August 2017

and within the last year according to the view of this page to the home page and has not much effect. Of course, if you do not want to record each title of the content words, there is a way to solve, it is the use of the inurl:www.***贵族宝贝 keyword instruction "to query, please look at the pictures

you see? The search engine will be arranged according to the most relevant pages of your site. This is very convenient for us to do within the chain, especially in the chain. For example, I have now found a certain long tail keywords is very important. They need the site within the chain to rush ranking. Then you can use the instructions above, to find the most relevant page on the website and the keywords. We then add the chain within the chain, this is only effective when search engines need to wait until the next big update. Because you like the website > read more

3, a new station on the line after Links exchange. The new line should find some snapshots to update the web site to exchange links, because the new general snapshot update is very slow, about 7-15 days a cycle, so in order to let the spider crawl over, increased and included weight, try to exchange some weight high snapshot period fast link. Of course, just the website is that no one is willing to change, the only way they want, such as their own resource station.

believe that many webmaster is from scratch, do not know how to understand and master, just begin to contact the website promotion soon received a new station, there are a lot of problems in the process of new sites, once on-line 10 days loved Shanghai delete snapshot, more than 20 days after the day is very tangled stage slowly, the new station is freed, and in less than half the time, the keyword of the website two have entered the first three pages, without any regional words, this is certainly one of my previous work, it ‘Baidu’ or a gentle hand. read more

in the above image, it can be found that a total of 45 links on the page, but for users, and related search results is only 5, which is 11%. The area is only 18.5% search results to the user, and only 11 is relevant, Google really makes a bit shocked.

in order to summarize the results more objective, can put Google’s "baby Docs" aristocratic "Gmail" tool links removed, and Google users "login" and "setting" were removed, then the actual effective link to the page is 18, 18 there are only 5 related links, correlation that is to say the Google search results only 27%. In other words, advertising and user required results of the proportion of nearly 4:1. read more

three, development plan and is expected to flow

two, competitive analysis

in the website optimization process, is one of the main objectives of the optimization of key words. A suitable keyword can bring good rankings in the website optimization reasonable, if not to do analysis of the web site keywords, then you do not know whether the site keywords and keyword matching, whether the effects and expected. So, in website optimization, you first need to do a keyword only, so that it can make its control flow of the whole optimization effect, but also can according to the need for timely amendment. Today I mainly talk about how to analyze a few steps of the web site keywords. read more

said the study must have goals, because there is no goal, we have no direction. We have to figure out why to learn Shanghai dragon, in order to optimize the company’s website or in order to optimize the business society? Or is the grassroots webmaster for oneself website optimization? In addition, we have to ask ourselves, I hope to reach a what extent? Can I order this the target and unremittingly efforts? Don’t begin to want to be experts, recognize themselves, this is our learning goals, but also our positioning. read more

customers and prospects? Have many webmaster is removed from the field in anger, moved to other types of websites. The reason is that they feel that the current Taobao is not profitable, it is too difficult to maintain. Now the market is saturated, the site for such a keyword ranking hit the abyss. And, super depressed and website ranking up, click rate also improved, but the user is still looking, but did not buy meaning. But I’m trying to put Taobao in the end. I always think that the bottleneck of Taobao users is not paying attention to the user experience. Below, I will analyze from the following: read more

2. then after a period of time when site, that included the home page, content page is not included, or included in the page, not included the home page. Included in or out, update the article to be included. New articles have also been included. But the amount included overall did not increase. This is normal, because you are new sites. It is the same with the new employees of the company. Love is like the same for Shanghai to submit. The candidate must have a probation period. Then look at your performance? Love for Shanghai is the same, a website should have a probation period. This period of time to see how the content of your website, will often change some elements. The content will not be useful for others like. After this period, you will Baidu preliminary approval. Would have included out, your collection will increase. read more

this article following the "why the media conference is more and more soft fire" for writing, people fear most is the continuous solution of plane of their own shortcomings, young people’s love is the highlight of their advantages, which are the two extremes of personality. You want to progress, you will break, you have to in the workplace do you want to ride, put my sword, to sharpen their own these two extremes, we can go to the end of the world, the workplace, learn to face the two extremes, learn what the solution planing yourself, what time do the show itself, in the face of their own life be neither humble nor pushy workplace. read more

time flies, Qiazhiyisuan do Shanghai dragon is not short of time, during this period also saw a lot of knowledge about the Shanghai dragon, do a lot of combat keywords ranking, overall, the Shanghai dragon and the dependence of the increasingly deep feelings. From the main page just opened the title, later on, to the layout of the page within the chain, to change the long tail, some of the columns are every little bit accumulation, feeling Shanghai Longfeng learning can not be instant success, also need to understand in practice. As a webmaster or Shanghai dragon ER, to what kind of conditions can put their Shanghai dragon read more

two common link of the site is to have a relationship, and friends to make those and their close friends character, so the website is like this, like my site is doing the lottery software development, I added to Links and lottery, the related software, so try to for those and myself the same, even if his weight to low to do.

lottery software development site outside the chain there was growth of 10 a day, but in a sudden increase of 100 this unstable growth will be the love of Shanghai considered cheating, this is easy to be reduced permissions, so to do outside the chain of stable growth. read more

but do so long I need to know the Shanghai dragon search engine, after all their own blog weight is not very high. It took nearly 1 hours, through the search engine the site inquiry found that the article was collected (below). Such a fact that adding "website article being copied the code in the website code and will not affect the site included the.

? )

this paper, from the Tang Dynasty 517: 贵族宝贝tc517贵族宝贝 original welcome to reprint reprint please indicate the original author read more


today, my colleague told me that he was responsible for the site was K, leaving only two home page and the inside pages. So we talked about some problems, I found that his understanding of the site optimization is different with me. Maybe he is a novice, there will be these errors.

training courseThis is not to say that listening to

tutorials, those useless, but if you must listen to, must have a certain foundation, otherwise they will be very confused. That sounds good, as all know, is in a complete mess. Because the audio-visual tutorial said something really is also limited to the surface. read more

The search behavior of

is the biggest quiz to exchange platform, the platform management than any inquiry platform must strictly, the webmaster want to promote your site has some difficulty in Shanghai know love. Although the love of Shanghai is very strict audit mechanism, can curb the advertising content, but to improve the quality of QA content is not much, I often love Shanghai SOSO know and ask the two platform to promote their own websites, for the love of Shanghai to work through the examination of the answer. Basically you can explain the purpose of promotion has been reached, but the SOSO ask is not the same, even has been approved, and was selected as the best answer, the promotion you may not be able to achieve the desired results, the reason is that SOSO launched a platform to ask more benign development mechanism. The promotion of the webmaster may at any time to other users of the content covered, I personally experienced. We look at this picture that read more

some time ago, the line on the website, in order to lead the spider, in an article in the Journal A5 copyright plus the new link. Here, the first to thank A5 I will recommend the article to the home page, attracted a lot of visitors and get a lot of Webmaster Platform. Through the love of Shanghai webmaster tools can see the statistics of the chain can be seen, most of them are all webmaster information reproduced the chain. This is the first page, not more than a word in the screenshot, I did not deliberately do the chain under the condition of pure text. This article has reprint accounted for more than eighty percent of the chain. read more

from the macro perspective, I think the Shanghai dragon has three of the most important rules, that is the original content and the high quality of the external links and persevere appropriate optimization.

highlights important

screenshot from 360 search (so贵族宝贝)


Keywords: lists several important keywords can not too heap >

Title: the only emphasis can be important keywords appear not more than 2 times, and on each page, title to be different, as shown below: read more

I reiterated the view: I was in view of this phenomenon, I personally do not agree with this approach.



chain, is bound to do, but we should change our original concept of quantity to seize the market, but good quality occupy website ranking. Below I said my personal for some outside the chain of view:

early in the morning I open the computer, published a paper "query as a good website optimization Shanghai dragon Er — don’t revel in the hair of the chain A5 yesterday!" included and reproduced, was surprised to find that an article is actually a boycott of my writing. I took a look at my curiosity, in which point of view is wrong, or I have sinned against this man, or deliberately looking for? read more

, after cancer rehabilitation, I listed my favorite 75 podcasts. I gave Harry a B and now he’s the right A and summed up his program as "an overzealous Englishman who flatters the VCs."".

I like the ideas and programs of Harry, and his simplicity and generosity, but there are still a few things that plague me. Harry actually did two shows at the same time, while the other focused on European angel investment; in truth, the show was really forgotten.

do not blindly participate in Wangzhuan training: read more

his mother is a teacher and his father has been running a small local factory. Wang Weimin has always wanted to do something himself. As soon as he graduated from college, he started the sale of agricultural products with several classmates. At that time, friends have a factory, Wang Weimin is responsible for the general agent of Wuhan, the factory’s goods pulled to Wuhan, and then push the product to the business super distribution. Because of lack of experience, the business failed 4 months later. read more


, 20click and other projects, why do we often can not resist it, that is, its propaganda is on the "profitable friends" want to make money quickly idea, coupled with the beginning of it is indeed paid on time. Coupled with its Alipay through certification, Alipay take payment. For a time. Everyone’s suspicions were dispelled, and they quickly poured money into it, thinking that the more they threw, the more they made. As a result, a lot of money goes into it. Well, just this time? Do not at this time when. So 20click started, claiming hacker attacks, database destruction. And announced a detailed solution. All the fuss. So, including me, I believe it. 20click is believed to be actively solving the problem. After the settlement, everything will be restored as before, we still make big profits. Little imagine, looking forward to the stars looking forward to the moon, until its re opened the day, even the site can not open. At this point, everyone realized that 20click was gone. In a very clever way to disguise everyone fooled. With a huge amount of money left. read more

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