AFE transfers the concerns of footballers to Health

first_imgThe Association of Spanish Soccer Players has sent two letters to the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare and the Higher Sports Council (CSD), in which they convey the feelings of the First and Second Division soccer players in the face of a hypothetical return to activity in relation to health.In these letters, sent to Salvador Illa (minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare) and Irene Lozano (president of the CSD), the soccer players make clear that “Health is the most important thing, not as an individual element, but as a sense of collective responsibility for all of us who participate” in the field of soccer, without forgetting “our families”. The collective asks that “The sports authority -CSD-, in coordination with the health authority, give us security regarding this de-escalation after the competition”, underlining that “As a group, we are concerned in a scenario of a pandemic that this process of incorporation into the competition routine is not marked with clear and determined rules from the Ministry of Health, which is what gives us full guarantee to avoid situations of undesirable infections, affecting a specific group “, influencing “the sequential forecasts regarding the different phases, among which are group training, and especially phase four, before the competition” and taking into account the precedent of last week that occurred with respect to Real Sociedad and the Fuenlabrada.In these writings, by responsibility It is requested that measures to prevent occupational hazards be specified, taking into account that this activity is within a group. And in relation to tests and other types of tests, footballers want to be certain of confirmation if they can be done by the health authorities, taking into account that there is a demand from society, and they are jointly responsible for this sense with what the authorities determine, being evidence that public administrations must know and authorize.last_img

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