curtis Bok, includes six distinguished faculty members from universities around the nation and one from New Zealand.“One of the interesting parts of accreditation in the U.S. is that it includes a peer review component,” Romans said. “When they review our presentation, visit campus and make recommendations, they do so from the vantage point of faculty members at other research universities.”When the visiting team comes to campus, they will meet with several groups and write a report,  with recommendations to USC. The team  will then be talking to faculty, various administrators, staff members and students.Any student can and is encouraged to participate in the accreditation process by sending an e-mail to wascusc@yahoo.com. Commenters’ identities will be held from USC’s accreditation team.Romans says that it is important for the WASC committee to see what students have to say because it could raise issues that the university might have overlooked, and this can lead to new recommendations or critiques for USC.“It’s important that your institution learns from itself. You foster a culture of self-improvement that way,” he said.last_img read more

first_imgFew athletic programs earn dual acclaim for their football and men’s basketball teams. To wit, Florida, Ohio State, Texas and Notre Dame are the only universities that really qualify. Without question, USC’s path to improving its basketball program and joining their ranks is littered with obstacles — some endemic, most brought on by poor management and the aftershocks of self-imposed sanctions levied in January 2010.One thing is certain, though: If you want to build a sustainable basketball culture at USC, don’t follow USC coach Kevin O’Neill’s blueprint. Of USC men’s basketball’s 13 scholarship players this season, 10 began their NCAA careers elsewhere, thus prompting the 2012-13 squad’s nickname, “The Second-Chance Kids.”O’Neill openly embraces the moniker, recently referring to his roster — himself included — as a collection of “rejects.”But here’s the question: Is this new cast-of-rejects angle attractive to the rest of the USC student body?Many probably assume so, given our inherent gravitation to the underdog narrative. After all, we’ve all chanted “Rudy!” at one point in our lives.But color me skeptical that Trojans will readily embrace this team.I want to like this USC men’s basketball team; honestly, I do. The swanky Galen Center deserves a better brand of basketball.But even if this team wins with regularity and flirts with an NCAA tournament bid this season — a strong possibility — USC men’s basketball needs to change its DNA in order to win over its fan base.Beyond their miserable record, the Trojans were unbearable to watch in 2011-12 because their roster didn’t teem with likable, magnetic personalities and the offense was unimaginative at its best and putrid at its worst.USC football isn’t marketable just because of its winning tradition; it’s marketable because of affable headliners like senior quarterback Matt Barkley, sophomore wide receiver Marqise Lee and junior cornerback Nickell “Real Deal” Robey. Not only do these players burst with talent, but they also beam Hollywood smiles and face scrutiny with poise.USC basketball didn’t feature those types of personalities last season, especially after guard Jio Fontan, the face of the program, tore his anterior cruciate ligament.The recently-departed Maurice Jones, who assumed Fontan’s captaincy, operated with a permanent scowl and often barked at his teammates in disgust. Those antics aren’t endearing when you’re Kobe Bryant, but even less so when you finish the season shooting 33.6 percent from the field like Jones did.Junior center Dewayne Dedmon — the frontcourt’s centerpiece — bursts with NBA lottery potential, but frustrated last season with low basketball IQ, especially when he proudly pumped his chest after each hard foul he committed. Dedmon’s tenacity and length evoke images of a raw Kevin Garnett, but his lack of basketball experience leads to mistakes fans wouldn’t even make in their pick-up games at the Lyon Center.As for USC’s lowly offense that averaged 52.6 points per game in 2011-12, to be fair, I won’t judge the Trojans after then-junior forward Aaron Fuller and Dedmon suffered season-ending injuries within two games of each other. With two walk-ons in a seven-man rotation by the end of the season, the “offense” necessarily consisted of Jones running around for 35 seconds before heaving a desperation attempt.But even before the devastating injuries, USC didn’t run the floor and play an up-tempo game. It often appeared as if USC sought to milk the shot clock just to limit possessions, keep the game close and give itself a chance to pull out a late victory. As Trojan football fans know, tentative playcalling irritates your fan base. Moreover, it doesn’t attract future recruits who want highlight reel dunks.O’Neill’s new glut of transfers figures to at last provide offense, but it’s still unclear whether they’ll improve the team’s likability among students and fans.The problem with O’Neill’s revolving door of transfers and hired guns is that many of the players brought in to stabilize the program have already not worked out at their previous schools for one reason or another. He’s taking the leap of faith that they will all buy in and not become frustrated if the minutes and shot opportunities they expected to receive never come.Former Wake Forest guard J.T. Terrell, who averaged 24.4 points per game at Peninsula Junior College in Port Angeles, Wash., will likely lead the Trojans in scoring this season. The deadly shooter comes with baggage, however, as he left the Demon Deacons after pleading guilty to a DWI charge in 2011.Last February, junior forward Ari Stewart, another Wake Forest transfer who was sitting out the season per NCAA transfer rules, was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in Maricopa County, Ariz. on a weekend when USC was playing at both Arizona and Arizona State.Needless to say, these are not violent crimes and young adults make mistakes, but these two explosive players will make their USC debuts Friday night at the Galen Center toting checkered pasts.Still, for the first time in his tenure with USC, O’Neill expects to use an eight- or nine-player rotation where the drop-off between starters and reserves won’t be too severe. After a cringe-inducing season featuring a historically inept offense playing at a slower-than-molasses pace, we’re promised something better this season.But only time will tell if USC fans will rally around and embrace “The Second-Chance Kids.”“Leveling the Playing Field” runs Fridays. If you would like to comment on this story, visit DailyTrojan.com or email Sean at swmccorm@usc.edu.last_img read more

first_imgThe Michigan State defense seems to be enjoying its new role as the “bad boys” of the Big Ten following last week’s smash mouth win against Michigan.Spartan defensive end William Gholston decided to take a few cheap shots on Michigan players. First it was an after-the-whistle sucker punch to Michigan offensive lineman Taylor Lewan. But Gholston wasn’t done there, as the defensive end dove on a clearly down Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson and twisted his helmet violently by the facemask, looking more like an attempt to break the quarterback’s neck than an attempt at the ball.Then there was the quote by Michigan State safety Isaiah Lewis, who decided to take a shot at the Badgers immediately following their victory against Michigan.“Wisconsin should know we’re coming,” Lewis said to the press. “They have a good offense and that quarterback. But they should just know our defense is coming. And just like any other team, if they’re throwing the ball up, our DB’s are going to go get it, our linebackers are going to go get it and our lineman are getting after the quarterback. And they’re going to hurt him.”I guess that lives up to Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi’s philosophy.“That’s what we try to do … 60 minutes of unnecessary roughness.”Narduzzi probably didn’t mean to refer to the Spartans as being dirty or being taught to play that way, but that is exactly what the Spartans’ defense wants you to believe. They want to intimidate their opponents before the first snap and create a buzz. They want to do anything they can to make their opponent believe (mainly the quarterback) that they are going to hit you harder than you’ve ever been hit before. They were hoping Russell Wilson was watching the punishment exacted upon Robinson last weekend, as the quarterback couldn’t even finish the game, exiting in the fourth quarter with a bruised back.This is football. You’re going to get hit, there’s going to be hard feelings and there’s going to be personal fouls. Football is a contact sport. They say if you wanted to find the truly tough football players you’d take away the helmets and then you’d see who still wanted to play. But last weekend’s Michigan-Michigan State matchup seemed to flirt with a dangerous line between aggression and recklessness. The Spartans committed six personal foul penalties and seemed to drive Robinson to the ground long after the ball was out of the playmaker’s hands. It’s obvious the Spartans are an aggressive team, but can they afford these penalties against the premier offense in college football? Are they ready to face a Wisconsin team hungry to validate their place with the nation’s elite and avenge their only loss last season?All of this hoopla surrounding the game gives the Badgers some unintended advantages. Besides the risk of being suspended for this week’s game, the acts Gholston committed last week almost guarantees that the officiating crew will be on their highest alert Saturday night. Nothing says “watch us closer” or “flag me” faster than the attention garnered by Gholston and the comments of Lewis. Add that to the fact that this game is in primetime on national television and you have a recipe for great officiating – hopefully.But this isn’t the reason the Spartans defense will struggle.So far this season the Michigan State defense has seemingly been dominant, producing the results to back up the smack. The Spartans are second in the nation defensively, allowing 186.2 yards per game (Wisconsin allows 268). On top of that, the Spartans have allowed the fewest pass yards of any team in the FBS this season. Besides a lone loss to Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. the Michigan State defense has allowed 14 points or fewer in every contest this season.Even with these impressive stats, it’s obvious Michigan State defense will need some help to stop the Wisconsin offense, especially if they all share the opinion of Spartans defensive tackle Jerel Worthy. Worthy tweeted some preseason Twitter gold early in the summer after the announcement of the Russell Wilson’s transfer.“This guys on espn think wilson gona change something at wisconsin. It still don’t matter cause they gotta come in to spartan stadium. Homecoming he will see how the big ten gets down.”But Worthy isn’t the only Spartan who doesn’t (or didn’t) understand the impact of the Badgers’ new prize player. Michigan State senior quarterback Kirk Cousins commented this week on how he still sees a typical Wisconsin team, a team that runs the ball well behind a mammoth offensive line.Even though the run game and offensive line of Wisconsin remains strong, the new kid in town under center has the Badgers and some analysts thinking about the BCS title. I hope Michigan State understands Russell Wilson is NOT Denard Robinson. Robinson is hardly a typical quarterback because he’s more of a runner than a passer (note his 53.9 percent completion percentage).It’s not a hard game plan to beat Michigan; all you need to do is take away the run game from Robinson and make him pass. The Badgers did the same thing to upset Ohio State last year against Terrelle Pryor’s noodle arm. And what about the competition this Spartan defense has faced this year? Besides facing the Wolverines at home the Spartans have lost the only other tough game they have played, a 31-13 beat down at Notre Dame.Besides Russell Wilson, what else is new and improved about Wisconsin heading into the biggest game thus far of the season? There’s the perfect balance of the Wisconsin offense, as the Badgers have gained a total of 1,594 yards in the air and 1,545 on the ground. There’s the defense, which is currently allowing the third fewest points in the FBS. Top that off with a four year starter at quarterback and the Badgers have all they need to pull off the biggest road win since beating Iowa just a year ago.I understand this is Wisconsin’s first real road game, perhaps their first big test of the season (five of six games were in the dominant confines of Camp Randall), but Wisconsin is just too balanced on offense to be stopped. If you recall the agonizing defeat last year against Michigan State, it wasn’t the Michigan State defense that won the game, but it was the Wisconsin defense that let the game slip away.Obviously football is a team effort, but against Michigan State one year ago the Badgers allowed Kirk Cousins to complete 20-29 passes for 269 yards and three touchdowns along with two interceptions. The Spartans also seemed to control the game throughout, as they successfully converted two fourth downs, including the game winning touchdown pass with 2:43 remaining in the game.So what can you take from all of this? Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. Michigan State has only faced two real opponents so far, and none of these games were as convincing as Wisconsin’s beat down on Nebraska. Look for the Badgers to get after Cousins early and the Wisconsin offense to beat up the brash Michigan State D as Wisconsin nabs its first win at Michigan State since 2002.Nick is a senior majoring in history and English. What do you think about Michigan State’s pregame chatter? Tell him about it at nkorger@badgerherald.com and let him know what you think.last_img read more

first_imgMeanwhile There are two changes to Kerry minor team from the side that defeated Derry in the Semi Final. Tom O’Sullivan and Mark O’Connor come in for Mike Breen and Daniel O’Brien.The Minor team contains just two of the side that defeated Donegal in the All Ireland Minor Final last year – Andrew Barry and Mark O’ConnorThe Tipp team will be announced at training tonight. Sunday’s game throws-in at 1.15 in Croke Park and Tipp FM will have live full commentary in association with Roscrea Express. Tipp have won four out of five matches so far in the championship and get a chance on Sunday to overturn the Munster final defeat to Kerry in Killarney earlier in the summer.Premier manager Charlie McGeever will have a full squad to pick from for this game as Stephen Quirke has recovered from the knee injury which kept him out for a large swath of the summer.Tipp backroom team member Tommy Twomey says the injuries have almost all cleared up and everyone is at ease about the job that awaits them on Sunday.last_img read more

first_imgLast Updated: 7th November, 2019 18:21 IST UFC 244: Nate Diaz Ruled Out For 90 Days After Injury Against Masvidal Nate Diaz felt that he could continue the fight despite facing severe injury on his face but he has received a medical suspension after his UFC 244 fight. Also Read- UFC: Dana White Confirms Tony Ferguson Vs Khabib NurmagomedovAlso Read- UFC 244: Doctor Faces Online Threats After Diaz Vs Masvidal Fight 10 months ago UFC Salaries: Conor McGregor, Khabib, Nate Diaz salary revealed Nate Diaz has been handed 90 days medical-suspension for facing two severe cuts near his right eye at UFC 244 main event fight. After a huge gap of two years, Nate Diaz finally came back to the sport at UFC 241 but he will be out of UFC for some time again, after facing a TKO loss against Jorge Masvidal. BMF Masvidal has received a medical suspension of 30 days too and it seems that UFC wants to give both the fighters some rest before they step inside the octagon again after a dogfight at Madison Square Garden.Also Read- UFC Nate Diaz: Fighter’s Salary, Net Worth And Next UFC FightUFC: Medical suspension on Nate DiazA lot of MMA fighters and fans felt that they were robbed of a classic at UFC 244, after Dr Nitin.K. Sethi stopped the fight at the third round, following Diaz’s injury. A lot of people believed that Nate Diaz could continue the fight and the injury was not a serious one to stop the fight but it seems that UFC took the right decision by stopping the fight after the third round. 10 months ago UFC 244: Where to watch, schedule and live streaming details Written By COMMENT First Published: 7th November, 2019 18:21 IST SUBSCRIBE TO US Raj Sarkar 10 months ago UFC: Corey Anderson set to quit if not given fight with Jon Jones WATCH US LIVE FOLLOW US WE RECOMMEND 10 months ago UFC Nate Diaz: Fighter’s salary, net worth and next UFC fight Also Read- UFC: Corey Anderson Set To Quit If Not Given Fight With Jon JonesUFC: What happens with Nate Diaz?Nate Diaz will be out of the UFC octagon till his medical suspension expires but once he gets done with it we can expect the re-match. According to Jorge Masvidal, he hates to leave the octagon with his opponent conscious and promised that he will run it back with Diaz. Masvidal himself is facing a 30 days medical-suspension and if the Conor McGregor fight does not happen we can expect Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor 2 in the future. LIVE TV Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal both wanted to continue the fight and felt the same that the match should not have been stopped but according to medical specialists, they could not guarantee Diaz’s safety in the fight. Masvidal landed some clean power shots on Nate and the damage was absolutely visible. Even UFC President Dana White agreed that the injuries on Diaz’s face were much more dangerous than the looked on television screens. 10 months ago UFC: Dana White confirms Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedovlast_img read more

first_img LIVE TV Last Updated: 14th August, 2020 10:40 IST Postponing Season Puts NFL Prospects In A Holding Pattern The Big Ten and Pac-12 postponing their fall football seasons because of the coronavirus pandemic leaves some NFL prospects facing a dilemma: Leave now or leave later FOLLOW US COMMENT Written By Associated Press Television News center_img First Published: 14th August, 2020 10:40 IST The Big Ten and Pac-12 postponing their fall football seasons because of the coronavirus pandemic leaves some NFL prospects facing a dilemma: Leave now or leave later.Take Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, a Heisman Trophy finalist last year who would have begun the season as one of the favorites to win in 2020. He will be eligible for the NFL draft and almost certainly will be a top 10 pick whether or not he plays another down of college football.But he’s already worked hard preparing for this season, and the Buckeyes were expected to be one of the top two or three teams in the nation. There might still be a Big Ten football season to play in the winter — Fields’ coach, Ryan Day, is pushing hard for one — but the logistics could take weeks or months to figure out.That forces a holding pattern for Fields and other top-tier NFL prospects like Buckeyes cornerback Shaun Wade and offensive lineman Wyatt Davis, and Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell, the reigning Outland Trophy winner.Other players, like Purdue receiver Rondale Moore, Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons and Virginia Tech cornerback Caleb Farley , didn’t want to wait around. They announced they were opting out before the Big Ten decided to abandon the fall season.“From a business point of view, there is little reason for (Fields) to continue playing in the spring,” said Andrew Brandt, a former Green Bay Packers executive and NFL agent who now directs Villanova’s Moorad Center of Sports Law. “That, of course, doesn’t take into his account his interest of being part of a college program, playing for his school and all those emotional things.”Day is counting on those things to pull on Fields, who transferred from Georgia before last season, and some of his draft-eligible teammates as the coach tries to persuade and them to stay around to see what happens next. But he stressed that the university and Big Ten can’t waste any time figuring out the next step.“I think Justin wants to see what the schedule is,” Day said. “And I think it’s our job, and we owe it to these guys to make sure that we do put the schedule out and put the plan in quickly here so guys like Justin can plan for his next year, next few months.”Fields hasn’t said anything publicly about his plans since the Big Ten’s decision was announced Tuesday but was a leading voice in last week’s lobbying effort by players to save the season.“Regardless of what happens, the NFL draft is going to be next spring. So we have everything in place here in Columbus to help these guys,” Day said. “In a normal cycle, they wouldn’t be leaving anywhere until January anyhow. So to go somewhere right now to me doesn’t make a lot of sense when we have everything you need right here.”UCLA coach Chip Kelly said it is hard to know how to advise players at this stage because there are so many unknowns, including the transfer situation and the logistics of possibly playing two football seasons in the 2021 calendar year.“There’s a lot that’s new right now,” Kelly said. “Everyone is continuing to gather information right now along with our friends in the Big Ten. Really what does the NFL or other three Power Five conferences do?“(It’s) just similar to our players leaving early like the past years,” he said. “We give all our players all the information and then them and their families make an educated decision. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, and we’ll make sure they have all the information.”Image credits: AP SUBSCRIBE TO US WATCH US LIVElast_img read more

first_imgUndefeated American, Floyd Mayweather has defeated UFC superstar, Conor McGregor to take his career to a record 50 fights unbeaten.Termed “The Money Fight”, 40-year-old Mayweather, who has not boxed since retiring in 2015, battled Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter cum boxer, Conor McGregor, in front of a full T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.beautiful. Mayweather is the king. pic.twitter.com/bz0d0P5pbo— Tristan Hill (@TristanGHill) August 27, 2017The Irishman started well by delivering a crisp uppercut on Mayweather in round one, however, Mayweather’s experience proved decisive as he came out of the box in the 9th round pouncing on McGregor before the referee, Robert Byrd stopped the bout in the 10th round. Related[PHOTO] See Pictures Of Conor McGregor 100ft Yacht Party After Mayweather DefeatSeptember 10, 2017In “Lifestyle”The Money Fight: “Mayweather Will Be Knocked Out In Two Rounds”August 17, 2017In “Sports”Mayweather v McGregor: Fight Will End Early And “Won’t Go The Distance”, Says MayweatherAugust 11, 2017In “Sports”last_img read more

first_img Share Submit Related Articles Share Social betting technology developer Oddslife has entered the African market by taking its B2B social betting platform into Kenya with one of the continent’s largest sports betting affiliates.Launched in partnership with WinDrawWin.com and PredictZ.com and sponsored by local operator Betin.co.ke, www.SportKenya.co.ke will be launched in Kenya before moving into countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda to create a unified African competition in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.This new venture will focus on establishing a traffic network to connect with affiliates, media and traffic websites in Africa who are looking for new ways to both retain and monetise their traffic.Mathew Symmonds, Founder of Web Analysis Solutions Limited, which operates both WinDrawWin.com and PredictZ.com, commented: “We have organically grown a lot of loyal African traffic over the past 14 years on our websites, but it has grown exponentially over the last 3-4 years in countries like Kenya and Nigeria.”“Combined with our Kenyan traffic, we are confident that SportKenya will gain strong momentum and become a recognised and trusted brand. We receive around 800,000 unique visitors from Kenya each week across WinDrawWin.com and PredictZ.com – that’s a lot of traffic to push to this new platform in a country that has a population of 48 million people.”Symmonds, who is available for meetings and demos at next week’s Betting on Sports conference (Stand B7), continued: “We will be using the SportKenya concept as a ‘gentle in-road’ into betting in countries where conversion and retention can be challenging. As a free-to-play site, there’s no problem with players dropping off after registration because they cannot or will not  deposit – SportKenya is free-to-play so we do not have to rely on registration to depositor conversion rates. “We will also enhance player retention through our platform which is designed around rewarding free-to-play players for their virtual betting activity and loyalty. Building a loyal customer base, and understanding those customers’ needs is invaluable in any market an affiliate or operator works in, and that’s what we will achieve with SportKenya.”“To our knowledge, no-one is doing anything like this, or at least on this scale with the ready-made volume of traffic we can push at it, in Kenya or anywhere in Africa. Our platform and affiliate network will further enable affiliates and media companies across Africa to offer their players features such as ad hoc competitions with virtual currency stakes, World Cup based competitions, as well as conversion optimisation to monetise their traffic and remarketing to inactive players.”Rasmus Sojmark, Oddslife Founder and CEO, added: “We are extremely excited to enter the African space in partnership with WinDrawWin.com, PredictZ.com and main sponsor Betin.co.ke, a leading bookmaker in Kenya. Ventures such as SportKenya are the future of affiliation, as operators place as much emphasis, if not more, on retention and re-marketing to players over pure acquisition. Our platform will cater to that specific need!”For more information about the social betting platform and technology, please visit www.Oddslife.com. To arrange a meeting to discuss opportunities around Africa and SportKenya at the Betting on Sports conference, please contact Mathew Symmonds (mathew@webanalysissolutions.com), or Alexandru Teodorescu, Chief Product Officer at Oddslife (act@oddslife.com). BtoBet refines African SMS payment options with Tola Mobile  August 20, 2020 SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital 2020 announces free ticket initiative July 21, 2020 Kenya Finance Bill carries tax rescind waiting on Kenyatta approval  June 25, 2020 StumbleUponlast_img read more

first_imgShare Share StumbleUpon Submit Natalie Merezhkovskaya, Chief Marketing Officer of InBet Games, has stepped up to the 6 of the Best hot seat on SBC News.Prior to her current employment with InBet, she was in charge of marketing for an international communications agency, which included leading a promotional campaign for Ferrari in France.Find out which place Merezhkovskaya describes as “Mecca” of the surfing world, and which of her favourite brands also graced one of her favourite movies.Best HolidayThe best holiday of my life was in Jericoacoara, Brazil. It is truly Mecca of the surfing world. This place offers fascinating views, fantastic surfing spots and a marvellous windsurfing experience. I loved the friendliness of the local people and enjoyed breathing in the true spirit of freedom and exhilaration.Best AlbumI am a big fan of Californian band Red Hot Chili Peppers, and all of their greatest hits such as Under the bridge, Californication and Scar Tissue. By the way, they also appeared in one of my favourite movies – On the crest of the wave.Best FilmThis has to be Samsara. I am particularly fond of this film because it takes you on a journey showing how our life cycle mirrors the rhythm of the planet. The film immerses you into meditation over nature and humanity, and makes you reflect on their interconnection and its impact on our lives. Filmed over five years from sacred grounds to industrial sites across 25 countries, it is unique and fantastic.Best Sporting ExperienceI love windsurfing. There is no other sport quite like it! It is a great combination of gymnastic moves and surfing, requiring strength and agility. Windsurfing wave riding and freestyle in the Jericoacoara, Brazil and Moulay, Morocco were the best I can remember.There were difficult conditions – strong wind and big waves – but it was the greatest feeling of happiness and freedom. The wind and the waves really revive your spirit and body like nothing else in the world.  It is a thrilling experience to face the challenges of the weather and cut through the waves!Best BookI am particularly impressed by Ulysses, which is a modernist novel by Irish writer James Joyce. He offers a unique, revolutionary style of literary realism, and combines it with diversity of narrative techniques. Some chapters are historical; one chapter is narrated in epigrammatic form; another is laid out like a drama. Joyce also manages to convey multiple linguistic as well as psychological points of view.Best BetThe first time I visited a casino and made a bet, I was lucky and won on roulette!last_img read more

first_imgThe much heralded testimonialof Ghana international and former captain of the Black Stars, Stephen ‘Tornado’ Appiah, happened successfully at the Accra Sports Stadium on Saturday.The match which was between the Stephen Appiah XI and the Black Stars of Ghana ended  2-2 with Appiah scoring the first goal through a well taken free-kick, an action that meant he ends his footballing career with a goal on his final day.Below: The man of the moment makes his entry..Below: The sign of victory and a career well played… Below: Ex-president Rawlings gives Appiah acknowledgement while President Mahama and ex-President Kufuor look on.Below: Attendance was more than decent.Below: Christian Colluci, Appiah’s former teammate Below: Richard Kingson. He got injured soon after kickoff.Below: Sammy Osei KuffuorBelow: Stephen Appiah, wife and kids. Below: Appiah kisses the Accra Stadium turf. He’s got some great memories on it.Below: Honour roll – Hearts of Oak Honour roll: FenerbahceHonour roll: Udinese Honour roll: All Ghana’s national teamsHonour roll: JuventusBelow: Nigerian actor Ramsey Noah (centre) Below President MahamaBelow: Appiah introducing both sets of players to President Mahama…Below: …who does the ceremonial kickoff.Below: Rear view of Black Stars XI.Below: Black Stars XI bench. Left: Baba Armando. Below: Godwin Attram, Sulley Muntari and Christian ColluciBelow: Obligatory group shot of players and VIPsBelow: Agyemang Badu (captain of Black Stars XI) moving away from John Pantsil.Below: Samuel Eto’o of Appiah XI bearing down on Daniel Amartey of Black Stars XI Below: Samuel Eto’o.Below: Trademark dummy from the Tornado.Below: Appiah againBelow: Agyemang-Badu’s airborne!Below: Adebayor in full flightBelow: Asamoah Gyan scored after he came on.Below: Stephen Appiah and Samuel Eto’oBelow: Stephen Baidoo and Samuel Eto’oBelow: Appiah and AdebayorBelow: Time for the boogie: Adebayor, joins Gasmilla (right)Below: Afriyie Acquah and Asamoah GyanBelow: Donation at half-time – a bcycle made entirely from bamboo. Dr Omane Boamah, British High Commissioner Jon Benjamin assist Appiah.Below: Stephen Appiah in a post-match interview flanked by Yaw Ampofo-Ankrah (left) and Kwabena Yeboah (right)Below: Joy FM’s DJ Black was the man for the music.–CLICK HERE FOR TESTIMONIAL MATCH REPORT–last_img read more