so, we have to ask a question, why sh419 would choose to bet on artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is just because it is after the fire, sh419 AI winds the so-called "mouth"

new competitiveness network marketing management consultant review the past year domestic network marketing major events, summed up in 2006 affect China network marketing ten major events:


sh419 in the accumulation of these traffic process, and gradually began to consider these traffic realized, at this time, sh419 pulled into the third side, advertisers. Advertising is a standard way of generating value through traffic, and seeking advertisers to pay for this value of a business model. The internal flow of data platform sh419 Phoenix Nest self built data management platform and external flow WebUnion, a set of advertising platform, sh419 in the advertising mode to create a huge commercial value. read more


members of the League:

from December 8th onwards, Sogou Pinyin by live billing, survival from 0.7 yuan / live, raised to 1 yuan / live; activation is no longer billing.


if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://s.union.heima8 read more

Luo Xu believes that the core of social products and enterprise products is necessary, after talking to some investors, they concluded: as long as the business is not related to social flat

two generations: 140 hours a week,

enterprise social collaboration field is increasingly being optimistic about the outside world and investors. In foreign markets, whether it is in the limelight of Salesforce, or 2012 listed at the end of Jive, or by Microsoft to $1 billion 200 million acquisition of Yammer, to the outside world and entrepreneurs show, this area seems to have a brilliant future. In China, many start-ups have emerged in this field, such as Ming Lu, Kingdee, and so on. read more

this morning received PR money Alliance Bank SMS tips. Look at the amount of last month the Commission figures don’t tally than
to the office, a friend asked me: is not a PR tax deduction is very serious, more than 30%. The amount of money is inconsistent with the background of a combination of

a. An advertising company accounting made money 3


2.  sb; website; 1300     

read more

due to the development of the network in the life of a step-by-step approach, now many business owners are trying to network in the ocean to try his hand, but not all of the enterprise website can get it through the network to achieve their desired benefits. Of course, there are many reasons, but the main thing is the customer experience, that is, the content is not done well.

we all know that the Internet industry is the most potential, but also the most competitive industry, enterprise website is most concerned about is the user conversion rate, as well as the site’s attractiveness to customers. Users of a web site can easily move to competitors by tapping the keyboard or clicking on the mouse. In such a situation, customer experience has become the core competitiveness of enterprise websites to retain customers. read more

I don’t know if it’s funny or not. A little more.

I came to this city two years ago, after a year may not, immediately leave (very possible), but because of some reasons, there are many feelings for the city, a completely personal memorial site was built last year. I know, whether now or in the future, this city is unforgettable in my life. Because of some people, some things, but also because of the city’s gorgeous and charming scenery.

but this year, I met, the more popular, then I slowly have a fond dream: to have done and some local N site competition, and the same site is not a two. For a family of local people and outsiders want to sing the scenes, the difficulty as can be imagined, especially when I leave this city, it is even more difficult, although the Internet has no boundaries, but many things are not a word can be easily solved. read more

September 5th, the latest issue of how the community better and more profitable in China salon in HNA Jun Fu Club held as scheduled. The guests at the original capital partners including Jiafeng / Assistant Chairman Huang Shaolin Chen Hua, senior director of Alibaba, Huilongguan community network founder Liu Qiang, six monitor sky network president Raymond Lam, Bus Co President Ding Yuanli six founder Zhou Lei, CEO Wang Zi, on the top of the net gold Tongxin International Media Sales Manager Ge Zhaobin, Chinese Unicom in Shandong Province branch channel of general manager Zhang Zexuan, Granville Technology Group Limited company president office of international cooperation project manager Chen Shuyi, F group chief financial officer Shi Lei, said Vice President Wang Zuoliang, the mother of well-known e-commerce expert / street network CEO Guo Hongchi, NUCTECH deputy general manager Huang Xianglan and nearly thirty. read more

with the development of network marketing, marketing has become our webmaster friends an important promotion website, we sent to the general soft nets, the laggards, DoNews, Sina, Baidu blog blog platform. Good platform not only can bring more PV and chain to our website, but also can improve our weight more. I passed a test today, and with everyone to analyze, learn, outdated and webmaster network, that platform is more suitable for soft marketing.

a few days ago, I wrote an article: "King Wang Network: King Wang what success," the article is good or bad, this is not discussed here. After I first sent to my water dragonfly in stationmaster net space, will be recommended to the home page, and later in the forum Zatan issued a plate. Later, in the outdated information exchange area, an article was published, the effect is as follows: read more

on the Internet muddle along without any aim after three years of climbing, doing too many to count the garbage station. Flow from tens to tens of thousands have, K K, advertising alliance black black.

didn’t make much money, but it was a mess of his life. As a professional webmaster, every day more than 16 hours before the computer, adhere to the


content and the title is a little bit different, because I want to say is: personal website in your persistence, but blindly adhere to, painful insist, as early as give up. read more

recently spoke with some Adsense exchange once, according to some and summarize their networks and their own, summed up the basic conditions of qualified owners should have, these days also have their own forum busy glue not, have been looking for information on how to do stand, but to do the first station of life, people do, your site will be like his condition as follows:.


technical knowledge system needed in part 1

first, understand the Internet industry, timely grasp of the industry dynamics, including the history of the Internet, today’s development and future trends! read more

Ma Yun said, "the Internet is coming in winter.". I engaged in the CG industry for two years, during which also visited many CG forums, in this CG forum flooding era, can not come to a conclusion: CG site of the winter came. Please listen to me slowly.

from the day I learned 3DMAX, I knew a website called the Mars age, and then got stuck in it. There were a lot of tutorials, which were helpful for beginners. Mars does not lack on the master, but also because of its reputation, many just join the novice to run there, resulting in uneven quality of posts, high quality posts are included because of course Mars, Mars also tutorial days and months multiplying, spectacular, but can write a tutorial on so much, as long as you search can find what you want, so also created a lot of spectators. Old users do not want to show up, and new users write "help post" alone. Don’t believe you open the Mars age 3sdmax Technology Forum and flip through it to see how many posts are 0 replies. Are these posts really garbage stickers? Is it true that no one can solve the problem?. But we are used to being spectators. read more

what is the point of view of the webmaster, the individual who makes multiple pages, constitutes a certain amount of information, can meet the needs of a particular group of websites, and makes it

benefits more people. Such a man can be called a station master.

is saying: "where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.". As a TV series, which has a distinct "good" and "bad guys", with dignitaries also

has civilians.

however, the pyramidal social structure can also be translated to the webmaster community. The top is always just a minority or a minority. May 90% owners, not fame and fortune, or one can realize, so, how do we insist on your faith? read more

recently, a survey of stationmaster net webmaster site training, according to the poll results, webmaster choose more training needs: SEO training, training, money making website alliance network marketing training, soft writing training, dedecms training, service station. The system for safety training, PHP training, div+css training, Photoshop language drawing training, master introductory training etc.. Fewer choices are: Flash animation training, ASP language training, training, JSP language training, mobile easy station training, etc.. Not included in the training survey project, the independent training needs are: art training, website training, production site icons, LOGO, website positioning, etc.. read more


estimates that there will be a lot of friends, when I see this topic, want to find out who I am, and then the flat of my meal? Oh, oh the first statement, but also grassroots, but why they still put yourself down? But this article firmly not the title of the party, I hope you can put the heat and dissatisfaction with you, then I will rely on the data research on their practical experience and a large three steps to explain your question:


all right, let’s get down to business, in case we get flattened, read more

some people say that it is the female version of the known, but exquisite "to ask me" is the initiative to share the topic, in view of its founder, with quality content accumulation, the formation of a women’s interest in the content pool, and this is their barriers.


Getty Images

, a group of girls together each one airs his own views in the community network, to ensure the quality of the views of the community, and in accordance with the founding fathers set values, is not an easy thing, and this is the female interest community "new line of exquisite Salon" target. read more

pondered, or by the appropriate vocabulary, qualified, complete and appropriate, feel a little things, first of all, according to the contents of this post on the forum, according to two principles eight. According to different sections, 28 bias selection is different, such as second-hand trading area, the content must be two, some plate, not very strict requirements, such as irrigation section, 28 free is better. For the 28 principles, another text is introduced.

in the form, the title of the post should hit the nail on the head, and should be the title of the party. There is no doubt that you have to put the customer into the store before it is possible for someone to buy something. The content of the post, you want to show something, the most important logo out, such as thickening, color change. All is the default font, which gives the impression that it is average. A little need to remind is, if add color to the text, to no more than two kinds of color is appropriate. Fisherman has seen all the words are added color, thickening of the post, it seems to be a feeling, tired. Post is a meal, to taste, will sell better. read more

local life portal from the beginning is to let everyone regardless of personal danger, do not say anything else, we sometimes need these information, where the discount ah! Where to engage in activities where cheap ah, opened, which supermarket anniversary send toothbrush paste pull. Feel old saying, no one will say you do not do things, should say that there will be market demand, there will be market returns. But on the contrary, through my years of understanding of some large life portals and local life stations, few have really succeeded. read more

more and more owners complained that the website not to earn money, this may be related to your website in the search engine included is not very good, the site is not very strong, and you may not be the site of the profit point is found, in other words, you do not have the money to find the local website. Investment is to return, open your site look, full of content, not a single advertisement, what do you do to make money, you may see the website is very comfortable, can not keep the site to start, but to make money, if you do not have income, how to expand the site read more

in the network arena today, appeared every kind of soft Wen, a lot of people think it is pure soft regard as worn-out shoes, website boast, increase website visibility, improve a website visibility approach. Especially in the webmaster forum often see "very helpless when it comes to all your soft, soft, the identification is completed, and this person is the" TMD ad ", it is the site of soft, can get some other" replies, I don’t know if they’re in that state of mind, "sour grapes?". A lot of netizens think so, soft text is rubbish. Look at it in a disdainful manner. read more

Yanhuang network of the old K invitation on behalf of the 8684 bus network, and House365 Zhou Ning, Nanjing science and technology together with the bean beans sinus rushed to Anhui Hefei, to participate in the webmaster general assembly, the general assembly, there are some well-known websites and web site managers involved in the industry, such as the Hefei hotline, Hua Jun software park, 52pk game net, Hefei nets, Anhui recruitment network group purchase, long marriage network, the station reached more than 300 people, due to the conflict of the Dragon Boat Festival, many webmaster or give up the opportunity to leave master general assembly, this illustrates that Anhui’s high-end stationmaster congress attracted many webmaster attention, but also a progressive Anhui Internet era. read more