disease can now according to the structure of most of the site is divided into: symptoms (performance), causes, hazards, treatment and rehabilitation… A series of main line. According to contact the medical industry for many years, always found the majority of keywords symptoms, symptom category of words should be able to contact the entrance a patient. Why? In fact, we can go on a search from the user’s point of view, we suspect that their disease, as for what disease, we do not know when, we usually start from the performance of some of their own responses, such as physical discomfort, what psychological feelings, some parts of the long XX, abnormal liquid… The first is fuzzy concept. Online search, we found that these symptoms may have several diseases, but there is always one of the most close, otherwise we should go to continue the search, when we suspect that when one, we can go to search for this disease, then we have to know what are the symptoms of the disease. We will look at and symptoms than his own judgment, whether or not the disease, certain or uncertain time, maybe we will ask the doctor online. This has lead us to continue to learn. read more

latest disclosure data show that the first quarter of 2016, every single car service average net income reached 41.70 yuan, an increase of 268%; at the same time, a single cost dropped to 65.11 yuan, down 51.78%. Dan Junjing’s income and average cost is approaching. From the average daily volume of view, the first quarter of 2015, China daily average single car volume of 37 thousand and 600, while in the first quarter of 2016, this figure into 260 thousand and 300 single, an increase of nearly 6 times. read more

said so much, I just want to tell what Shanghai dragon new friends, do Shanghai dragon is More haste, less speed., what he did not cut, if you stick to it, and a strong executive power, there is the details really do fine, so as to ensure maximum effectiveness of Shanghai dragon, persistence

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I once in 09 years for a Zhengzhou psychological counseling center website, over when he is a new station, as we all know, a new beginning work in Shanghai Longfeng there are a lot of difficulties, for example you give people an exchange of Links, people see you are new, not included no, the link, the PR value more no, they certainly won’t give you Links. But we can’t give up, don’t lose heart. We need to do is every day the unremittingly use of high quality original articles updated website content, then use all available resources to build external links, these work can not be prompted by a sudden impulse you need, non-stop every day to do. read more

      the author has previously written an article entitled: chastity: when speculation rampant Shanghai Dragon into the clouds? The article, today to see the website below:

in recent years, the Internet "speculation" It is often seen., but you can say, every successful speculation will let a person or a website in a very short period of time quickly became popular. The effect of people as the acme of perfection website optimization Shanghai Longfeng, many Er are still every difficult, but the regular white hat techniques need a short time to achieve the desired results. The success of the network hype events can give us what inspired Shanghai dragon? The previous success can be replicated? How to correctly view the network hype and search engine optimization? Take a look at the following two recent successful website hype case. read more

third: get the chain through a chain of

blog for the chain, it seems to become a medical website to find means outside the main chain, open daily blog message is the largest medical websites, they blog do like viral promotion, with wide spreading net, there will be a total winning. The blog will indeed bring traffic to the site, but many owners love wrong in the evening to blog, thought it would be a blogger was deleted, but ignore the user experience, the blogger in the morning to see a lot of junk message will delete, do not give you the chance to see. So the blog to grab the first page of the message, the message content not all of the irrigation, summed up the blogger’s point of view, others see also have feelings, bloggers will not delete your message. read more


OK, since everyone has the ability to learn, but also have the opportunity to learn. So why the outcome is very different? For example, when we were in high school, our textbooks are the same, the auxiliary data we also very much the same, but why when the exam, scores are different? If you can understand this, you will know why some people can do up the rankings, some people can’t.

often see confused Adsense in some forums or group, to "master before the Scriptures, and those so-called master is definitely very drunby evasive, to appear very cattle. Of course, one day when they grow old when rookie, and began to walk on the road after another 13. This vicious Shanghai Longfeng trade can not develop healthy. You can know and have the consciousness to Shanghai Longfeng work, most are also would have seen a lot of Shanghai dragon in the online tutorial, or buy their own related books, some time ago Zac Shanghai Longfeng combat password has quite a lot of stock that the contact webmaster and research Shanghai dragon. In this sense, the current level of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge is quite high popularity. So, why is there are a large number of practitioners do not due to the effect of read more

of the Internet can be said to be from the method, technology change rapidly, the application perspective, are constantly changing, just as micro-blog was at lightning speed occupy every corner of the Internet, the Internet to change quickly, if I were the grassroots webmaster still complacent, lazy, don’t know how to change yourself, then it is very difficult to beat on the Internet, like some time ago, the Sohu did not grasp the pulse of micro-blog! So for our personal webmaster, how to find their website needs to be improved? Let the author introduce seven methods of read more

skills about registering a domain name, I’m here to tell you about your products, such as shampoo, then in the future Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) to prepare, then register the domain name when the best choice, at home is the best spell! Of course this words such as: xifashui.xxx Shampoo this heat must be accounted for in the domain name. Then xifashui888888 to register, the search engine is friendly to

server space 288 yuan!The

server is generally more expensive and not generally expensive, 500 a month a decent, what Zhenjiang room ah, Shantou room ah, the shop I advise friends not to rent, the rent of 6000 a year, down, to go to Lijiang tourism + affair trip, what rent rent (PS: I now! In the Lijiang sun, has been more than a month, really do not want to come back, just friends in the yard to eat grilled corn sweet potato roast fire, back here, the night sky is very beautiful, very close from the stars, that day) is blue, and the dog are here happy) – separator – > read more

first, keep a low profile learning attitude and leadership and communication supervisor timely. Whether you have the history of how brilliant, remember the new occupation field is a new beginning, the industry for different optimization strategies and operating practices is different, just after the entry we have to take charge of communication and analysis, the current site weight flow, encountered problems in the process of optimization, to carry out detailed the record for the last three months of the site optimization to do a detailed record. For example, the last three months of the way of the construction of the chain, how much is the update frequency and update the fixed cycle, first of all to be aware of this website, we want to compare their pick to take over in the analysis at the same time, and before his operation website the similarities and differences of what is, for some of the details must be documented. Second, pay close attention to all the spare time, carefully analyze the situation and characteristics of the new industry, enterprise culture, product knowledge and so on. For an optimized staff update web content is usually not in the usual thing, if the product knowledge, for enterprise culture, enterprise customers to grasp some remote after work is bound to cause low efficiency, low conversion rate of some negative factors in the work carried out early, for the analysis of corporate culture and to optimize learning the site is to start work on the first pass. read more

? The This is the Beijing

mechanism’s operation is very complicated and very demanding, but this is not an excuse to make mistakes, get a user’s trust is not wrong in the capital, Internet trend to go farther, not halfway confused sophistry. After all, wrong is wrong, change on the line.

search engine, a large database, the old saying that "the scholar does not go out, know everything in the world is now holding the computer at home, know all over the universe. At the same time the search engine in the service of the user, the user is to settle down the capital, all users are always Yisifumu, abandoned the user is equal to cut taxes. read more

PPCThe advantages of

PPC PPC, if there is no cost account will not appear in the search page, if the keyword price is high enough, the cost is considerable, for small and medium enterprises is indeed some burn". But there are so many companies doing PPC is? Such enterprises such as Lenovo even do promotion costs 100 thousand / month brand promotion (a kind of love Shanghai PPC).

search marketing is a big category, ranking from the station to the vertical search to the traditional auction, of course there were a variety of search mode and profit model needs more enterprises to study and explore, but either way, when it comes to search and ranking, it will have an integral relationship with the bidding. Today, I have some ideas and discuss our PPC PPC, to allow enterprises to PPC promotion have a basic understanding of. read more

Zhao Yangang said: "everyone knows Shanghai dragon", is indeed a bit exaggerated. But this is all have certain specific range, in fact every Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should be clear that your work is not only your own work. You are involved in editing, program, front-end, products, maintenance and other departments. Most of them don’t support staff, you are a kidney

the first to talk about the editor, every one of the editors can be said to be the site of the mother, more content from them. Effective experience better from their achievements. If you don’t have to go to create high quality content, and exclude the UGC collection site, how many Shanghai dragon can do work? If your enterprise itself is the editorial staff in the maintenance and production of content. Please tell her: "without her, you are not fart"! So, in order to better coordination between each other. Most of the Shanghai dragon will give editorial staff training in terms of content need to pay attention to some details of Shanghai dragon, let every one know God created you edit, not only is the content, have natural search traffic read more

and within the last year according to the view of this page to the home page and has not much effect. Of course, if you do not want to record each title of the content words, there is a way to solve, it is the use of the inurl:www.***贵族宝贝 keyword instruction "to query, please look at the pictures

you see? The search engine will be arranged according to the most relevant pages of your site. This is very convenient for us to do within the chain, especially in the chain. For example, I have now found a certain long tail keywords is very important. They need the site within the chain to rush ranking. Then you can use the instructions above, to find the most relevant page on the website and the keywords. We then add the chain within the chain, this is only effective when search engines need to wait until the next big update. Because you like the website > read more

3, a new station on the line after Links exchange. The new line should find some snapshots to update the web site to exchange links, because the new general snapshot update is very slow, about 7-15 days a cycle, so in order to let the spider crawl over, increased and included weight, try to exchange some weight high snapshot period fast link. Of course, just the website is that no one is willing to change, the only way they want, such as their own resource station.

believe that many webmaster is from scratch, do not know how to understand and master, just begin to contact the website promotion soon received a new station, there are a lot of problems in the process of new sites, once on-line 10 days loved Shanghai delete snapshot, more than 20 days after the day is very tangled stage slowly, the new station is freed, and in less than half the time, the keyword of the website two have entered the first three pages, without any regional words, this is certainly one of my previous work, it ‘Baidu’ or a gentle hand. read more

in the above image, it can be found that a total of 45 links on the page, but for users, and related search results is only 5, which is 11%. The area is only 18.5% search results to the user, and only 11 is relevant, Google really makes a bit shocked.

in order to summarize the results more objective, can put Google’s "baby Docs" aristocratic "Gmail" tool links removed, and Google users "login" and "setting" were removed, then the actual effective link to the page is 18, 18 there are only 5 related links, correlation that is to say the Google search results only 27%. In other words, advertising and user required results of the proportion of nearly 4:1. read more

three, development plan and is expected to flow

two, competitive analysis

in the website optimization process, is one of the main objectives of the optimization of key words. A suitable keyword can bring good rankings in the website optimization reasonable, if not to do analysis of the web site keywords, then you do not know whether the site keywords and keyword matching, whether the effects and expected. So, in website optimization, you first need to do a keyword only, so that it can make its control flow of the whole optimization effect, but also can according to the need for timely amendment. Today I mainly talk about how to analyze a few steps of the web site keywords. read more

said the study must have goals, because there is no goal, we have no direction. We have to figure out why to learn Shanghai dragon, in order to optimize the company’s website or in order to optimize the business society? Or is the grassroots webmaster for oneself website optimization? In addition, we have to ask ourselves, I hope to reach a what extent? Can I order this the target and unremittingly efforts? Don’t begin to want to be experts, recognize themselves, this is our learning goals, but also our positioning. read more

customers and prospects? Have many webmaster is removed from the field in anger, moved to other types of websites. The reason is that they feel that the current Taobao is not profitable, it is too difficult to maintain. Now the market is saturated, the site for such a keyword ranking hit the abyss. And, super depressed and website ranking up, click rate also improved, but the user is still looking, but did not buy meaning. But I’m trying to put Taobao in the end. I always think that the bottleneck of Taobao users is not paying attention to the user experience. Below, I will analyze from the following: read more

2. then after a period of time when site, that included the home page, content page is not included, or included in the page, not included the home page. Included in or out, update the article to be included. New articles have also been included. But the amount included overall did not increase. This is normal, because you are new sites. It is the same with the new employees of the company. Love is like the same for Shanghai to submit. The candidate must have a probation period. Then look at your performance? Love for Shanghai is the same, a website should have a probation period. This period of time to see how the content of your website, will often change some elements. The content will not be useful for others like. After this period, you will Baidu preliminary approval. Would have included out, your collection will increase. read more

this article following the "why the media conference is more and more soft fire" for writing, people fear most is the continuous solution of plane of their own shortcomings, young people’s love is the highlight of their advantages, which are the two extremes of personality. You want to progress, you will break, you have to in the workplace do you want to ride, put my sword, to sharpen their own these two extremes, we can go to the end of the world, the workplace, learn to face the two extremes, learn what the solution planing yourself, what time do the show itself, in the face of their own life be neither humble nor pushy workplace. read more