when we finish a website, before the line, are busy testing processing all kinds of bug, the bug should be said that we have the awareness of the test, is to provide a better user experience, in fact, so many number of common bug, when we do the site more, also test more, will slowly understand, finally we can sort out a little similar to the following table, just like when we do website SEO optimization, specially compiled a list of keywords in a notepad file, so that we can easily understand their site is not fully dealt with these bug below. Let Tianjin liver disease hospital to give you a detailed talk about this one. read more

today for a blog to bind your own domain name, because it is a novice to find half a day do not know how to bind, remember in the domain name to host IP, so in the online search through the domain name lookup on IP, the http://s.linkwan.com/ gb/broadmeter/tracemap/domaintoip.htm world network website found. Found interesting features in search of the IP column: query website address (maybe someone knew), try to bind their input into the blog site, you want to find the IP, found the IP has several web sites exist at the same time, curiosity, a look inside. The original is in the server. Through the blog. IP can also query to. read more

I just found several website promotion experience, I become a webmaster, actually small day very comfortable, work is also good, but suddenly one day to think this is a good idea (so as not to say what I wrote is advertising, not to mention here is what specific ideas I, interested can look down, and then began to do stand).

After the

site was completed, it was discovered that some users were coming through the search engine, but the number was still small. How to promote their website? Let their website traffic more up, these two problems have been bothering me. I was wondering if I needed to go to all kinds of media commercials. I don’t have that much money. Later, on the Internet, to each big Adsense BBS kantie, combined with practical experience, figured out some methods, here are three of my website, now every day a little income depends mainly on the mobile phone signature to push this my two blog, talk about the method. read more

08 years too fast, when the earthquake panic has not completely receded, the city scattered pedestrians about financial crisis depression. But December 31, 2008 is over. The new year has begun.

I want to learn ah, ha ha, in 08 years this year we were dogged by bad luck, survive, this is not a kind of happiness? Although mediocre, but mediocre happiness is alive.

read an article in A5 yesterday, said the small owners in small, not vulnerable to financial crisis harassment. However, the advertising unit price of Google, AdSense and Baidu alliance all the way down, not just reflect the recession situation, advertisers and the sharp decline in investment? read more

if you start preparing for an English website, here are a few things that are important.

first, have a good understanding of the content of the website you are going to build. English site than Chinese station, Chinese station what you can do is not to consider, at most out of a dumpster, it was acquired by Baidu traffic, then earn advertising fees, and English station, you want to make English station are not easy, because first you the content source is the problem. There is no way to copy, you count your station only two IP, they will send a warning letter to you, that you do not infringement, otherwise give a court summons. Ha ha, seems to have said a bit, but this is the truth. Friends who often do English standing in China will receive email about copyright warnings. I used to be warned because I copied a short piece of content and asked to delete the copied content. So, before you start doing English, think about what you’re going to do, and what you’re going to do if you’re ready, and next, do a keyword analysis of what you want. read more

how to choose to do their own suitable site, how to do flow, and soon be able to receive the results, bring considerable benefits, this should be our site of the pursuit, if not this pursuit and goals, better not do, lest waste of energy.

Now I’ll give you a

analysis of the current form of the Internet site has tens of millions, how many websites in which allows you to make your website which is a talent shows itself, it is not easy to challenge, but today Wangzhanseo staff recommend, do not we all do not do, which is fire. Do, suggest you do website optimization industry website is very simple, professional enough, although the heat content is not much, little traffic, but really a lot of money, but also can obtain the Baidu care. But the choice of industry website do you familiar with the industry, is interested in you, it can give you good to keep fresh, passionate to maintain it, but this is very good website some of the contents of the collection, as long as you have the heart, the search engine will see. About the industry is how to make money? Many people say two words, Fudge! Industry should be primary forming period of 3-6 months, you have to do in this period is to solve the problems included and the user experience of the website, launch your advertising service. read more