first_img Continue Reading Previous MEN: rugged COM Express module with AMD V1000Next Cincoze: sunlight readable Panel PC and touch monitor for outdoor applications Infineon is launching Infineon Power Start designed for low voltage soft starter applications. The new module family meets the market’s needs for cost effective and compact semiconductor solutions. With its new design, Power Start focusses on reducing complexity and number of components. Customers, in return, profit from shorter development times and simplified production processes of soft starters. Typical low voltage soft start applications include belt conveyors, big fans, and mills. Most of all they can be found in pumps which are used for water and waste water transportation as well as for oil production.The new design concept of the Power Start module allows for one slim foot-print of 55 mm fitting a broad range of current classes. In comparison, other existing soft start solutions need several different housings. This new feature enables straightforward integration of the module together with the bypass contactor into the typical design space. Power Start provides an integrated heatsink and can be mounted easily and without having to use thermal grease. The module makes use of double sided cooling, thus it can withstand overload currents of up to 2200 A for duration of 21 seconds. This delivers an industry leading power to price ratio.The new soft starter modules are available with blocking voltages of 1600 V in the current classes starting at 800 A, 1400 A, 1900 A, and 2200 A. Infineon Technologies Bipolar is planning to release additional module types with blocking voltages of 2200 V.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components last_img read more

first_imgWhy it Matters for Data Scientists Supervised machine learning algorithms function under the assumption that the training data belongs in the same feature space and has the same distribution than the data used for inference. In fact, if a trained model fails to generalize, the very first thing a data scientist would do is check if both statistical distributions match. Wouldn’t it be amazing though if instead, there was a way to leverage data from an entirely different domain where data is abundant and cheap to label, and use it as training data for a problem that we have difficulties to solve in particular because of data sparsity? Well, this is exactly what transfer learning sets itself to achieve.As we have seen, transfer learning helps address the potential challenges related to the collection and labeling of large amounts of data that would typically be necessary for supervised learning. Beyond the promise of applying pre-learned knowledge to entirely new tasks, there is an implicit expectation from data scientists that by reusing this precedent knowledge, the model performance should improve, and the training time should dramatically decrease compared to “traditional” supervised learning scenarios.In fact, in successful cases of transfer learning, data scientists can expect the several practical benefits such as improving the performance of learning while avoiding extensive data collection and labeling efforts: August 16, 2018 at 6:26 am They hope that the final performance of the converged skill of the trained model is better than it would be without transfer learning. To answer those questions, it is worthwhile to dig deeper into the theory of transfer learning to understand the different transfer learning approaches that exist.As we have seen, sometimes, getting labeled data in the target domain is challenging while labeled data exists in abundance in another source domain. This is when transductive transfer learning becomes useful. In some cases, the source and target feature spaces are different, and sometimes they are the same but the marginal probability distributions of the input data are different. The latter case of the transductive transfer learning is closely related to domain adaptation for knowledge transfer.In the subcase that scientists refer to as inductive transfer learning , however, it is the target and source tasks that differ from each other; in fact, sometimes even the source and target domains are not the same. In this case, some labeled data specific to the target domain remains necessary in order to induce an objective predictive model for the target domain.Finally, the unsupervised transfer learning setting allows (remarkably!) to reuse models even when the target task is different from but still related to the source for larger image Figure 2: The different transfer learning strategies (Source: Figure Eight) Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. CameronRobertson says: “The algorithms behind these technologies is really astounding. It would be really amazing to put the machines to the test and see what they could really learn just by absorbing information around it. Of course we risk moving into a sentient AI phase of li What’s the best way to perform the transfer? When is it appropriate to use it? They expect a better improvement rate (a better “learning curve”) of the source model than they would normally get training a target model using supervised learning on the target data set. July 26, 2018 at 11:21 am Log in to Reply It also offers an opportunity to save compute power, which is particularly important in the context of computationally heavy models.Why is Transfer Learning Important for IoT? A hairy problem when developing customized applications is known as the “cold start” problem. Cold start refers to a new user hitting a site where it is very difficult to build a personalized offering because his/her behavior or preferences are still unknown as no preliminary data has been collected. This is why your recommendations on an eCommerce website are usually disappointing until you start generating more data by browsing and shopping.IoT sees a similar issue. After all, it’s always hard to train a model for a new connected product due to the fact the new user’s preferences are unknown. Under these circumstances, a transfer learning approach can help because a warm restart typically requires much less data than would be necessary to recreate an entire model. Therefore, it offers an opportunity to ‘onboard’ new customers faster without the need to collect large amounts of data. In this scenario, the ‘base’ model would be generated using a combination of the data collected across a large number of customers which is more likely to be a fair representation of the expectations of the average user.Transfer learning is also critical to the successful deployment of IoT deep learning applications that require complex machine-generated information of such volume and velocity that it would be simply impossible to ever find enough human experts to label it and train new models from scratch in a reasonable amount of time. Think about it: if it takes days or even weeks to label data and train a particular model, by the time the model is ready for consumption, it is very likely to already be obsolete!No Magic Bullet Transfer learning truly opens the door to new applications, and is definitely one of the key elements for building smart IoT applications. However, some particular precautions need to be taken to ensure proper usage of this technology.With ever-growing concerns by consumers over the usage of their data, it is only natural to question the potential data security concerns related to IoT. As seen previously, transfer learning often means that a model built from an existing data set is used as the starting point to the development of a new solution. And this data isn’t necessarily open source data: it might sometimes be the aggregation of the data of a large group of people, or even (more rarely) the data set of a particular consumer. As a general rule, data scientists prefer to use aggregated data sets not only because it gives a more reliable worldview to start with when creating a model for a new customer, but also because the more data involved, the less likely it is that a specific individual might be directly identifiable.And there are also more technical challenges related to transfer learning. In fact, in some situations, knowledge should not be transferred at all, as brute-force transfer may hurt the performance of learning in the target domain, this situation is referred to as negative transfer . How to avoid negative transfer is an important open issue that is attracting more and more attention in the research community, including at Figure Eight.References: Jen McDade says: Continue Reading Previous The challenges of IoT security and how to harden the edgeNext ADLINK: smart gateway selected for Michelin-SoftBank tire control system CameronRobertson says: Jennifer Prendki is currently the VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight, the Human-in-the-Loop AI category leader. She has spent most of her career creating a data-driven culture wherever she went, succeeding in sometimes highly skeptical environments. She is particularly skilled at building and scaling high-performance Machine Learning teams, and is known for enjoying a good challenge. Trained as a particle physicist, she likes to use her analytical mind not only when building complex models, but also as part of her leadership philosophy. She is pragmatic yet detail-oriented. Jennifer also takes great pleasure in addressing both technical and non-technical audiences at conferences and seminars, and is passionate about attracting more women to careers in STEM. Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Advanced Technology, IoT center_img October 6, 2018 at 2:10 am In short, data scientists expect an acceleration of their modeling productivity, a drop in the amount of data as well as the amount of compute required for their tasks, a more predictable development process and even some level of r isk mitigation since the approach or the data that is being transferred is already “true and tested”.Transfer Learning as a Ready-to-Go Model Technically, transfer learning is about encoding knowledge within the parameters of a model and making use of that knowledge to solve different problems. In practice, the transfer can occur in two different ways, starting with existing models built on preliminary data or with existing data alone. 4 thoughts on “Transfer learning for the IoT” Log in to Reply A data scientist looks for an existing model that might appear as a good candidate to address his/her own needs. He/she might not even be aware of the data this model was originally trained on. In these scenarios, we talk about “pretrained models”, and the knowledge that is transferred is already encoded into the model itself, and the ML expert’s job is solely focused on fine-tuning the model using a small amount of data taken from the target domain through a process called warm restart . This is one of the most appealing ways to use the process, as it actually enables AI systems to learn from a small number of cases, which makes the training phase both fast and efficient. This process is revolutionary in the sense that it opens the door to collaborative artificial intelligence, when each developer or scientist can build on top of existing expertise, and focus solely on the added value that they can bring as an expert. “”sometimes it’s good to have a look back at our well-received articles from the recent past” — This is why I personally enjoy printing out some of my favourite articles. I’m not always meticulous about doing it because I’m pretty sure that there are a Log in to Reply “nThanks for sharing useful information about IoT. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an intense, transformative power and foundation for computerized organizations exploiting the meeting of the physical and advanced universes. Transfer learning will make Io RituGupta says: Log in to Reply August 16, 2018 at 6:26 am If you know anything about artificial intelligence and the internet of things, you most likely can’t help but feel a great deal of excitement at the idea of combining the extraordinary promises that these two fields have to offer. With the unparalleled advances in the field of computer hardware, some of the advanced theoretical knowledge that has been around for decades can be finally leveraged and put to use in real-life, practical applications. And with an ever-growing IoT market, getting high quality data has never been so easy, enabling the development of ever better, more performant models, and in particular of deep learning models.Wait, Before we Start: What is Deep Learning, Exactly? Deep learning is a family of artificial intelligence techniques responsible for countless technological advances in the most recent years. Even though deep learning (formally referred to as “deep neural networks”) has existed since the 50’s and has seen its key algorithmic breakthroughs in the 80’s, it is only recently that computer hardware advances have caught up to theories, giving computer scientists access to the enormous computational power and data storage that they needed to make neural networks reach their full potential. Deep learning algorithms are characterized by a unique multi-layer architecture in which knowledge is progressively “abstracted away” from the raw data they take as an input. For instance, when a deep neural net is trained to identify the pictures of a particular type of animal out of a pool of random images, it starts by first considering the images at the pixel level, then converts this knowledge into “higher-level” knowledge such as the edges of the object of interest, then identifies specific features (such as the paws, the tail, etc.) before eventually abstracting a general visualization of the object (or, to continue our example, of the animal) as a whole. The interesting point here is that the early layers that concern the lower-level knowledge could be reused with an entirely new type of images–such as satellite imagery for example–because edges remain edges regardless of what an image represents. Remarkably enough, no data scientist ever explicitly programed a computer to perform such a task. Instead, the learning algorithm is fed with hundreds of thousands of images until it figures out by itself (and learns by itself!) how to recognize the desired objects. Deep Learning on the Edge: Why it Matters In parallel to the hardware improvements that helped the advancement of deep learning research, some tremendous discoveries have been made that have allowed the rapid development of IoT devices. In particular, the preponderance of microcontroller units (MCU) are creating a unique opportunity to make AI applications–especially deep learning-enabled applications–accessible to the consumer at an unprecedented scale and speed.MCUs offer remarkable advantages for deployment of Deep Learning-based applications, as they reduce latency, conserve bandwidth and offer better guarantees in terms of privacy. When such AI applications are installed directly on an IoT device, that’s what I’d refer to as the deployment of AI applications on the edge. Choosing if an application is best deployed on server or cloud or on the edge of an IoT device comes down to making a decision regarding the trade-off between speed (through latency) and accuracy (as more complex and therefore larger models, can’t always be stored in the more limited memory of an IoT device).What is Transfer Learning? In the context of psychology, transfer learning is defined as the study of dependency of human learning or performance on preliminary experience. Humans are not taught how to perform every single possible task in order to master it. Rather, when they encounter new situations, they manage to solve problems in an ad-hoc manner by extrapolating old knowledge to new environments. For example, when a child learns to swing a tennis racket, he or she can easily transfer that skill set to ping pong or baseball. The same goes for conceptual understanding, like applying statistics or other mathematics to budgeting as an adult.By contrast to the way humans function, most machine learning algorithms, once implemented, tend to be specific to a particular data set or to a particular, discrete task. Machine learning researchers have been giving more and more attention recently to how to empower computers to reuse their acquired knowledge and re-apply it to new tasks and new domains, attempting to abstract and transfer the “smarts” extracted from the data across multiple applications, usually somewhat similar to each other.While Deep Learning can be used in an unsupervised context, generally it powers supervised learning. That means the algorithm learns from examples made of input-output pairs which it then uses to try to identify patterns and extract relationships, with the goal of predicting an outcome from new unseen data. Deep learning has application in countless areas of research, but suffers from one major drawback: these are extremely data-greedy algorithms require massive quantities of data in order to tune the thousands of parameters that come into play in a neural network architecture. This means that not only is a lot of data required to achieve good performance, but this data also needs to be labeled, which can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Even worse, it is often not even possible to obtain quality data, or to label it accurately enough to be able to train a model from it.This is where transfer learning can really help. It allows for a model developed for a specific task to be reused as the starting point on another one. It is an exciting area for machine learning scientists because it mimics the way humans generalize knowledge from one specialized task to another. In fact, it is a key strategy when it comes to reducing the required size of datasets in order for deep neural networks to even become a viable option.Remember the example we surfaced earlier about how a model can learn to identify object edges in a deep learning network? That’s the exact sort of knowledge that can be transferred to another computer vision task. In this way, a model that learns to see regular objects like cats and dogs can transfer that understanding to more complex tasks, like identifying nuclei in cancer for larger image Figure 1: The different learning approaches when building AI applications (Source: Figure Eight) Transfer Learning Strategies Transfer learning certainly comes across as an elegant and natural way to solve the dilemma of information poverty in the age of Big Data. However, some important tactical questions regarding transfer learning need to be answered prior to being able to use it in practice: “We have smaller instances of something that is already combining these 2 technologies in Google Home and Alexa and things like that. It’s a good introduction to just how much more sophisticated such collaborations can become in the future. I mean I person They expect a stronger starting point, meaning that the initial predictive power (prior to refining the model) on the source model is higher than it otherwise would be. A data scientist realizes that the data available to train a supervised model is insufficient in quantity and/or quality, or that labeling the data is too tedious or expensive, and decides to build a model from scratch by leveraging another existing labeled data set originally developed in the context of another task or another domain. This allows him/her to make use of existing labels in order to save money or gather labels more easily. In this case, the data scientist starts with a regular supervised learning approach solving a different problem (a different task), or the problem at hand using another data set. He/she then finishes by fine-tuning the model to best adapt it to his/her problem.last_img read more

first_imgNizhny Novgorod, Jul 5 (AFP) Last weekend, Didier Deschamps chalked up another significant achievement in a remarkable career. He became the longest-serving coach of France when he oversaw his 80th game as Les Bleus beat Argentina 4-3 in a thriller to go through to tomorrow’s World Cup quarter-final against Uruguay. Six years have passed since he replaced Laurent Blanc, but how long he carries on could come down to what happens in Nizhny Novgorod tomorrow, when France and their fearsome attack come up against the formidable Uruguayan defence. The French Football Federation set a semi-final place as their target coming to Russia, and a last-eight exit would leave a sense of potential unfulfilled in the Deschamps era. The FFF have said that the coach, who turns 50 this year, will stay around until 2020, when his contract expires. Nevertheless, a disappointing exit and his position will look rather fragile at a time when Zinedine Zidane is a free man having left Real Madrid. Many France fans will have longed for Zidane as they watched their national team’s performances in the group stage, especially in the insipid 0-0 draw with Denmark. The display against Argentina was what the public had been crying out for, with the explosive Kylian Mbappe eclipsing Lionel Messi as the French tore apart a fragile defence. “There has been criticism, and there always will be. But the truth comes with what happens on the pitch,” Deschamps told French television after that game. Diego Godin and co. will not leave the same kind of space to exploit in the quarter-finals, though, as the coach looks to avoid falling at the same hurdle as four years ago, when they lost to Germany.advertisement Since then, France have lost the Euro 2016 final on home soil to Portugal. Despite topping their qualifying group for this World Cup, the lowlights included a 0-0 draw with minnows Luxembourg. Deschamps has Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Ousmane Dembele, Olivier Giroud and Nabil Fekir in his squad. Yet he has struggled to settle on the perfect system to accommodate his attacking talents, and get the best out of Paul Pogba. Observers outside France are especially baffled how a team with such an embarrassment of riches in attack cannot play like they did against Argentina more often.- ‘A leader of men’ -===================== But as Spain great Xavi Hernandez pointed out in a recent interview with French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, it is simply that Deschamps has a style more akin to Diego Simeone than Pep Guardiola. “He has not changed his ideas on becoming a coach: defensive solidity and counter-attack,” Xavi said. And if anyone doubts the credentials of the coach now, then more fool them. This is the man from the Basque Country who won everything as a player, including captaining France to glory at the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000. As a coach he took Monaco to the Champions League final in 2004 and ended Marseille’s long wait to win a French title. “Deschamps is a living legend in France. His record as a player and a manager is astonishing,” says Matthew Spiro, a British football broadcaster for beIN Sports who is based in Paris. Spiro says he understands “the clamour for more excitement”, but points out that “in six years he has picked the team up from the depths of despair and reached the World Cup quarter-finals as well as the final of the Euro.” Calls for more flair are inevitable when Deschamps has so many brilliant players at his disposal, and his lack of charisma when he appears before the media can be frustrating. However, the end will always justify the means, as long as he keeps on winning. “He is a manager, a leader of men. He is a winner,” says Guy Stephan, his loyal assistant for almost a decade now. (AFP) ATKATKlast_img read more

first_imgBy Amit Kumar Das New Delhi, Jul 10 (PTI) Forced to dump the dangerous Produnova routine following a career-threatening knee injury, ace Indian gymnast Dipa Karmakar will once again switch to the vault of death after the Asian Games. Dipa had put Indian gymnastics on world map with her gravity-defying display in Produnova vault at the 2016 Rio Olympics, where she finished a creditable fourth. However, she couldn’t compete in any tournament after the Rio high due to an Anterior Crucial Ligament (ACL) injury in her right knee. She had to undergo surgery in April last year and missed the Asian Championship, World Championship in Canada last year and the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia. Returning to action at the World Challenge Cup in Turkey on July 8, Dipa opted for Handspring 360 and Tsukuhara 720 en route to her gold medal winning feat. She had scripted history by becoming the first Indian gymnast to clinch a gold medal at a global event. But Dipa said she will not give up Produnova. “I will do it but it will take time. I have spent a lot of time in mastering this but after injury it was difficult. Difficulty level in Produnova has been reduced to 6.4 from 7, in fact average scores in difficulties are being reduced but I’ll be back doing Produnova. I will not give it up,” Dipa told PTI today. Her mentor and coach Bisheshwar Nandi, who has guided her career since her first steps in gymnastics, said there is not much time to try it at the upcoming Asian Games but he is hopeful to switch back to Produnova by the year end.advertisement “I will try for Produnova by the end of this year because sometimes she feels pain in her knee even now. It is a complicated sport and it is natural but she will overcome that,” he said. “According to the new code of points, the difficulty level of Produnova has been reduced to 6.4 from 7, but we will keep it as we have worked hard on this for the last few years.” Dipa scored 14.15 to clinch the gold medal in Turkey but said she will need to score higher to win a medal at the Asian Games. “Asian Games is very tough. China, Japan, Korea will pose a big challenge. I can’t guarantee a medal. But I will give my best. I realised where I lacked during the World Cup. I will work on those areas. In Asian Games I will have to score more, may be 14.2 or 14.3 will give me a chance to win a medal,” she said. Nandi said Dipa will look to increase the difficulty level ahead of the Asian Games. “The gold has given her a lot of confidence and there is a month’s time, so we will try to increase the difficulty level now. She will have to go for a score of 14.5 to win a medal. It will be a big challenge,” he said. “If we can go from 360 to 540 in Handspring and Tsukuhara 720, then it will be a big boost. And if we can bring her back to her level in Produnova, then we can challenge at the world level since qualifying for Olympics is the aim.” Talking about her performance at World Challenge Cup, Dipa said: “I scored 14.15 which is not a bad score, which can hopefully grant me a place in the final of Asian Games. Of course, increasing difficulty is important but I can’t take too much risk with my leg, I will go by what my coach decides.” Asked if she ever felt disheartened during the injury phase, Dipa said: “I was nervous because a lot happens in two years. Body changes. Difficulty levels also changed. It took a lot of mental and physical strength but I had no doubt about my comeback. “A lot of people said it is extremely difficult for gymnasts to come back after surgery, some were saying I am finished since it was two years after Olympics. “But I was ready to go through the surgery after I knew I had an ACL. There are other sportspersons who made a successful comeback. I tried to take it positively and due to the support of my coach, family, physio, SAI, Sports Ministry, GoSports I could make a comeback. “I feel blessed that all celebrities supported me. They congratulated me. The last two years, I faced a lot of criticism with people saying I should give up and sit at home, and I am finished. So I am glad that I was not forgotten.” PTI ATK ATK PDSPDSadvertisementlast_img read more

first_imgFormer Brazil and Real Madrid great Ronaldo Nazario said on Sunday he is recovering from flu in an Ibiza hospital and expects to be discharged on Monday.”Friends, I had a strong bout of flu in Ibiza and had to be taken to hospital on Friday but everything is ok,” the 41-year-old said in a message on his official Twitter account.”Tomorrow I will be allowed to leave hospital and I will return home. Thanks for all your support and your messages.”Ronaldo admitted in hospital with pneumonia: ReportsLocal newspaper Diario de Ibiza reported that Ronaldo had been taken to hospital with pneumonia. The hospital where Ronaldo is recovering could not be reached by Reuters for comment.Ronaldo, who was on holiday in Ibiza when he was taken ill, retired from football in 2011 following a hugely successful career which featured stints at PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Brazilian sides Corinthians and Cruzeiro as well as Real Madrid, where he is a club ambassador.He won two La Liga titles with Real, the UEFA Cup with Inter and lifted the World Cup in 1994 and 2002 with Brazil, also reaching the tournaments final in 1998, and picked up the Ballon dOr award for the best player in the world in 1997 and 2002.(With Reuters Photo)last_img read more

first_imgHarbhajan Singh on Wednesday expressed surprise at the selectors’ decision to not include Karnataka batsman Mayank Agarwal in India’s squad for the upcoming Asia Cup 2018.Khaleel Ahmed was the only new face in the 16-man squad selected to represent India at the Asia Cup 2018. However, Mayank who has been scoring big runs regularly in the domestic circuit was once again ignored.Harbhajan questioned the selector’s decision and said that they are applying different rules for different players.Harbhajan tweeted a screenshot of India’s Asia Cup squad with the caption: “Where is Mayank Agarwal ??? After scoring so many runs I dont see him in the squad … different rules for different people I guess..”Where is Mayank Agarwal ??? After scoring so many runs I dont see him in the squad … different rules for different people I guess.. Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) September 5, 2018Mayank has been constantly knocking on the Indian selectors’ door with one brilliant performance after another. The Karnataka batsman was the highest run-getter in the 2017-18 Ranji Trophy season with 1160 runs in 13 innings. He later scored 723 runs in eight innings of the 2017-18 Vijay Hazare Trophy in that 2017-18 season, a record in for the domestic List-A Tournament.While he failed to impress in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Mayank scored scored three centuries and a half century for India A on the tour of England.He scored a double century a double century playing against South Africa A in the unofficial Test series. However, despite his numerous heroics with the bat selectors have constantly ignored the batsman.advertisementVirat Kohli rested for Asia Cup 2018, Rohit Sharma named India captainMeanwhile, selectors have decided to rest Virat Kohli for the Asia Cup. Rohit Sharma will captain the side in Kohli’s absence and Shikhar Dhawan will be his deputy.Ambati Rayudu and Kedar Jadhav have also been included in the squad.The Asia Cup will star from September 15 in UAE. India will open their campaign against a qualifier in Dubai on September 18. They will face arch-rivals Pakistan on 19 September.last_img read more

first_imgMuscat, Oct 8 (PTI) Defending champions India will battle it out with top nations of the continent, including Asian Games gold medallists Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia and Korea in the Hero Asian Champions Trophy to be held here from October 18. Placed fifth in the latest world rankings, India is the top ranked team among the competing nations, while Japan are ranked No.16. World No.12 Malaysia, World No.13 Pakistan, World No. 14 Korea and a highly inspired Oman team round up an exciting mix of teams promising a fiercely competitive tournament ahead. The fifth edition of the 10-day biennial event will be one of the first big-ticket hockey event to be played in the vibrant capital city of Muscat. Introduced in 2011, with the first edition played in Ordos, China, the Asian Champions Trophy is a marquee event in the Asian Hockey Federation’s calendar. The inaugural edition was clinched by India while Pakistan won the title twice in 2012 and 2013 before India lifted the title again in 2016 held in Kuantan, Malaysia. “The AHF is pleased to announce that the Trophy unveiling for the prestigious event will be held on October 16 in Muscat. I expect the competition to be fierce and engaging for the global audience,” AHF President Prince Abdullah Ahmad Shah said. He further thanked Hero MotoCorp for their continued support as the lead partner of Asian Hockey Federation. “We are once again grateful to have Hero MotoCorp, one of India’s most successful business house and an organisation that has shown extraordinary support for the sport over a number of years, as title sponsors for the 5th edition of Asian Champions Trophy.” PTI APA SSCSSCadvertisementlast_img read more

first_imgRishabh Pant’s impressive form with the bat for India in Test cricket has not gone unnoticed and he could well be rewarded with a limited-overs call up for the ODI series versus West Indies.Pant’s explosive hitting down the order along with Dhoni’s poor run with the bat, might help the 20-year-old force his way into the side when the MSK Prasad-led selection committee sit in Hyderabad to select the squad on Thursday.However, it is still not clear if the selectors will pick the squad for all the five one-day matches or just the first three ODIs.While Kohli’s presence may be another key issue to discuss, the inclusion of another batsman down the order as back-up option to Dhoni remains the primary focus in the meeting.Dhoni has struggled to score runs with the bat after a sensational Indian Premier League with Chennai Super Kings, where he smashed 455 runs from 16 matches and led the side to the crown earlier this year.Since then, Dhoni has only scored 156 runs from nine ODIs for India. In three T20Is, he has scored 32 runs in one innings out of the three T20Is he played for India.However, his place in the side for now is not under concern as according to source in the BCCI, Pant could be a No.6 or a No.7 in the side.”We all know that Dhoni will play till the World Cup but there is no harm in grooming Pant, who could be a terrific No.6 or 7 batsman, who has the ability to finish games,” a senior BCCI official privy to selection matters told PTI.advertisementSince his debut Test hundred at the Oval followed by a stroke-filled 92 in Rajkot, calls for the 20-year-old’s inclusion have only grown louder.While Dinesh Karthik is already there, his consistency and inability to finish matches at crucial junctures will keep the team management worried.There are a few other permutations that the selectors might consider.Kedar Jadhav’s dodgy hamstring will rule him out of the limited-overs leg which opens up one potential middle-order batting slot.Ambati Rayudu, after a good Asia Cup performance, will retain his place even if Kohli decides to play.Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah are set to come back after a much-needed break during the ongoing Test series.(With inputs from PTI)last_img read more

first_imgRohit Sharma praised India’s new No.4 Ambati Rayudu for “grabbing the opportunity with both hands” after the Hyderabad batsman continued to impress since making his comeback to India’s one day internationals side.Rayudu has smashed three half-centuries and a hundred in 10 ODIs after making a comeback to the Indian side. Rayudu did not find a place in the Indian team for two years as India tried as many as 7 players for the No.4 spot.However, none of them were consistent enough to cement their place . But Rayudu has justified his selection so far since his return to the Indian side in September.Rohit said the 81-ball 100 by Rayudu will remove any doubts that he is the ideal number four in the run-up to next year’s ICC World Cup in England and Wales.Read – Partnership with Ambati Rayudu was the game changer: Rohit SharmaRohit and Rayudu smashed hundreds to set up India’s 224-run victory over the West Indies in the fourth and penultimate ODI at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai on Monday.The victory helped India take an unassailable 2-1 lead in the 5-match series.”I think [it’s a] very important [knock]. Hopefully, he has solved all the mysteries of number 4. I guess till the World Cup, there won’t be any talk of number 4,” Rohit said at the post-match media conference.Also read – After I get to a hundred, my aim is to see how far I go: Rohit SharmaRohit led the way with his whirlwind innings of 162 and Rayudu played the ideal foil as the duo added 211 runs to power India to an imposing 377 for five.advertisementIn response, West Indies were bowled out for 153 with rookie left-arm seamer Khaleel Ahmed and Kuldeep Yadav grabbing three wickets each.”He [Rayudu] batted brilliantly because at that point a big partnership was needed and it was a perfect platform for him also to showcase what he’s got. There was pressure, of course, losing top two batsmen and building a partnership was important. So it was a pressure innings and I thought he responded well to that situation.”Read – Rohit Sharma becomes second-most prolific six-hitter for India in ODIsRohit’s blazing knock came off 137 balls with the help of 20 fours and four sixes while Rayudu decorated his 81-ball knock with eight boundaries and four sixes.”He batted freely, once he got to 50 he started playing shots. We have known Rayudu for a long time and he can produce innings like this. That’s probably the reason we got him at number four and he has not disappointed.”Whatever opportunities he has got since Asia Cup in this series he has grabbed it with both hands,” added Rohit.’KHALEEL MATURING PRETTY FAST’The Mumbaikar also hailed Khaleel Ahmed and said he could be handy in conditions helpful to swing bowling like in New Zealand and England during the World Cup.”Khaleel is a promising prospect. With a left-arm seamer you always have that edge. And the way Khaleel swung the ball today, he would have troubled any batsmen. He is maturing pretty fast.”The World Cup is still a long way off with lots of games remaining and I wouldn’t say spots have been guaranteed to anyone. I hope he continues to do well. We are playing in New Zealand and then the World Cup in England where the ball swings a lot. He could be quite handy there,” said Rohit. Left-arm pacer Khaleel Ahmed bagged three wickets (AP Photo)About his own knock, Rohit said he was not thinking of scoring another double.”I never thought of a double hundred. I just wanted to make sure to get as many runs as possible and get the team into a good position. Rayudu told me that ‘you have got a good chance for a double’. The CCI can be tricky in terms of chasing and our bowlers did well in getting them out,” he remarked.The fifth and final ODI of the series will be played at Thiruvananthapuram on Thursday.(With inputs from PTI)last_img read more

first_imgThe English Football Association (FA) said on Monday that Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has been charged with misconduct in relation to alleged breaches of its betting rules.According to the FA rules, players and coaches are prohibited from betting on any football activity or providing non-public information to any other person that is then used for betting.The FA said in a statement that the charges against Sturridge relates to the period of January 2018 and the England international has until 1800 GMT (23:30 IST) on November 20 to respond.A Liverpool spokesperson said in an emailed statement that Sturridge was cooperating with the authorities.”Daniel has given his full and unequivocal cooperation throughout this process and has assured the club he will continue to do so,” the email said.”Daniel has also stated categorically that he has never gambled on football. As with any issue of this nature, we will allow the process to be concluded in its entirety before making any further comment.”Sturridge has made 12 appearances for Premier League side Liverpool in all competitions this season, scoring four goals.Liverpool play their next match Watford in the Premier League on Saturday. Liverpool are currently placed second in the Premier League table, just two points adrift of league leaders Manchester City.Also read – I have only 10 fingers: Klopp cannot count all of Liverpool’s mistakes vs Red StarIn the Premier League weekend gone by, Liverpool registered a comfortable 2-0 win over Fulham with Mohamed Salah (41′) and Xherdan Shaqiri (53′) getting on the scoresheet.advertisementThe win was important for Liverpool to bounce back from a shock 2-0 loss to Red Star Belgrade in the Champions League last Tuesday, after which their group, consisting of Napoli and PSG as well, is in a tight spot.In the Champions League table, Liverpool are placed second with six points, behind Napoli who have won only one match of the group but have not lost either.(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more

first_imgKTM today announced the launch of the much-awaited 125 Duke ABS.The 125 Duke comes powered by a single cylinder 4 valve, DOHC, liquid cooled, fuel injected 124.7cc petrol motor churning out 14.5bhp of peak power and 12Nm of peak torque. Fuel tank capacity is capped at 10.2 liters.The 125 Duke also gets a strong-yet-light trellis frame with an aluminum swingarm and a host of premium first-in-class equipment. The KTM 125 Duke gets upside down front suspension, ABS and more. The powerplant is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The top speed as claimed by KTM is 120kmph.In terms of design, the global variant gets the 390 Duke styling with its sharp DRLs, LED headlamps, touch screen instrument cluster, and aggressive naked sports styling. The Indian 125 Duke variant gets the KTM 200 Duke styling which means it misses out on the LED headlamps, LED DRLs, and the touchscreen instrument cluster.The KTM 125 Duke ABS has been launched at an introductory price of Rs 1,18,163 (ex-showroom Delhi) and will be available across 450 exclusive KTM showrooms in India.last_img read more

first_imgVirat Kohli is now the joint-most successful Indian Test captain in overseas conditions after Team India registered a historic win in the Boxing Day Test against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Sunday. With the win at the MCG, India have now taken an unassailable 2-1 lead in the four-match series.The Boxing Day Test win at the MCG gave Virat Kohli his 11th away Test win as captain in just 24 Tests and he went equal with Ganguly on the record, who had achieved 11 away Test wins in 28 Tests as captain. On top of that, Kohli became the first Indian captain to retain the Border-Gavaskar trophy in Australia. India had defeated Australia 2-1 in the four-Test series during their tour of India in 2016/17.Kohli had said that this year would be an extremely important one for Team India given the Tests away from home. While India put up some good performances (especially Kohli and the pacers), they failed to win series in South Africa and England. However, in Australia, Virat Kohli’s India came out all guns blazing to at least get them into a position from where they cannot lose the series now.India vs Australia, Boxing Day Test: REPORT | DAY 5 HIGHLIGHTS | SCORECARDHowever, Kohli is in no mood to let up and is already marshalling his troops for the final Test in Sydney, starting January 2.”We are not going to stop here. This has given us more confidence to play more positive cricket in Sydney.”We’ve done well in all three departments, which is why we’ve retained the trophy. But we want to continue. This is how we played in South Africa too, and we’re ready for the final game,” Kohli said at the post-match press conference.advertisementTeam India achieved a plethora of records after the Boxing Day Test victory, here are all of them:Ishant Sharma has now taken the sixth most wickets for India in Tests. Ishant picked the last wicket of Nathan Lyon to wrap up the Boxing Day Test, which took his tally to 267 and he overcame Bishan Singh Bedi’s 266 wickets. He trails Anil Kumble (619), Kapil Dev (434), Harbhajan Singh (417), Ravichandran Ashwin (342) and Zaheer Khan (311).With four Test wins in 2018 away from home, Virat Kohli’s men now have the most away Test wins by an Indian team in a calendar year. The previous record was three Test wins, all in New Zealand, in 1968.Virat Kohli has never lost a Test match when he has won the toss. In the 21 Test matches he has won tosses in, he has won 18 of them while three ended in a draw. In the nine away Test matches he won the toss in, India won eight and drew one.Cheteshwar Pujara is the only batsman to register scores of 50+ in all of the four Test matches India have won in 2018 (Johannesburg, Trent Bridge, Adelaide and MCG)Rishabh Pant is the joint-most successful wicket-keeper in terms of dismissals inflicted in his debut year in Test cricket. Both Pant and Brad Haddin (2008) have 42 dismissals to their name in their debut year.Jasprit Bumrah’s 9 for 86 is the best-ever figures by an Indian pacer in Australia. He overhauled Kapil Dev’s 8 for 109 in Adelaide, 1985 and Ajit Agarkar’s 8 for 160 in Adelaide, 2003.Jasprit Bumrah has the most number of Test wickets (48) for an Indian in their debut calendar year while he is third in the overall list, behind Terry Alderman (54 in 1981) and Curtly Ambrose (49 in 1988).Rishabh Pant is the first Indian wicket-keeper to affect 20 dismissals (all catches) in a Test seriesJasprit Bumrah is the first Indian pacer to have taken nine wickets in a single Test match in AustraliaFor the second time in their history, India have won more than one Test match in a series in Australia. They previously won two in 1977-78 series.Jasprit Bumrah has taken the most number of wickets (48) among Indian pacers in the first nine Test matches of his career. Venkatesh Prasad is behind him with 40 wickets in the first nine.For Australia: This is their third worst collective batting averages in a year in the past 100 years. They finished 2018 with a collective batting average of just 26.03.Also Read | Boxing Day Test: Virat Kohli shares dressing room photos after crushing AustraliaAlso Read | Tim Paine cries foul after Australia lose: We served India pitches that suit themAlso Read | Sachin Tendulkar thrilled with historic Boxing Day Test win: Incredible effort by IndiaAlso Read | India in Boxing Day Tests in Australia: 5 losses, 2 draws and finally a win! A recapAlso Read | Always dreamt of playing Test cricket: Jasprit Bumrah after record-breaking 9-wicket hauladvertisementlast_img read more

first_imgApart from the players from both sides, the stump microphones have played a huge part in the Border-Gavaskar series so far thanks to the chirpy nature of the wicket-keepers from Australia and India.Rishabh Pant and Tim Paine have forced the host broadcasters to turn up the volume of the mics and ask the commentators to stay silent in-between overs quite a few times in this series with both wicket-keepers having a go at the opposition batsmen and at each other since the very first Test.So much so that the extensive use of the stump mics has now come under the scanner with the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) even expressing its concern in this matter.Pant was the one who actually started the banter when he was heard on the stump mic, sledging Australia all-rounder Pat Cummins during the first Test in Adelaide, which India won by 31 runs.Paine followed it up when he had a go at Virat Kohli, but in all fairness, it was the Indian captain who started the verbal duel first in the Perth Test.But while Kohli didn’t speak a word in Melbourne, or at least wasn’t caught in the stump mic, Paine continued to sledge the Indian batsmen. Murali Vijay was targeted in the second Test while Pant and Rohit Sharma were his next targets in the Boxing Day Test.But all this while players from both sides have maintained that the banter has been within the limits and even fun at times.advertisementThe umpires have had to intervene just twice so far with Kohli and Paine being asked to get on with the game in Perth and Pant getting warned in Melbourne.Paine hasn’t been cautioned till now but is walking on thin ice as some of his comments have pushed the limits. He even came into contact with Kohli once during the second match, although it was Kohli who was more at fault.Like for instance when Paine told Murali Vijay that he could not really like Kohli as a bloke even though he was his captain. The conversation was picked up by the stump mic when Vijay was batting in the second innings and within minutes, the video went viral.More cheeky banter caught on the TV stump mic! #AUSvIND (@cricketcomau) December 17, 2018Paine even ended up calling Kohli a big head during an intense verbal battle. He later shrugged off the incident by saying that everything happened only in competitive spirit and it was not very serious.”I love it. I enjoy watching Kohli, I always have. I think he brings out the competitive spirit in a lot of people which is great, and I’m sure it was great to watch.”Paine continued his antics in the third Test when Pant came out to bat in India’s second innings and trolled the young Delhi batsman over his ODI snub and asked the Delhi batsman if he would be interested in playing for Hobart Hurricanes in the Big Bash League.The conversation was caught on stump mic and even the Australian commentators felt Paine had better watch out after exchanging words with Pant.This is what Paine told Pant -“Tell you what big MS is back in the one day squad. Should get this bloke down to Hurricanes.. They need a batter.”Fancy that extend you Aussie holiday, beautiful town Hobart too… get him a water front apartment.”Have him over for dinner.”Do you babysit? I can take my wife to the movies while you watch the kids.”Tim Paine doing some recruiting for the @HurricanesBBL out in the middle of the ‘G… #AUSvIND (@cricketcomau) December 28, 2018But Pant, not one to shy away from a challenge, got his revenge when Paine came out to bat in Australia’s second innings but things turned a little serious as the banter went a bit too far.Pant welcomed Paine to the crease by calling him a “temporary captain” and telling Ravindra Jadeja that Paine only knows how to talk.”We have got a special guest here. Have you heard the word temporary captain ever. You [Jadeja] don’t need anything to get him out. Come on lads.”He loves to talk, that’s the only thing he can do. Only talking talking,” Pant sledged from behind the stumps. After the end of the over, on-field umpire Ian Gould had a word with Pant and was seen explaining him something.It was Rishabh Pant’s turn for some fun on the stump mic today… #AUSvIND (@cricketcomau) December 29, 2018But Pant did not stop there as he later had a go at Australia off-spinner Nathan Lyon later in the day when India were just two wickets away from a famous victory at the MCG.Lyon and Pat Cummins were in the middle of a dogged stand which frustrated the Indians as they were pushing for a victory in the extended final session on Day 4.At the stroke of the 80th over while Jadeja was bowling and Lyon was facing the left-arm bowler, Pant began had a go at Lyon, which was caught on the stump mic.”Come on Gary. You don’t want to come tomorrow for nothing,” Pant chirped at Lyon. The spinner in response just laughed and said, “I can’t even understand what you’re saying mate.”Lyon then turned back and said, “I like you too Rishabh”.Pant – C’mon Gary, you don’t want to come tomorrow for nothingLyon – Ha?Pant – C’mon Gary, you don’t want to come tomorrow for nothing (Same)Lyon – I like you too Rishabh.-Kohli – Dil pe Baat le gaya ye.. (@CrichdC) December 29, 2018Pant’s tactics didn’t work as Australia took the game into the final day which saw rain wiping out the entire first session. But the weather gods couldn’t delay the inevitable any further as India dismissed Cummins and Lyon in quick succession early in the second session to register their first ever Boxing Day Test win in Australia.The tourists now have an unbeatable 2-1 series lead and will retain the Border-Gavaskar trophy thanks to the win in Melbourne.Paine is hurting after suffering his fourth loss as Test captain and heads into the final Test in Sydney with the knowledge that he could possibly become the first Australian skipper to lose a series against India on home soil. Desperation might lead him to sledge the Indian batsmen even more at the SCG, it will be interesting to see how Pant, Kohli and the rest of the players retaliate when and if provoked.Also Read | India the real deal now, can combat in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand: Allan BorderAlso Read | Proud parents: Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh blessed with a baby girlAlso Read | This is the best Indian bowling attack to come to Australia: Ricky PontingAlso Read | India vs Australia: Great to see India dominating with pace, says Harbhajan Singhlast_img read more

first_imgLee Chong Wei presenting flowers to Chen Long and Son Wan Ho at the men’s singles medals ceremony of Malaysia Masters on Sunday was a heart-warming moment. The Malaysian legend is looking to return to the circuit after recovering from nose cancer that has kept him out of action since he withdrew from World Championships and Asian Games last year.Malaysian Badminton Association has closely followed Lee Chong Wei’s recovery and treatment and continuously kept the fans updated about his health. The gesture from the association on Sunday was a beautiful one.South Korea’s Son Wan Ho beat Chen Long 21-17, 21-19 in 55 minutes to win the men’s singles title at Malaysia Masters. As the two stood on the podium with the medals around their neck, Chong Wei came and presented a bouquet to both the finalists.Welcome back: Lee Chong Wei #badminton #HSBCBWFbadminton (@bwfmedia) January 20, 2019Both Chen Long and Son Wan Ho had a heartfelt chat with Chong Wei while receiving the bouquet and even called him up on the podium while posing for a photograph together.Chen and Son made Chong Wei stand in the centre as the three smiled for the shutterbugs.Both Chen and Son had looked in a dominating form through the tournament. While Chen had played a 50-minute long match against former world No.1 Viktor Axelsen on Saturday, Son had received a walkover from Daren Liew.Son Wan Ho’s staunch defence in the end broke through Chen Long’s gliding court coverage and a mix of defence and attack and the South Korean won the first big title of the year.advertisementPERODUA Malaysia Masters 2019 | MS – F – HIGHLIGHTS #badminton #HSBCBWFbadminton (@bwfmedia) January 20, 2019In other results on the final day, Thailand’s Ratchanok Intanon beat Carolina Marin 21-9, 22-20 in 42 minutes to win the women’s singles title. Japanese pair of Yuki Fukushima-Sayaka Hirota won the women’s doubles title with a 18-21, 21-16, 21-16 win over Indonesian pair of Greysia Polii-Apriyani Rahayu.The mixed doubles title was won by Japan’s Yuta Watanabe-Arisa Higashino with a 21-18, 21-18 win over Thai pair of Dechapol Puavaranukroh-Sapsiree Taerattanachai while the world No.1 pair of Marcus Fernaldi Gideon-Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo of Indonesia grabbed the men’s doubles title after defeating Malaysia’s Yew Sin Ong-Ee Yi Teo 21-15, 21-16.Also Read | Saina Nehwal turns coach, helps husband Parupalli Kashyap at Malaysia MastersAlso Read | Cried, slumped on the sofa after hearing I had nose cancer: Lee Chong WeiAlso Read | Malaysian badminton legend Lee Chong Wei diagnosed with nose cancerlast_img read more

first_imgHuddersfield Town will not be forced into selling their top players if they are relegated from the Premier League this season, chief executive Julian Winter has said.Huddersfield are bottom of the table with 11 points from 23 games, 10 points from safety, and head coach David Wagner stepped down last week. The club replaced him with Borussia Dortmund reserve team manager Jan Siewert.”To be blunt, this club has been prepared for getting into the Premier League and it will be prepared if it is not in the Premier League,” Winter was quoted as saying by the Telegraph.”We retained our status last season, which was fabulous. But we know that if this club does get relegated, it doesn’t fall into crisis. There aren’t fire sales.”Siewert’s first game in charge will be on January 29 when Huddersfield host Everton in the league.last_img read more

first_imgTributes were paid to Emiliano Sala before Cardiff City’s Premier League clash at Arsenal on an emotional night at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday.Cardiff were playing for the first time since the light aircraft carrying Sala to join his new team mates disappeared over the English Channel last Monday.Sol Bamba, Cardiff’s captain, carried daffodils onto the pitch while Arsenal skipper Mesut Ozil also laid a floral tribute to the 28-year-old who is presumed dead.”We never saw you play, we never saw you score, but Emiliano, our beautiful Bluebird, we will love you forever more,” one banner held by Cardiff fans read.Arsenal won the match 2-1.#ARSCAR FC (@Arsenal) January 30, 2019Sala’s family had requested that black arm bands were not worn by the players, but Cardiff fans held up yellow placards in the away end, the club colour of Nantes, from whom Sala joined Cardiff during the transfer window.Sala’s name was also listed in the Cardiff squad in the matchday programme, with a daffodil symbol rather than a squad number next to his name.For Emiliano #ARSCAR FC (@Arsenal) January 29, 2019The daffodil is a symbol of Welsh identity.An image of Sala was shown on the video screens around the ground.”What’s gone on this week is unprecedented, really. I can’t explain really how it’s been,” Cardiff manager Neil Warnock told reporters.”You’ve not really wanted to get out of bed because everything was really miserable. Nobody could do anything about it. It’s been really difficult.advertisement”I know we’ve lost a game of football but there are more important things.”Tributes were also made to Sala at other matches on Tuesday.Sala, Cardiff’s record signing but who had yet to play for the Welsh club, was flying to Britain when the single-engined plane he was in vanished.No trace of the plane, being flown by pilot David Ibbotson, has been found and an official search has been called off.Sala’s family have continued a private search and have raised almost $420,000 on a GoFundMe page.Also Read | Premier League: Manchester City shocked by Newcastle, Solskjaer perfect United run endsAlso Read | Who is Emiliano Sala, the missing Argentinean footballer?Also Read | Underwater search for Emiliano Sala’s missing plane to begin, Kylian Mbappe donates USD 34000last_img read more

first_imgIn a repeat of last season, Haryana Hammers will take on Punjab Royals in the Pro Wrestling League (PWL) final following their 6-3 win over Delhi Sultans in Greater Noida on Wednesday.Local boy Rajneesh clinched the men’s 65kg category bout against Andrey Kviatkovski of Ukraine 9-3 to give the last year’s finalists an unbeatable 5-2 lead over Delhi Sultans with two bouts remaining.Rajneesh hit the final nail in Delhi’s coffin after Ravi Kumar, Kiran, Anastasia Nichita and Aleksander Khotsianivski won four off the six bouts played.Ali Shabanov added one more win in Haryana’s kitty when he got the better of Sanjeet Kundu 5-0 in the men’s 86kg category after Sakshi Malik pulled one back for the Delhi Sultans beating Tatyana Omelchenko 6-2 in women’s 62kg category.Earlier, World U23 Championships silver medallist Ravi Kumar put the Haryana Hammers ahead winning the men’s 57kg bout against Pankaj 7-1 which included a beautiful four-point takedown in the first round.The 2018 CWG bronze medallist Kiran, showing tactical superiority, made it 2-0 in Haryana’s favour defeating the 2018 European U23 champion Anastasia Shustova of Ukraine 6-1 in the women’s 76kg category.The Russian national champion Khetik Tsabolov made it 1-2 for Delhi Sultans defeating Haryana Hammers’ 2017 Commonwealth Championships silver medallist Praveen Rana 9-0 in the men’s 74kg category.The world junior champion Anastasia Nichita of Moldova gave Haryana Hammers a healthy 3-1 lead, getting the better of Delhi Sultans’ Katherina Zhydachivska 11-2 in what turned out to be a one-sided encounter in the women’s 57kg category.advertisementAleksander Khotsianivski took the Hammers one more step closer to winning the tie by clinching the men’s 125kg superheavyweight bout against Satender Malik of Delhi on technical superiority. Aleksander won the bout 16-0 in 51 seconds.National champion Pinki of Delhi delayed the inevitable by winning the women’s 53kg bout against Haryana’s 2017 Commonwealth Championships gold medallist Seema 3-1.last_img read more

first_imgSoccer punchAcademey of Women’s Football v/s Sporting ArenaIf you prefer to play a sport rather than sweat it out in a gym, here is your chance to try something new. Shatadru Dutt, 26, coach and coowner of VS Sports Arena coaches a women’s football team thrice a week with no,Soccer punchAcademey of Women’s Football v/s Sporting ArenaIf you prefer to play a sport rather than sweat it out in a gym, here is your chance to try something new. Shatadru Dutt, 26, coach and coowner of VS Sports Arena coaches a women’s football team thrice a week with no restrictions of age, fitness or qualifications. Also coaching them is Ria Rao, 23, a young footballer who represented West Bengal in national competitions in the under 17 and under 19 category. A motley crew made up of homemakers, national rowing champions, marathon runners, basketball players and young corporates, have now made it a point to play the sport religiously for two hours thrice a week. More are following suit. “The batch is expanding so we might just start another one soon,” says Dutt.The idea behind the academy was two-fold. One was for people like Ria Rao who loved the sport and played it in school and college but had nowhere to keep playing football as a working adult. The second was to develop the game further. Dutt who coached Rao in St Xavier’s College spotted the gap when he met more women like her. “The Calcutta Football League which is a fifth division football league has one of the oldest women’s football team and not many know about it. My aim is to build interest in the sport from the ground up so that more can play those leagues,” says Dutt.The results of their experiment speaks for itself. Barely a couple of months since the start of the Academy, Dutt says that “the girls are already fitter and have greater stamina and endurance, better technique.” Rao believes that football can transform your mind body and soul. “I am a different person when I am playing. I eat better and sleep better,” says Rao. At VS Sports Arena, 5A Sarat Bose Road, Lane beside Chandrani Pearls, Opposite Ashok Hall Girls Tel 7980116259 Price Rs 1,000 a month Email rohan.dutt@germinatysportz.comadvertisementEat out healthySienna cafe and store Sulagna Ghosh, co-founder, SiennaSienna Cafe and Store started as a space to promote the brand’s range of ceramic tableware and handicrafts from their workshop in Shantiniketan. The food and the menu became something of an accidental success. “We started with some of the things that were made in our own family kitchen,” says Sulagna Ghosh, 32, co-founder, Sienna.Its roots in a family kitchen may explain the menu’s light wholesome vibe. “People were sceptical when they found light salads in a Kolkata cafe menu. People in this city generally like deep fried, cheesy dishes,” says Ghosh. But the avocado tortilla salad turned out to be a dish that has been there since inception and lasted through at least two new menus. Also on the salad menu is the black rice salad with an Asian dressing with sesame and peanuts.”This used to be an Asian salad before. Later we added black rice to it and the flavours ended up working well together,” says Anindita Rawat who is consultant for the Sienna menu. Rawat is a home cook and has also introduced the popular Aubergine pesto crostini on the menu. “Ingredients like oyster mushroom and basil come from Rawat’s family farm and a lot of vegetables from the Ghosh’s vegetable patch in their Shantiniketan workshop.” If you are down with a cold, Ghosh promises that the clear chicken soup with bok choy, carrot, baby corn and mushroom is an instant pick-me-up.Their focus is not so much on calories as much as on freshness and authenticity. Their breads, cakes and pesto are made in-house and everything, if not low calorie, is at least nutrient or fibre rich such as the date almond walnut cake. “Its decadent but also loaded with micro-nutrients,” says Ghosh. Meal for two Rs 600 onwards At Sienna, 49/1 Hindustan Park.Veggie havenWabi Sabi Saroj Sharma, co-owner, Wabi SabiCafe-store Wabi Sabi is inspired by the idea of “finding joy and acceptance in imperfections”. The store stocks a number of organic or nutritious cereals like black and red rice and organic pulses. The cafe on the other hand serves all kinds of vegetarian and Jain friendly contemporary global cuisine. “The menu is designed in such a way that none of the dishes will make you feel uncomfortably full. Most of our dishes are very light and fresh,” says co-owner, Saroj Sharma, 45.If eating healthy means having hearty salads, check out their couscous salad or chickpea salad. “Both have very light vinaigrette-based dressing and are rich in dietary fibre. Our watermelon salad is another option that is so delicious that you don’t even think of it as eating healthy,” she says.advertisementThe gluten-free momos are made with potato starch and are another light option that will spare you the bloating caused by flour-based dishes. Want your meal to pack in vegetables and proteins? Try the zucchini roll up which is a cold dish made up of zucchini slices filled with crumbly cottage cheese and asparagus.Most of their rice-based mains use black or Bhutanese red rice so it is possible to have a full meal here without feeling too guilty. “Even our pastas come with an option of whole wheat, and we do not use flour or corn flour to thicken our sauces,” adds Sharma. Price Rs 800 for two At Wabi Sabi, 10 Sarat Banerjee Road.Choose to grow organicHari Mitti Founder Surhid Chandra with chief knowledge officer Suvendu Sekhar Das, at the Hari Mitti nurseryFarm-to-table or garden to table are concepts that may have seemed unattainable for city dwellers with busy lives till now, but Hari Mitti will make it possible for you. The New Town-based start-up grows over 40 varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs and air purifying plants that you can plant in your own homes.If you do not have a green thumb, do not worry. Hari Mitti provides soilfree mulch lined crates that are loaded with vermicompost and cocoa peat and only bring plants to you once they are “hardy enough to survive beyond the nursery.” “Most plants need a lot of care during the seedling stage. Our aim is to take away the hassle of urban gardening. All you need to do is water them,” says founder Surhid Chandra. Maintenance of the plants is all natural and free of harmful chemicals.”You may even call it organic but we avoid the label since there is no accounting for acid rain or even groundwater,” says Chandra. What he can vouch for is the potency of the nutrient rich greens. “We have had clients who say they cannot stomach coriander and tomatoes from the vegetable seller after growing their own,” he says.From your garden variety beans to “exotic vegetables like bell peppers broccoli and oyster mushrooms” they grow it all. “We have studied that if one opts for about 30 to 35 crates, then a family of three can sunstain on what they grow and need to only buy potatoes and onions,” says Chandra.If you want to pass on the gift of growing to friends and family, Hari Mitti has also designed pinewood boxes of herbs. “These small pots already come packed with enough nutrients that they continue to grow without needing extra maintenance,” says Chandra. Price Rs 500 per crate or box plus installation cost Details harimitti.comKettle callingSamrat Sen, Corefit Samrat Sen, owner, CorefitSamrat Sen, 32, a former PR professional, was always passionate about fitness.”I was into kickboxing and martial arts and using the kettlebell as well. However, I started taking it more seriously as a sport when I began to benefit from kettlebell training,” said Sen. Kettlebell lifting as a sport is a test of “endurance since it relies on an equal mix of strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular stamina.advertisementAlso called endurance lifting, the sport requires lifters to complete as many repetitions as possible within 10 minutes. Sen has represented the country in this sport in Thailand and Malaysia. But Sen is not just a kettleball athlete. He is also a Master Kettlebell Coach as well as a certified animal flow coach and a functional trainer. If he were to have a fitness mantra it would be “lengthen your front and strengthen your back.” His outfit is called Corefit, which as the name suggests, is about focusing on the core.Sen believes in a completely personalised approach where he designs different programmes for people of different fitness levels and different targets. His biggest success? “One of my students, a 53 kg mother of one, who couldn’t lift 12 kg kettlebells, recently represented India and lifted two 16 kg kettlebells in tandem,” says Sen. Price On request At NaturalAuli Lifestyle Aishwarya Biswas, founder and MD, Auli LifestyleIf you are eating organic, then it goes without saying that you should opt for “natural” when it comes to skincare as well. Auli Lifestyle, a homegrown Kolkata-based company, makes a variety of skin and haircare products that are completely natural, paraben and chemical free. Founder and MD Aishwarya Biswas, 35, started using honey and beeswax from her country farm in suburban south Kolkata to formulate her products, and slowly expanded to use “only the best organic and natural ingredients she can from across the country.”She gets glowing reviews about her products online- which is her primary market. An ex-model-turned-entreprenuer, she is a firm believer in her own products and it is easy to see why. Her bestsellers include Magic Potion, an aloe-vera massage gel that she says helps tackle a variety of problems such as cuts, burns, acne, tanning and rashes and can also be used as a make-up primer and sunscreen. “In fact I did not know it could be so successful until I heard praise from my buyers who cannot get enough of it,” she says. Also popular is Luminous, a fragrant all-natural shampoo that is good for all hair types. “It is packed with ingredients that are great for hair, such as brahmi, olive oil, aloe vera, essential oils and other ayurvedic extracts,” says Biswas.Even if you don’t have a beauty regimen, Auli has starter kits for men and women, anti ageing skin rituals and rituals for dry oily and combination skin, facial kits, hair kits, pamper bath rituals, de-tanning kit and the ultimate indulgence in the form of a bridal kit. They also make honey-based snack boxes that include green tea, a small pot of honey and honey roasted almonds. Price Rs 300 onwards At aulilifestyle.comBreathe FreeYoga Yoga exponent, Mrinalika BhanjdeoEntrepreneur and director of The Belgadia Palace and princess from the Royal Family of Mayurbhanj, Mrinalika Bhanjdeo, 28, started practicing yoga seven years ago and three years ago, she started teaching it too. It seeped into my everyday life and even though I did not enter the practice of yoga with the intention of making changes in my lifestyle, it made me aware of how I live my life-from what and how I eat, to having a phone-life balance,” says Bhanjdeo.The stress caused by the digital medium is one of the main things yoga helps address, says the hatha yoga exponent. “The practice of yoga helped me mastermybreath, whichwasthefirststepto learning how to control my mind. We are bombarded with external stimulation which throws us off balance, especially as we live in the digital age where our biggest health concerns are related to poor lifestyle choices,” she says. Those choices are what you can address with mindfulness.Bhanjdeo especially recommends “meditation to relax the body and mind” with nadi shodhana (alternate nostril cleansing) and sheetal pranayama which helps improve the flow of oxygen into the body, lowers blood pressure, and calms the mind and body. For common ailments and problems she suggests cat/cow poses to improve circulation through spine and core and the cobra pose to “open up the chest and improve lung capacity” as well as alleviate lower back pain. She also advocates popular and relatively simpler poses like the standing forward bend and tree pose that help improve flexibility and balance. At Calorie Burn Centre, 3B Lovelock Place; The Salt House, 40 Shakespeare Sarani Tel 9830290530last_img read more

first_imgAfter launching the LG Q9 in January this year, LG electronics is back with another Q-series smartphone. The Korean electronics giant on Tuesday, February 12 launched the LG Q9 One smartphone. The newly launched smartphone is essentially the Android One version of the LG Q9.Just like the LG Q9, the LG Q9 One also comes with a 6.1-inch quad HD+ Full Vision display with a resolution of 3,120 x 1,440 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, which makes it aesthetically balanced and ideal for single-handed operations. The phone comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory which can be expanded further using a 2TB microSD card.Another feature that the LG Q9 One shares with its non-Android One variant, Q9, is the camera. In the front, the LG Q9 One sports an 8MP camera and on the back there is a 16MP camera with f/1.6 aperture, optical image stabalisation (OIS) feature and a HDR10 support.In terms of battery, the LG Q9 One comes with a 3,000mAh battery and it features support for Qualcomm’s proprietary Quick Charge 3.0 technology. And as far as the audio is concerned, the phone comes with 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC audio technology along with the company’s DTS:X speakers, a feature was also available in the LG G7+ ThinQ that we reviewed last year.The LG Q9 One is protected by IP68 dust and water resistant technology and it comes with MIL-STD 810G military grade standard. It has Wi-Fi standard 802.11, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, NFC and USB Type-C for connectivity. The newly launched phone shares all these features with its non-Android One sibling.advertisementThe point of difference, however, is the processor and the operating system. Unlike the LG Q9, which comes with the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset and runs on Android 8.1 Oreo, the LG Q9 One ships with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip and it runs on Google’s Android One mobile platform.The LG Q9 One also costs more than Q9. While the LG Q9 was available for 499,400 won (Rs 31,000 approximately), the LG Q9 One is priced at 599,500 won (Rs 37,800 approximately). In case you are wondering when you will be able to get your hands on the LG Q9 One in India then you might have to wait for a while. The phone has been launched in Korea and there is no word on when LG will launch the phone in its global markets including India.ALSO READ: | LG unveils LG Q9 smartphone with an unusual choice for a processorALSO READ: | LG Q9 leaked press render shows a 6.1-inch screen with a notched displayALSO READ: | Leaked photo shows LG Q9 with a notched display and a 3.5mm jacklast_img read more

first_imgThe standoff between Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy and Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi escalated Wednesday night with Narayanasamy staging a sit-in outside Raj Nivas late at night.Wearing a black shirt and black dhoti, Narayansamy sat on dharna with ministers of the union territory demanding that Kiran Bedi accord sanction for 39 government proposals, including a free rice scheme.His protest came after Kiran Bedi hit the road two days ago and advised two-wheeler owners to wear helmets. While Kiran Bedi wanted the helmet rule for two-wheeler riders to be implemented at one go, Narayanasamy wanted the implementation in phases.Puducherry CM V Narayanasami leads protest against Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi outside the Raj Nivas against her interference in day to day functioning of government.#UserGeneratedContent (@Lokpria)More Videos: India Today (@IndiaToday) February 13, 2019Speaking to media, he accused Kiran Bedi of working on orders of the Centre to disrupt the functioning of his government, “She has no power at all, she has to only be a post office and sign papers which have been sent by the council of ministers. She has no right to touch cabinet decisions…she is vetoing decisions. She is being encouraged by the PM to create problems for our government.”In a tweet, Kiran Bedi said: “Sad to see when a CM sends a letter to Lt Governor and within a week demands a reply by force of a ‘dharna’/ blockade of Raj Nivas. Also makes unfounded allegations, misleading people in Puducherry. He openly dares violation of MV Act on wearing of helmets to prevent fatal accidents.”advertisementLetters sentThe Chief Minister’s action invited a sharp response from Bedi, who shot off a letter to him, terming his protest as ‘unlawful’.”Instead of waiting for my response to your February 7 letter, you have come to Raj Nivas, demanding a reply in this unlawful manner,” she said.”This method (sitting in dharna) is unheard of from a person of your position,” the Lt Governor said in the letter, which was hand-delivered to the chief minister.Kiran Bedi has invited Narayanasamy for a detailed discussion on February 21 at Raj Nivas. The Lt Governor said all the issues Narayanasamy had mentioned in his letter needed examination for a ‘considered response’ and claimed that nothing was pending at the Raj Nivas, as alleged.She noted that the Chief Minister had never said in his letter that he and his colleagues would begin a dharna in front of Raj Nivas unless a reply was obtained by February 13.Narayanasamy replied to the letter, calling upon the Governor to give up her autocratic style of functioning and change the style of undemocratic day to day governance. He called the protest a democratic right and a reflection of the people’s movement against undemocratic and unlawful activities.He also said that the protest will continue until his demands are addressed.Netas sport blackAt night, police barricaded Raj Nivas and surrounding streets to prevent unauthorized persons from entering protesting area.Puducherry: Police has barricaded Raj Nivas (Governor’s residence) & surrounding streets to prevent unauthorized persons from entering protesting area. CM V Narayanaswamy along with his cabinet ministers is sitting in front of Raj Nivas in protest against Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi. ANI (@ANI) February 13, 2019Narayanasamy was seen clearing official files at the venue of the agitation. He was joined by the Speaker as well as Congress and DMK MLAs. Sporting black shirts, they squatted on the road outside Raj Nivas, protesting against Kiran Bedi’s ‘negative stand’ in rejecting files on various matters sent to her for approval.’Bedi delaying proposals’The chief minister told reporters that they took strong exception to the “continued rejection of government proposals to ameliorate the lot of the poor and have-nots”.Narayanasamy also said that Kiran Bedi’s recent decision to make helmet wearing mandatory without generating awareness among two-wheeler riders, as proposed by the government “is a clear case of her going her way and causing harassment to the people”.He alleged that the Lt Governor had not approved 39 government proposals, sent to her for approval since the last few weeks.He cited various instances, including implementation of the free rice scheme, grants to privately managed educational institutions, the sanction of funds for government undertakings and implementation of various welfare schemes for Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and OBCs which were stalled by the Lt Governor though funds were earmarked in the budget for them.”Kiran Bedi should mend her ways and sanction her approval to our decisions. If she wants, she can contest an election in Puducherry”, the Chief Minister said.advertisementNo discussions: CMNarayanasamy insisted that they would leave the venue only after getting a positive reply from the Lt Governor that she would concede to all their proposals.Asked if he would hold discussions with Bedi, he shot back “Why should we? Let her come here and hold talks with us”.Kiran Bedi and the government headed by Narayanasamy had been at loggerheads over various issues ever since she assumed office in May 2016.(with inputs from PTI)READ | Kiran Bedi is a law breaking LG, says Puducherry CM NarayanasamyREAD | Puducherry parties to protest Kiran Bedi’s interference in administrative affairs at Jantar MantarWATCH | Kiran Bedi is a law breaking LG, says Puducherry CM Narayanasamylast_img read more