September 2017

second: website revision by ranking fluctuation

for this kind of helpless, cause a lot of talk about "Shanghai dragon Er" revision is not pale, but the website to the website sentenced to death, as long as the use of appropriate methods to revision, is completely not a problem:

: the first website content of the original low quality

website ranking ups and downs is a not unusual thing, but is the so-called a reason for it, the website ranking is not stable and we can’t just blame love Shanghai algorithm, should go to find the reasons from their own web site. Some reason is that many Shanghai dragon Er doesn’t want to pay close attention to, but it is the main source of instability in the website. Below the author to simply count and analyze the effects of several factors on the stability of the website ranking. read more

reduce the overall proportion: 34.79%

2010 September 23rd (Thursday) only one update;

The overall proportion of new anti chain: 0.18%

today has to love Shanghai as scheduled on Friday appeared a month after the update, every festive day Mid Autumn Festival, one more round full moon, the Mid Autumn Festival is expected during the National Day holiday, there will not be big fluctuations, often at home, everyone at ease and family to celebrate the mid autumn festival.

love K station in Shanghai, the overall proportion: 0.55% read more

even in the high weight forum posting, if the post traffic is low, with less, it will drown in the post, slowly will be love Shanghai removed, the chain corresponding also exist.


with Google’s gone, love Shanghai has formed a dominant situation, in order to get their own share in the Internet, most of the webmaster to do the work of the center to love Shanghai, love Shanghai and one of the construction of the chain is the webmaster of the construction work, believe that many webmaster friends in do the work of the chain, we will encounter love Shanghai removed the chain page, serious when removing a part of this, for our website development is not very smooth, light will cause fluctuating, serious will cause the website drop right and be K, the webmaster, is a a big blow, looked at her hard to do outside the chain but not to be loved in Shanghai recognized, did not play a role, it is a painful and helpless thing, therefore, in order to solve this problem. Questions, we must reason to fall in love with the sea love Shanghai eliminate the chain, in order to make the chain work. The author believes that the chain work is difficult to do, the main chain is not easy to find a strong correlation between the pages, and to stabilize the object is not easy, following the chain is easy to be removed: read more

2, the chain can not do too much, it will cause excessive optimization situation. It should be noted, the chain link is the best home, increase the weight of home page.

network every day to tens of thousands of sites in the growth, how to get to the top of each enterprise boss’s attention in the search engine, the search engine optimization personnel will produce a large number of SE0. Especially new sites, Shanghai dragon is to want to get to the top. How can this be done, in order to meet the taste of search engine. read more

, an external optimization

when we are in the construction site, has mentioned that placed outside the chain to increase their site and attract users. So, some people think that the more the chain, for their site will help more. In fact, not many things are too far. The chain should be placed through their screening, the main content, website, and to be loved by the public. Another point is that your site permissions itself is relatively small, the chain too much will make your site to bear, have burned out risk. This will cause your site running sluggish, allowing users to experience a sense of decline. read more


sometimes you will feel free, they can go out shopping, leisure holiday park, fishing etc… in fact, all you see is a surface phenomenon, if you take 24 hours a day to count, they sat down at the computer time is about 16 hours, this is not an exaggeration, this is what experienced. Because the 16 hours of the time may be customers looking for you, because you are not, and lost an opportunity in vain. Sometimes it is because of the loss of this opportunity that it has been fruitless for several days. read more

JS benefits:

JS is a scripting language, generally large websites are invoked by JS, it is with the HTML code, the website has a very important relationship. If there is a JS not friendly to the search engine, I can only say that is the ability of the search engine is not enough, not up to the ability to identify JS.

The shortcomings of

is the search engine love is static page. This is why I say the first sentence the first user of our search engine is not the reason, because we really love the user is vivid dynamic page. As the site has a JS tool is by the users love, you said, JS also does not conform to the user experience? And, from the search engine is now changing trend, dynamic pages will be a mainstream in the future. JS web page allows you to move up read more



is now the Shanghai dragon, keyword index to judge alone is not the reality, hot industry word, even the love of Shanghai index and dozens, the degree of competition is also very large, opposite unpopular industries high index, the degree of competition is not high. On average, no matter what the industry index below 200, more appropriate, in the high word is relatively difficult.

and common market products, is also a competition size, the greater the degree of competition, the word optimization difficulty is greater also, as I search for movie tickets booking "word, included results for 8 million 710 thousand, indicating the degree of competition is OK, if this word well optimized, probably takes about three months to reach home. Keywords and different industries will be different, the general hot industry keyword competition will be relatively large, when the webmaster when setting the home key, the best choice of a target keywords, a core keyword plus about two words long tail. It is a long tail word core keywords or target keywords to expand out, such as "the ticket" once belongs to the core keywords. read more

a website content quality

and Shanghai friends exchange Links dragon optimization, the other usually see if you love Shanghai snapshot, included, PR (this is much better now, but there are many PR friends will still refer to this), keywords ranking and so on. As we do optimization, the importance of the content and the chain is self-evident, the content included the proportion also can see the weight of a web site, but you should know a lot of the long tail word ranking is through the optimization, if the articles are not included, talk about ranking, that is not empty. So today I to share with you some help to improve the website included trick. read more

based on the internal navigation links optimization as the theme, according to the following 4 steps to achieve effective chain optimization.

The internal navigation links The


preliminary experimental results show that the internal links in the relatively stable situation, a large number of internal links displaying the noble baby in the web site administration tool links page, in the site relative to other pages right important high.

for search engine grab every submitted internal links page content. read more

practitioners of all walks of life are now need to master the ability of the master, if you do not have these abilities will not survive and develop long-term, as well as Shanghai dragon in this industry, you need to master the ability of Shanghai dragon ER should grasp, it should grasp what ability? I look on the net, not very detailed the article said that this matter today, small crane is more specific to grasp the ability.

to peer communication, to communicate with the leadership, to communicate with their subordinates, to communicate with the other departments to communicate with the client, these are in need of good communication skills, if communication is not good, it will give the Shanghai dragon trouble, this not kotsuru specifically, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER should be familiar with. read more

: first class brand category

brand word is our product name and product name, although most of our products such as the name of the word search volume is small, the beginning even no one search, but still we cannot relax, because this is our product promotion, only to do this in a later step, in order to promote not so much trouble and resistance will save a lot of things, because if we are not the beginning words do it, it is very easy to have a negative, and the negative information is also very easy to row to the front. read more

we do the chain has been advocating for high quality high correlation station chain, is conducive to enhance the website weight. Is a beauty of the parents or sisters look good, and very well bred, so it is easy to think that the beauty of length >

fourth: to find high quality high correlation station chain

more popular, means more beauty, so handsome choice more handsome, will choose the nearest beauty, while the beauty to get guy’s attention, it must pay more effort, or through a variety of ways to allow yourself to become more beautiful, more charming, otherwise it will not cause the handsome boy attention, similarly, in the search engine algorithm, it means that the amount of information in the path of the spider has been high enough, has met the needs of spiders, can also ensure that the needs of users, unless you get your website is particularly good, especially good, otherwise it is difficult to get good rankings. read more

said that now the search engine

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng search engine when the enemy has been look like, think the search engine change algorithm is to intentionally intentionally all their own, and their own, so they have been to Shanghai dragon and love Shanghai deal, has tried to search engine, drill to make various loopholes to play with search engine. Knowing that they have entered the Shanghai dragon alley, walking out, in fact, love Shanghai is a simulation with the machine "

We all know that read more

said, the content of the website construction and the chain extension is an organic unity inseparable. And the order is fixed, first, after the chain extension; no content, promote your site outside the chain is can’t do anything. According to the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" this website content is "website carrier core value", "website just outside chain core value" means of promotion, the chain must proceed from the content of the website system can. read more

for every webmaster, ranking the weight of the site is the most important, so many owners will follow in the footsteps of love Shanghai algorithm to development, then in the process of love with Shanghai algorithm constantly updated, many owners will find even to love Shanghai once to please love Shanghai, results also will be to perish. In fact, our brains think, than to let the website to curry favour, the development of nature, so the ranking weight stable, also to the heart at ease, if your website user centered. read more

second, the chain will find related sites, and the anchor text of the chain to use keywords. We do the chain is not casually in any website, especially the website of the Links, we are looking for those with our industry or similar site to do the exchange, because the content of the website source page of the chain and own more relevant, then the ranking of your site more useful. Help of the greater. Otherwise, the effect of very little. In addition, the site.

website optimization have heard that content is king, the chain for the emperor’s argument. We do not say this content and the chain. The chain for the emperor, a word enough to show the importance of the chain. We understand the importance of the chain, the next thing to do is to increase the number of Web site outside of the chain, and thus enhance the weight of the website. But the chain site is the need to pay attention to methods and techniques, not blindly free to do so, if the chain to the site, we often made great efforts, but did not see any effect. Or is a significant effect, but after the site was K, why? Is very simple, because we do not encounter the chain method, line search engine, the result is The loss outweighs the gain. So how to do the chain, the chain website should pay attention to what the methods and skills of read more

especially InBoundLink chain links from other sites over the anchor text. If you come from the other sites link anchor contains your keywords, anchor the same page is very important. The equivalent of this site cast a vote.

weight: +2


weight: +2

title, although there is no anchor text. At the top of that important text, but also should he taken into account. In the beginning but also pay attention to the page does not mean that the first paragraph of this article, because if you try to form words, the main paragraphs of the text in the form of second part may. read more

website management, what is the most terrible

is clearly the website by DDoS attack. Everyone has this experience, is to visit a website or forum, if this website or forum traffic is relatively large, more accessible to people, open the page can be slow, right?! in general, more accessible, more pages of a website or forum, the greater the database, access frequency is higher, system resources is considerable,.

, a CC attack principle:


CC attack principle is the attacker control of some of the host kept a large number of data packets sent to the other server server caused by the depletion of resources, until the crash down. CC is mainly used to attack the page, everyone has this experience: when the number of a web access and more particularly, open the web page is slow, CC is to simulate multiple users (the number of threads is the number of users) to keep access to those who need a lot of data operation (that is, we need a large amount of CPU time) page, cause the server resource waste, CPU long time in 100%, always have not processed connection until the network congestion, normal access has been suspended. read more

part of Shanghai dragon Er habitually ignored the end at the end of a period often glossed over, devoid of content, the whole article is easy to give people a sense of top-heavy, influence the whole article to give the reader an impression. Generally the end of the article is nothing more than start from the following aspects: 1 based on the above analysis, draw a conclusion, how to summarize the truth, thought-provoking; 2 of the above text >

the second paragraph of hierarchical

first, the first paragraph must account for the subject of read more