With the increasing of domestic

QQ users, QQ on the site to continue to increase, in such site a slice is quite easy, but we are full of passion, enthusiasm of the owners, without any difficulty is the reason to stop us forward.

do any web site must have a plan, analysis of the target population, your station is for whom to prepare, and your flow should come from?. Although there are a lot of QQ stations at present, but we still haven’t got enough, we still have plenty of opportunities.

I want to talk about today is doing fine, do the characteristics of station, so we successfully winning only bigger, I also do this boutique station, I have more experience, the QQ station has been flooded, our website needs to have its own characteristics so that we can more easily keep users perhaps some people will say that QQ station is rubbish station, but I think it is garbage or not, as long as the money is good, I think it would be some people say do stand simply interested in it, if you do not see, remember to have heard before lecture teacher Wang Tong, at that time I only remember he said Chinese market is huge, to start from the market, I think I speak today also coincides with Wang Tong teacher, talked about the fine station, there are many benefits, such as repeat, boutique station generally can be done 30% Well, in short, I own a boutique station is 40%, so there is content to do, and there is no reason why Baidu does not include you ~ do not say much, first let us talk about how to do it,. read more

let me start with the history and current situation of the ten years’ portal development in Yunnan.

1998 Yunnan information port (yninfo.com) on-line

1999 Kunming hotline (km169.et) on-line

2000 Kunming online (kmonline.com.cn) on-line

2002 Yunnan TV network (yntv.cn) on-line

2003 Yunnan network (yunnan.cn) on-line

in 2004, an advertising company opened the Sina Yunnan channel (sinayn.com.cn) on-line.

2004 Sina Kunming (yn53.cn) on-line

2006 cailong China network (clzg.cn) on-line read more

considered for a long time, or decided to buy this site management failed experience written out, I hope this painful lesson can give you new webmaster friend a warning.

in May 2008, after several days of bargaining, I bought the "Links alliance" website from a webmaster hands: www.pagehome.cn (anyway, has been K, is not afraid of a joke, out for everyone as a negative example), the station is provided to the webmaster friends visit the web site, link exchange platform, buy Baidu included page nearly 110 thousand, updated daily snapshot Google PR value; 4; more than first pages of keywords ranking in the major search engines, web site on the IP rate of 20 thousand, PV4 million, nearly 200 sites are added every day, should be said to buy this website is worth. read more

a few days ago, I asked a friend working in Baidu, Baidu K station is the principle of what, she just gave me back a sentence, see you not pleasing to the eye, K you. Of course, this should be just a joke, but this sentence may really describe Baidu in the minds of the vast number of personal webmaster image. It seems that Baidu never talks about any principles. As long as your station conflicts with Baidu’s interests, Baidu will K you.

When the

in 2007 June, one of my literary Station was Baidu included about 300000 pages, the daily flow of sound. So, I went to apply for Baidu search alliance, the result was reply to inform, because my website content is highly repetitive articles on the Internet, so not through. In fact, this does not matter, but the terrible is second days, this station that the total station was K. What I want to tell you is, if your website content is almost collected or reprinted, you’d better not take the initiative to touch Baidu, because they will do manual K station. read more

first said something interesting. Recently my little girlfriend always thought my figure was too greasy, so I went into the weight loss stage. Finally, yesterday, 66.7% of all the people I met said I was miserable and skinny. I was so happy to go home and weigh it and tell me I’m still a fat man.

thought for a long time. I think the 66.7% of them lied to me: "the 2 men are so bad.". (yes, I met 3 people that day)

this story tells us: data base is too small, will affect data analysis read more

in the world, many things are not made for money. Of course, it is not like things will make money.

of course, it’s the same with websites. Anything is not all people make money, do not necessarily make money in the website, only a few people make money, of course, I am one of them.

but do not make money when their time, they think it is improper and interest, is a kind of occupation, on the contrary, you must think this is a kind of occupation, rather than interest, so you can make money. read more

now, soft Wen has almost become synonymous with advertising, is generally considered to be a disguised form of advertising. It does not know in what month, after years of development, is the "soft" point to reach the acme of perfection. All kinds of skills emerge in an endless stream, your text "soft" more hidden, soft more different, then your soft Wen level is higher, the quality is better, even though those articles seriously polluted the language of the motherland.

occasionally look at the online text, for those authors really admire admire. read more


selection is an important factor for the test of SEOER, to rival site is analyzed, including keyword difficulty, keyword layout, keyword description, making a series of technical title. Related to the difficulty of site optimization, so the selection of keywords is a more advanced technology.

then how to choose suitable site keywords,


a, new station is not suitable for difficult keywords

Many owners will choose a lot of

traffic, but the words, very difficult to do that, not suitable for the new difficult words, there are several reasons: 1, high difficulty keywords need very long, or some words you have no chance to do on the home page. 2, the site friendship connection in exchange will encounter difficulties, if the keyword choice is difficult, then Baidu weight will be difficult to get promoted, it is difficult to exchange for high quality friendship. 3, easy to make webmaster negative, if a site persisted for 1-2 years without any improvement, I think the webmaster will be very little, and the proper sense of achievement will let the webmaster become more passionate. To sum up: individuals or do not recommend the choice of difficult keywords?. read more

How does

make use of the community to make new users active, active and retained?

what is the real community,


is certainly not the people on the bus, because for community the most simple understanding is a bunch of people gathered, but the people on the bus, only temporarily in a car, and not an aggregation effect. So they don’t belong to the community.

circle of friends should be regarded as a social platform. In theory, the community is a preset scenario, and social networking is the social circle through which you add friends, so it is not a community. read more

when we finish a website, before the line, are busy testing processing all kinds of bug, the bug should be said that we have the awareness of the test, is to provide a better user experience, in fact, so many number of common bug, when we do the site more, also test more, will slowly understand, finally we can sort out a little similar to the following table, just like when we do website SEO optimization, specially compiled a list of keywords in a notepad file, so that we can easily understand their site is not fully dealt with these bug below. Let Tianjin liver disease hospital to give you a detailed talk about this one. read more