first_img“Girl Talk,” a three-week discussion series focused on facilitating dialogue on college issues among Notre Dame women, came to a close Sunday. The series was created as part of the Right to Life club by senior and Joys of Life commissioner Samantha Stempky. Topics of discussion included birth control, feminism and gender relations. “It was about creating a space for girls to come together and talk about issues that are particular to women,” she said. During the first week, the group approached the topics of feminism in a general sense and the Church’s view of women. Stempky said the discussion centered on the question, “What does it mean to be a woman?” “The article we read was a bunch of selections from Pope John Paul’s letter to women which is a document that a lot of people don’t know about,” she said. “[It] basically [says] you’re equal, thanks for working, thanks for being in the world.” The following week the topic of discussion was birth control, and Stempky said her committee asked South Bend fertility care specialist Suzy Younger to speak on this topic. The series then concluded with a third and final discussion on beauty, the worth of women and the ways women are viewed by men, including a short discussion on pornography. “Although we’re aware that women are objectified in the media, how much progress have we actually made in feeling better about ourselves and knowing how to recognize our own self-worth even when we don’t look like a model?” Stempky said. “I think how women relate to men is very much affected by how women are portrayed in the media, both from how men view women and how women choose to interact with men.” Stempky said several factors contributed to her creation of this discussion series. One reason in particular stemmed from the recent presidential election, she said. “During the political debates people were very generalizing and theoretical and [making] sweeping statements about women,” she said. “I think it’s really important to acknowledge the personal experiences behind these women’s issues.” Whether people are pro-life or pro-choice, for or against contraception, and women in the church, those opinions stem from personal reasons which need to be recognized, Stempky said. “Growing up, your experience of being a woman is going to shape how you think about feminism and these issues, and so we wanted to recognize that and try to focus the discussion on that.” Stempky said. The plans for this series also arose from talks by George Mason University law professor Helen Avare, Stempky said.   “I was really very inspired by her “Women speak for themselves” campaign and just this idea that women have their individual, unique voices,” she said.” Often people think they know other’s opinions on certain issues and later find out they really do not, Stempky said. “We may have different ideas about what’s best for women, but usually all women want what’s best for women,” she said. Through this series, Stempky said the committee hoped to facilitate an open dialogue and create a tone that would encourage others to share their opinions, thought, and feelings to last for years to come. “I think it was really fruitful even for people who couldn’t attend,” she said. “It got people thinking about the different variations of women’s issues and women’s thoughts and feelings on these issues.” Stempky said she believes this sort of dialogue is important especially on a Catholic campus in light of the recent health mandate and issues like contraception in the media today. “On a campus like Notre Dame’s that’s Catholic yet very prestigious in the secular world women’s issues can become more complicated,” Stempky said. “There’s more chance for misunderstandings because you are interacting with Church teaching.” Contact Carolyn Hutyra at chutyra@nd.edulast_img read more

first_img Star Files Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 8, 2017 Cynthia Erivo The Color Purple Hell yes! Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, Cynthia Erivo, Danielle Brooks and more will begin performances in The Color Purple on November 10. The John Doyle-helmed musical is scheduled to officially open on December 10 at Broadway’s Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre.The Color Purple features a book by Marsha Norman, lyrics by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis and Stephen Bray and music by Russell and Willis. Based on the novel by Alice Walker, the tuner tells the story of Celie (Erivo), a woman who, through love, finds the strength to triumph over adversity and discovers her voice in the world. Hudson will take on the role of Shug Avery and Brooks will play Sofia.Doyle’s stripped-down production opened at the Menier Chocolate Factory in London on July 15, 2013, starring Erivo. The new staging cuts approximately 30 minutes of material from the original incarnation and its producers include Oprah Winfrey.The cast will also include Kyle Scatliffe, Isaiah Johnson and Joaquina Kalukango.Check out’s exclusive interview with Hudson, Erivo, Brooks and Doyle below.center_img Related Shows View Comments Jennifer Hudsonlast_img read more

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York I hope you know by now that what you are reading is part of a column we here like to call “The Buzz.”I hope you know by now that if you come to the front of every day (or, realistically, like, every day and a half, cuz sometimes I’m lazy), you’ll find an item that will (more often than not) thoroughly entertain you.Sometimes it’s silly, stupid internetty stuff. Like the Harlem Shake or stupid supermarket pranks. Stuff you roll your eyes about.The better ones, bad lip-reading, human-sounding screaming goats, the guy who freaked out about the snow, made you LOL.The other day, I introduced you to a Facebook page of a New York City street photographer. It probably made you feel a bit reflective.Yesterday, I gave you Lightsaber porn. I know it made many of you smile.Ahhh the power! The ability to control people’s emotion on such a wide-spread manner. The holy grail of many a Batman villain!“If only we can get all of Gotham City to laugh uncontrollably for hours, we’ll be able to rob all the banks! Let’s add this chemical to the water suppl— What?! It’s Batman! How on earth did you find our secret-fortified-remote-out-of-the-way hidden lair?!?”“GPS.”“Curses!!”POW!! BAM!! KERPLUNK!! ETC!!Knowing that with the choices I have made, the things that I have delivered unto you, and the words I have written, I have been able to make you roll-your-eyes or smile, reflect or laugh…Today, I will make you cry.Or at least tear up.Unless you’ve seen this already. If you did, quiet, don’t ruin it. Come back tomorrow.But the rest of you, watch out!Unless you’re not the type to cry…But those that are, oh boy!Now leave me alone and go watch it: thanks to Jon Sasala who was watching this when I walked in, saving me the trouble of having to go looking for something awesome for today’s “Buzz.” #score #toldyouIwaslazy)last_img read more

first_imgWe’re in a recession and lending is down, which means your credit union has fewer opportunities to earn revenue. People are still applying for loans and opening accounts, just not as many. And now, they’re even more likely than before to apply through your website since all your lobbies are closed.With fewer opportunities, you can’t afford to miss any of them. And if you aren’t capturing leads on your website, then you’re definitely missing out.Social distancing has put a lot of people out of work, and they may need personal loans to get through these tough times. Other people are taking advantage of lower interest rates and refinancing their loans. And, of course, applications for SBA loans are through the roof. So, even now, there are opportunities to grow that you can take advantage of by capturing leads.When I say “capturing leads”, I mean asking each applicant for their name, email, and phone number before you ask for anything else.This is an example of a lead capture form on you have someone’s contact information, you can email, call, or text them—manually or automatically; but without the lead, you’re out of luck. So, if you’re sending people straight to a big, hairy application before capturing the lead, then you’re missing lots of opportunities simply because most people who start applications don’t finish them.Take a look at this conversion funnel my company set up for Voyage FCU, a small credit union in South Dakota with $105M in assets:Over the last 30 days, the account pages on had 571 unique pageviews. From those 571 pageviews, 63 people became leads (11%) and 20 people (3.5%) completed applications. That means 43 people started the application but didn’t finish it. Fortunately, Voyage FCU captured the leads first, so they can contact those people to help them complete the account opening process. They’re making sure they don’t miss opportunities.Last autumn, we helped Voyage set up a lead capture system for all of their account pages. Before the setup, they had some long online applications that only a few people completed each month. After the setup, their leads skyrocketed from 82 to 460 per year. That’s 5.6 times more leads, which would help any credit union grow.Since putting lead capture forms on every account page of their website, Voyage FCU is getting 5.6 times more leads.How to set up a lead capture systemYou can set up a lead capture system in just a few steps. Create a lead capture formYour lead capture form should have these fields and nothing more: Once you’ve created the form, make it the first step of the application process for all of your products. Meaning, your call to action should be something like “Apply Now”, and it should open the lead capture form. Put the leads into a CRMYou don’t want leads to get lost in your email inbox. So, instead of just sending them to an email address, put them in a CRM, which is a much better way to track leads through the application process.For Voyage FCU, we set up a free Hubspot CRM account.Voyage uses Hubspot to manage hundreds of leads generated by their website.Note: Your form system may not have a direct integration with the CRM you want to use, in which case Zapier might be able to help you connect the two. Redirect the user to the remainder of your applicationAfter you’ve captured the lead, you need a bit more info from the applicant before you can give them a loan or account. So, your lead capture form should redirect them to the remainder of the application, if it’s online.Note: If you use an origination system like MeridianLink, SymApp, Originate, etc, you might be able to pass the lead data (name, email, phone) to the origination system via API or using URL parameters. (For instance, I know LoansPQ accepts URL parameters.) That way, your applicant won’t have to fill in this info twice. However, if passing the data isn’t possible, I would still recommend capturing the lead on your website before anything else: Again, if you don’t capture the lead, you’ll never know about most applicants because they’ll drop out of the application process before completing it. Notify your response teamSomeone at your credit union should receive a notification when a new lead is generated. Whoever that person or team is, send them an automated email so they can follow up. (Most form systems give you the ability to send email notifications automatically.) But don’t put all the lead info in the email. Instead, share just the name of the lead and the product they are applying for, with instructions to log in to the CRM to get the lead’s email and phone number. Again, you don’t want leads lost in someone’s email inbox; you want to organize them in a CRM where you can see statuses and analytics. Set up funnel analyticsWithout analytics, you’re flying blind. You need to know how many leads your website is generating and how to improve. So, create a conversion funnel like the one I shared above. Databox is a great tool for this.That’s all you need to start capturing leads! Get set up as soon as possible so you don’t miss any of the precious few opportunities available to your credit union during this recession. Good luck and stay healthy! First NameLast NameEmailPhone (I suggest “Mobile Phone”, so you can text them)Product (the product they’re interested in; I suggest using a “hidden” form field that automatically collects the URL of the product page so the user doesn’t have to select the product)center_img 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Derik Krauss Derik is a cofounder of BloomCU, an award-winning website design agency for credit unions. His agency’s design work has received recognition from CUNA (Diamond Award),, and others. He … Web: Detailslast_img read more

first_imgNZ Catholic Newspaper 14 September 2015In washing its hands of Easter trading responsibilities, the Government is failing to protect family time together on one of our few remaining shop-free days, says Caritas-Aotearoa New Zealand.Caritas director Julianne Hickey said the Catholic social justice agency is surprised and appalled by proposed Easter trading legislation, as it will impact most on working families.“We know from long experience how precious our few remaining shop-free days are for families and communities. There are a range of activities that take place at Easter, because most New Zealand workers are guaranteed time off work — including church activities, but also sports tournaments, school reunions, hui, unveilings and other marae gatherings,” said Mrs Hickey.Once shops are open, Mrs Hickey said, many retail workers and others such as cleaners and security workers will end up working whether they want to or not.“For those experiencing financial pressure, families and communities will be deprived of their presence, and our whole society will be the poorer for it. Giving more choice to businesses takes away choice from working families and it impoverishes communities,” she said.There had been no consultation with Churches or unions on this proposed legislation, Mrs Hickey said.The FIRST Union said the government’s plan to allow local authorities to determine if shops and garden centres can open on Easter Sunday just shifts the problem to a different decision-maker. read more

first_imgThe East Central Trojans Athletic Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018 has been announced.This years inductees are Charles Federle, L. J. Taylor, Brad Schwing, Kristal Studer, Paul Johnson, Arik Wolf, and Brett Snodgrass.2018 EC Athletic Hall Of FameCongratulations from WRBI!last_img

first_img O’Neill joked that he could ask Sir Alex Ferguson for advice on how to handle Keane if he causes any trouble, but O’Neill is expecting nothing of the sort. The 61-year-old incoming Ireland boss, who was formally unveiled at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin on Saturday afternoon, sprang a major surprise when he approached the former Manchester United skipper to become his number two. New Ireland manager Martin O’Neill believes Roy Keane’s appetite for football will make him an outstanding assistant. Press Associationcenter_img Keane, 42, famously returned from the Ireland camp just days before the 2002 World Cup finals in the Far East after condemning the nation’s preparations for the tournament and, in the process, falling out with then boss Mick McCarthy. He recently found himself on the wrong end of a Ferguson broadside when the Scot’s autobiography was published, but O’Neill insists he has no qualms about employing an assistant who could hardly enjoy a higher profile. O’Neill said: “I am absolutely delighted he is on board. He is an iconic figure, a great, great player, one of the best players to have played in the Premier League since its inception, a great, great player, so I haven’t a problem with that there. “He went into management – I see Sir Alex Ferguson’s points there that he said that perhaps Roy might have gone into management too soon. I don’t really know that. “All I do know is that from working with him over the last couple of years doing some television work on the Champions League games, I have found him very, very engaging. “I have found his thirst for knowledge amazing. I see him at football matches when there’s no need for him to be at games. He loves football. “I think like all of us in the game, he has points to prove. I know how brilliant he was and I know how sometimes how polarised opinions can be with Roy, but I don’t have a problem with that.” O’Neill added with a smile: “If you are asking about overshadowing, one of the greatest managers in the game finally decided that Roy was no longer wanted because he (Ferguson) felt he was going to be overshadowed. “If he decides on the same thing, I might call Alex Ferguson up and see how he dealt with it. “But all told, I think he will be great. I think he will be great for me for a start – I would like that – but more importantly, I think he will be brilliant for the Republic of Ireland.” last_img read more

first_img Press Association Freddie Burns can still force his way back into RBS 6 Nations reckoning despite spurning a match-winning opportunity in England Saxons’ 14-8 Ireland Wolfhounds defeat, according to Jon Callard. Burns fired a pass into touch in added time as the Saxons hunted a winning score, after Elliot Day was hauled up short of the tryline. That signalled the final whistle, allowing Ireland to breathe easy and toast their resolute defence. The Wolfhounds were relieved not to capitulate and mirror Ireland’s last-gasp 24-22 autumn Test series defeat to New Zealand. Callard said the Saxons had plenty of chances to claim victory in the second half, and backed Burns as ready for a step back to the full squad if Lancaster comes calling. “We would all want him to have won it, everybody would to be honest with you,” said Callard. “It’s one of those things: let’s not hold it against him because it could have happened to anyone. “I’m personally pleased with his contribution and his form. “We had four great opportunities in the second half, four great opportunities, from sustained pressure. “It’s a credit to the lads that when Ireland turned it over and kicked it down our throats, Rob Miller set off on a counter attack and we were a whisker away from winning it. “I think potentially out of this group there are numerous options to go forward into the full squad, whether that will happen next week, across the course of the Six Nations or the summer tour, I can’t say. “But I think if you come back in two to three years’ time, this could be a really good marking-point for English rugby. “We were very aggressive with selection in terms of pushing young players.” Madigan’s two conversions, try and solid all-round showing were enough to drive Ireland home, with the visitors far superior at the contact area. Ireland Wolfhounds head coach Anthony Foley praised his side for their battling qualities in grinding to victory, especially holding out in the final stages. “We had to hang in there towards the end, but it’s a credit to the players that they did,” said Foley. “They just stuck at it in fairness to them, right until the end. “They knew the week’s work was on the line, and they didn’t let it go to waste.” England claimed an intercept try through Bath’s Anthony Watson, but Ireland squeezed home thanks to scores from Isaac Boss and Ian Madigan. England head coach Stuart Lancaster sent Burns into Saxons action at club ground Kingsholm to help the 23-year-old build confidence after his two-month deliberation over leaving Gloucester, with Leicester his expected summer destination. Lancaster can choose between Burns and Northampton’s Stephen Myler to fill the third Six Nations fly-half berth, but Callard does not view Burns’ Saxons showing as a setback. “Absolutely this game is a step in the right direction for Freddie,” said Callard. “Let’s not underestimate Freddie’s ability, he’s not a bad player, far from it. “He’s a very talented individual, and we all know you have dips in form and things don’t go your way. “I’m pleased with his contribution, I think he’s been immense this week. “He and [captain] Calum Clark have done wonders in leading this group.” Saxons head coach Callard backed Burns to keep the pressure on senior England fly-half front-runners Owen Farrell and George Ford. Gloucester playmaker Burns struck the post with a conversion and a penalty to miss out on five points, and then passed into touch as the Saxons closed in on an overtime winning try. last_img read more

first_imgArizona State has announced that Winkles died Friday at age 90 with family and friends by his side.Winkles became the Sun Devils’ first varsity baseball coach in 1959 and led them to national championships in 1965, 1967 and 1969. He went 524-173 at ASU while coaching such players as Reggie Jackson, Rick Monday, Sal Bando, Larry Gura and Gary Gentry. Arizona State retired his No. 1 jersey in 1972 and the field at Packard Stadium was dedicated in his honor in 2001.Winkles later managed the California Angels and Oakland Athletics from 1973-78, compiling a 170-213 record for teams that were either rebuilding or spiraling downward.VIRUS OUTBREAK-SPORTSChicago Sky’s Dolson tests positive UNDATED (AP) — Stefanie Dolson is the first Chicago professional athlete known to have contracted COVID-19, and the second from the WNBA.The Chicago Sky center announced the news in a video that aired Friday night during ESPN’s broadcast of the WNBA draft. She says her entire family tested positive, but that only her mother became seriously ill. She says her mother was admitted to the hospital but is back home and healthy again.Los Angeles Sparks guard Sydney Wiese (wees) is the only other WNBA player to test positive for the virus.In other developments related to the coronavirus pandemic:— West Ham chief executive Karren Brady says she believes the timescale for an English Premier League return is no clearer than when the coronavirus lockdown started almost a month ago. Brady feels that complex questions still need to be answered over player training, the presence of police at matches, virus testing, hygiene and medical protocols. The EPL stated after talks with the 20 clubs on Friday that its objective remains to complete the season but added that all dates are tentative while the impact of COVID-19 develops. April 19, 2020 Update on the latest sports FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) — Running back Brian Hill has signed his $2.1 million tender offer to remain with the Atlanta Falcons.The restricted free agent received an original-round tender last month, giving the team a right to match any offer Hill received from another team or accept a fifth-round draft pick as compensation.Hill played in 12 games with two starts in 2019, rushing 78 times for 323 yards and two touchdowns along with 10 catches for 69 yards and one TD.INDYCAR-iRACINGPagenaud wins simulated IndyCar race CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Reigning Indianapolis 500 winner Simon Pagenaud (PA’-zheh-noh) competed in his firesuit and captured IndyCar’s race on a simulated Twin Ring Motegi in Japan.Pagenaud took advantage of a frantic final 10 laps to get the victory. Penske drivers Will Power and Scott McLaughlin were racing each other for the lead and a likely victory when they came upon the lapped car of Oliver Askew, causing Power to touch McLaughlin’s car. McLaughlin was livid and actively trying to calm himself on his simulator in Brisbane when he was spun into the wall and out of contention.Pagenaud then raced Power wheel-to-wheel and the cars appeared to touch before Pagenaud took the lead. He still had to hold off Scott Dixon’s last-lap attempt to pass him for the win.,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6center_img — The mayor of Madrid says soccer matches and other sports events in Spain will take place in empty venues at least until the end of the summer. He says the coronavirus pandemic likely “won’t be under control” in time for events with big crowds to resume normally. The Spanish league is not expecting to resume at least until the end of May. It is working on several scenarios, including playing without fans through the fall.— Major League Soccer is putting on a five-week video game tournament starting Sunday that will be televised nationally. Each of the MLS teams involved picked a player to participate. The tournament will benefit Feeding America and Food Banks Canada.— Top-ranked men’s tennis player Novak Djokovic (JOH’-koh-vihch) says he spoke with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal about working with the ATP to set up a fund to help lower-ranked tennis players financially affected by the pandemic. Djokovic described what he called a long conversation with Federer and Nadal about “how we can contribute and how we can help lower-ranked guys who obviously are struggling the most.” Djokovic talked about trying to amass somewhere around $3 million to $4.5 million to distribute, perhaps to players ranked from around 200th or 250th to around 700th.— Serena Williams’ coach says he is starting an independent tennis league to have professionals play matches without spectators starting in May at his academy in Nice, France. Patrick Mouratoglou says the plan is to live-stream 10 matches per weekend for five weekends in May and June. The ATP and WTA professional tours have been on hold since March and are suspended at least until mid-July.— The San Diego Junior Golf Association has canceled the 53rd annual IMG Academy Junior World Championships set for July 4-10. The event annually attracts more than 1,250 golfers from more than 50 countries to Torrey Pines and other San Diego golf courses. Many PGA and LPGA players faced their initial international competition at the Junior Worlds. Associated Press — Socially distanced crews in New York and California are keeping horse racing on television in the U.S. during the coronavirus pandemic. Horse racing is one of the few sports ongoing, albeit in a limited capacity at a handful of empty tracks. But its TV presence has expanded because of the dearth of other options. The New York Racing Association helps produce “America’s Day at the Races” on Fox Sports, TVG has partnered with NBC Sports for a dozen hours of coverage each week and the hope is that the fledgling industry can stay afloat and gain more exposure.— Youth sports leagues are bracing for even bigger financial losses with no end in sight for the shutdown of activity because of the outbreak. Communities with sprawling, empty fields and arenas are losing millions of dollars with lucrative tournaments canceled or postponed. Team sports participation dipped after the 2008 recession, so officials wonder what youth sports will look like when kids begin to return to fields and courts. — An online petition addressed to Tokyo Olympic organizers and the city government has drawn tens of thousands of signatures for permission to occupy the massive Athletes Village going up alongside Tokyo Bay. The village was to be home to 11,000 Olympic athletes and 4,400 Paralympic athletes. It is largely complete and empty with the Olympic opening postponed by the virus outbreak until July 23, 2021.NFL-FALCONS-HILLRB Brian Hill signs fifth-round tender to stay with Falcons Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditBASEBALL-WINKLES OBITASU, Angels skipper Winkles diesTEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Bobby Winkles was among the most successful coaches in college baseball before serving as a major league manager.last_img read more

first_imgFootball fans around Central New York were still talking about the one-of-a-kind result Sept. 27 at Vernon-Verona-Sherrill, the Lakers not getting a touchdown or field goal, yet winning 4-0 because it earned a pair of safeties in the fourth quarter.All that mattered to the Lakers, though was that it got a much-needed victory and that, in order to build on it, needed to at least produce a few more points on its visit to Camden.When the Blue Devils kept Cazenovia scoreless in the first quarter, there was a brief concern that this was yet another game the Lakers would have to tough out through unconventional means. Tags: Cazenoviafootball For the second week in a row, the Cazenovia football team ventured on the road and kept a Class B East division opponent off the scoreboard.Only this time, the Lakers actually paired that defensive dominance with a few trips to the end zone.Cazenovia’s 24-0 shutout over Camden Saturday night was the team’s third win in a row following an 0-2 start and second consecutive shutout, and far more conventional than what had taken place eight days earlier.center_img All of that changed, though, when in the second period Cazenovia moved it to Camden’s 24-yard line and Ryan Romagnoli broke his team’s touchdown drought, following good blocks all the way to the end zone.Even more important was Evan Murray’s 32-yard field goal that extended the Lakers’ margin to 10-0 by halftime, a shot of momentum that carried over into the third quarter.Twice, the Lakers moved it on Camden’s defense, and each time Romagnoli finished it off, scoring on runs of five and 11 yards.But just one TD was needed here as, once again, the Lakers’ defense dominated from start to finish, never letting the Blue Devils put together any kind of consistent production.Now Cazenovia returns to the portable lights at Buckley-Volo Field this Friday to welcome Central Valley Academy for a 6:30 kickoff, both teams sitting at 3-2 and tied for third in B West behind undefeated Oneida and New Hartford.The Thunder arrive in Cazenovia fresh off its own shutout, having blanked Chittenango 21-0 a night before the Lakers’ win at Camden.A 14-point second quarter put CVA in charge, with Cole Brewer catching TD passes of two and 66 yards from Michael Dihrberg and then scoring again in the third period on a 14-yard pass from Dihrberg.It won’t get easier for the Bears this Friday as 5-0 New Hartford visits, the Spartans determined not to look ahead to a potential league-championship showdown with Oneida in the Oct. 18 regular-season finale.Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInRedditComment on this Story last_img read more