first_imgzoom Australian energy company AGL has selected Crib Point, Western Port, in Victoria as the preferred site for the construction of a gas import terminal.The company said that a gas import jetty and pipeline would be built in order to increase energy security and supply in south eastern Australia.“Crib Point is best placed to serve Victoria, Australia’s largest gas market, as well as take advantage of the existing pipeline network, industrial port facility and associated infrastructure,” AGL added.AGL will continue to engage with the relevant stakeholders, including Government authorities and the Western Port community, to complete feasibility studies on the proposed site.“This doesn’t signal the end of the feasibility studies for the proposed site but now accelerates the process. We look forward to ongoing consultation with the local community to answer their questions and proceed towards a formal application to the Victorian Government,” Richard Wrightson, AGL Executive General Manager, Wholesale Markets, said.“If all goes to plan, AGL would invest roughly AUD 250 million, commence construction in 2019 and bring the terminal into operation by 2020/21.”last_img read more

first_imgKolkata: Nineteen out of 30 persons arrested by National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with Khagragarh blast case were pronounced guilty on Wednesday.The quantum of punishment is scheduled to be announced on Friday. According to sources, on October 2, 2014, an explosion took place at a house at Khagragarh in Budwan which was taken on rent by a person identified as Sakil Ahmad alias Sakil Gazi. Sakil died on the spot several others were injured. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaOne of the injured persons succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. During investigation, several objects and explosives used for preparation of bombs, grenades and components used to manufacture ammunition and machinery used in cutting and shaping iron pipes were seized. Primary investigation revealed the occupants of the house were active members of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), a terrorist organisation of Bangladesh. Following the case was handed over to NIA, 30 persons were arrested by the central agency and multiple charge-sheets were submitted before the court. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayA few days ago, 19 accused persons pleaded guilty to the magistrate. After submission of their prayer, magistrate of Special NIA Court accepted the appeal and on Wednesday he pronounced them guilty of criminal conspiracy and allegations under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). The quantum of punishment is scheduled to be announced on Friday. The JMB terrorist arrested by Special Task Force (STF) of Kolkata Police had planned explosions at some temples in India in order to prove their existence. According to sources, during interrogation it was revealed that Salauddin, founder of JMB in Bangladesh did not wanted Ejaz Ahmed to be made the top most leader in India. But Kausar, who has been arrested by NIA, and is in judicial custody at present wanted Ejaz to be the second in command in India so that he could take over in case of Kausar’s absence. The police also came to know that Salauddin had come to India approximately two years ago and went to Bengaluru and Dhuliyan. Police came to know that recently Ejaz brought some Bangladeshi youths to India and provided them training. After completion their trainings, these youths were given tasks. After knowing their inputs, the police are trying to locate Salauddin and those youths. It is still unknown whether they have plans to explode bombs in any part of the country.last_img read more

MADRID — Spanish national rail operator Renfe has cancelled hundreds of trains on one of the busiest travel days of the year due to a strike over staffing levels.The company said more than 700 scheduled services wouldn’t operate Wednesday, a day when many people were heading off on their summer vacation.The Spanish General Workers’ Federation also plans walkouts on three other heavy vacation traffic days — Aug. 14 and 31, and Sept. 1.The walkouts are held in two periods of four hours each. The government stipulated that a minimum number of services must run on each day of the strikes.The workers’ federation argues that a shortage of staff is leading to overwork and lower service quality. It says some 14,000 people work for state-owned Renfe.The Associated Press read more

Tijana Martin/The Canadian Press files Keith Stewart, senior energy strategist with Greenpeace Canada, said the province is choosing to ignore dissenting voices.“Rather than consider the input from thousands of Ontarians calling for greater action to fight climate change, the Ford government shot the messenger by getting rid of the environmental commissioner. This is government for the polluters, not the people,” he said in a statement.The government recently announced it was merging the commissioner’s office with that of the auditor general, which critics have said will reduce accountability on environmental issues.The province made close to $3 billion from cap and trade since the system was introduced in 2017, money that was earmarked for green energy programs.Premier Doug Ford vowed to eliminate the system and fight Ottawa’s carbon pricing plan during the spring election campaign, arguing both were too expensive for residents and businesses.Ontario’s cap-and-trade system aimed to lower greenhouse gas emissions by putting caps on the amount of pollution companies in certain industries could emit. If companies exceeded those limits they had to buy allowances at quarterly auctions or from other companies that came in under their limits. “We heard loud and clear directly from Ontarians that they cannot afford cap and trade,” Emily Hogeveen said in an email. “While some advocate policies that will cost families, we will pursue balanced policies that address our environmental challenges, while not betraying the commitments we made to the people.”She added the province sought input from the public, businesses and other stakeholders before releasing its own climate change plan in November. That plan proposes to use taxpayer dollars to spur private investment in clean technologies and create performance standards for large emitters.Saxe said those who weighed in on the cap and trade decision expressed concerns about a number of issues.“The loss of clean economy opportunities was the most common concern expressed in the submissions. Many were concerned that weakening Ontario’s climate policies would hurt investment in clean technology and risk long-term job creation in a low-carbon economy,” she wrote.“A number of commenters shared stories about how they benefited, or had hoped to benefit, from programs that re-invested revenues from cap and trade. Some common examples included electric vehicle purchases and energy efficiency retrofits.”This is government for the polluters, not the peopleKeith Stewart, senior energy strategist, Greenpeace Canada TORONTO — Ontario’s environmental commissioner says fewer than one per cent of people who weighed in on the government’s decision to scrap the province’s cap and trade system expressed clear support for the move.Dianne Saxe says her office reviewed most of the 11,000 comments submitted as part of a public consultation on a bill introduced last year to dismantle the carbon pricing system brought in by the previous Liberal government.Saxe says almost all respondents wrote to voice support for decisive action on climate change, and many were dismayed that cap and trade was being cancelled — particularly before a replacement plan was announced. Ottawa to return 90% of money it collects from carbon tax to the Canadians who pay it Feds on track to impose carbon tax on growing number of provinces on Jan. 1 Ontario will launch constitutional challenge of federal carbon tax plan The legislation to eliminate the cap-and-trade system passed in late October, after the 30-day consultation concluded but before the results were made public.It was introduced in July, but the final vote was delayed when an environmental group launched legal action against the Progressive Conservative government, alleging the province had flouted Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights by failing to hold public consultations on the issue.The legal action will still move forward on allegations that the government also skipped mandatory consultations on a regulation related to the cancellation of cap and trade.A spokeswoman for the environment minister said Wednesday the government was elected on a promise to eliminate cap and trade, but did not address Saxe’s analysis of the consultation results.Ontario Premier Doug Ford vowed to eliminate the cap and trade system and fight Ottawa’s carbon pricing plan during the spring election campaign. read more

Audi German headquarters searched in emissions probe BERLIN – German authorities searched the offices of luxury automaker Audi on Wednesday in connection with the scandal over cheating on diesel emissions by its parent company, Volkswagen.The raids were part of a fraud investigation into Ingolstadt-based Audi, launched by prosecutors in Munich several weeks ago.Volkswagen and Audi brand vehicles with diesel engines make up the bulk of the vehicles caught up in Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal.Munich prosecutors’ spokesman Ken Heidenreich said the current investigation focuses on who was behind the use of the software in 80,000 Audis sold in the U.S. between 2009 and 2015 with 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel engines.No specific individuals are named in the investigation, he said.“The execution of the search warrants is meant to clarify which persons were involved in the use of the relevant technology and, where applicable, were involved in providing inaccurate information to third parties,” Heidenreich said in a statement.Audi spokesman Moritz Drechsel said that the raids were focused on the company headquarters in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt and at its plant in Neckarsulm in the neighbouring state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.“Audi is fully co-operating with authorities as we have the highest interest in clarifying matters,” Drechsel said, adding that he could not comment further due to the ongoing investigation.Volkswagen has admitted it equipped diesel engines with software that detected when the vehicle was being tested and turned the emissions controls off during everyday driving. The result was cars that emitted some 40 times the U.S. limits of nitrogen oxides, a pollutant that can harm people’s health. Millions of cars worldwide had the deceptive software.On Friday, Volkswagen pleaded guilty in the U.S. to a scheme to get around American pollution rules. If a judge agrees to the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation, the scandal will cost the company more than $20 billion in the U.S. alone.In addition to the Munich investigation of Audi, prosecutors in the city of Braunschweig are also investigating Volkswagen itself for possible criminal misconduct. by David Rising, The Associated Press Posted Mar 15, 2017 6:54 am MDT Last Updated Mar 15, 2017 at 8:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email The logo of German car producer Audi is photographed behind a red light prior to the annual press conference in Ingolstadt, Germany, Wednesday, March 15, 2017. German media report that authorities are searching offices of Audi in connection with an investigation into the luxury automaker’s parent company Volkswagen’s cheating on diesel emissions tests. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader) read more

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced the appointment today of a veteran Red Cross official to head the main United Nations agency responsible for Palestinian refugees.Pierre Krähenbühl of Switzerland, currently Director of Operations at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), overseeing 12,000 staff in 80 countries, succeeds Filippo Grandi of Italy as Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).Prior to his current Red Cross post, he served as personal advisor to the President of the ICRC (2000-2002), carrying out various field assignments in El Salvador, Peru, Afghanistan and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and before that he was Head of Operations for Central and South-Eastern Europe.“Mr. Krähenbühl brings to the position a wealth of experience and dedicated passion in humanitarian, development and human-rights action, coupled with strategic leadership experience in politically sensitive and high-risk environments,” spokesperson Farhan Haq said. Mr. Ban lauded Mr. Grandi’s “outstanding dedication and commitment to the Palestinian people.”Established by the UN General Assembly in 1949 after the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict to carry out direct relief and works programmes for Palestine refugees, UNRWA currently provides services including education, health, social safety net assistance and micro-financing to some 5 million Palestinian refugees and their descendants in the West Ban and Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. read more

cwick (Chadwick Matlin, senior editor): The NFL finally has its own version of the Starr Report. After a months-long investigation and hundreds of pages, a law firm hired by the NFL has found that the Patriots most likely did tamper with their footballs, and that Tom Brady was likely “generally aware of the inappropriate activities.” The report itself is sensational, full of amazing details about the bathroom habits of low-level assistants, furtive trash talk about Tom Brady, and a statistical appendix that seems designed for FiveThirtyEight to dissect. Let’s all assemble and talk about it! What stuck out most?andrewflowers (Andrew Flowers, quantitative editor): The report — especially the stat-sy appendix — went to great lengths to show that the difference in pressure between the Pats’ and Colts’ footballs was not due to chance.benm (Benjamin Morris, sportswriter): I would say that the report hammers home the stats and science sides of this extremely well so as to head off any skepticism on those fronts, but they’re relatively easy cases to make. You don’t need a stats degree to look at that table and see that something is amiss.The salacious parts to me are the surrounding facts: Who was responsible, how long has this been going on, what did Tom Brady know and when did he know it, etc? It has a lot more to say on those subjects than I would have guessed.neil_paine (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): Yeah @benm – I was surprised they had the texts, which referred specifically to Brady being on the guy’s case about ball pressure.benm: And they present pretty good evidence that this was a deliberate rules violation for the purposes of gaining an advantage for Tom Brady and the Patriots organization, AND has likely been going on for some time.benc (Ben Casselman, chief economics writer): I am an unapologetic Pats fan, and would name my firstborn Brady if my wife would allow it. But one question I had was how clear it is that Brady wanted the balls UNDER 12.5 psi vs. as close to the minimum as possible. He seems to have complained about the balls in the Jets game, but those seem to have been inflated well over 12.5.neil_paine: @benc – Right, they did complain the balls were at 16 one game.benm: Agreed the evidence about Brady (at least from 30 minutes of dissecting it) seems a little more thin than evidence against McNally and Jastremski. [Jim McNally is the Officials Locker Room attendant for the Patriots, and John Jastremski is an equipment assistant for the team.]neil_paine: Another interesting note is that it was the first time in 19 years Walt Anderson [the head NFL referee for the game] couldn’t account for the balls. In the other games this was happening, who was the referee and what did he notice?benc: That feels to me a bit like the kind of thing you notice only after the fact though. Like, how sure are we Anderson would have noticed if he couldn’t find the balls on other occasions where no one raised questions?cwick: Left unaddressed is whether deflated balls had been helping the Patriots win — do we have any better sense for that now than we did before? Because before we thought this was isolated to just the Colts game, which they won handily. But now it seems like this was about Tom Brady’s preferences in more than just that game.benm: I think the much-maligned study by Warren Sharp about the Patriots having a low fumble rate should be taken more seriously, for sure. I mean, though it had flaws, at a very minimum that author correctly identified that the Patriots fumble rate has been absurdly small. I did my own calculations using binomial and Poisson models and found the same.benc: NOW this is a 538 chat!benm: But the fun part is when you get all Bayesian about it. As I said at the time, the existence of the Patriots’ extremely low fumble rate, as a Bayesian matter, makes it much more likely that the Patriots were intentionally cheating – even though the link between fumble rates and inflation levels is only speculative. That’s the beauty of Bayesianism. But it gets better: Now that it seems likely that the Patriots were violating the rules to gain an advantage, the fact that they also had an extremely low fumble rate makes it more likely that the relationship between inflation levels and fumbling is real – and more likely that the Patriots have materially benefited from their cheating.cwick: @benm “That’s the beauty of…” is a phrase that’s been written so many times. That may be the first time the sentence ended with “Bayesianism.”neil_paine: Agreed that some of those outlier Patriots stats deserve a second look – although it bears noting that the report specifically exonerates [head coach Bill] Belichick, so this doesn’t appear to be part of a grander conspiracy involving the entire team. (Certainly the team beyond Brady could benefit, though.)One question regarding the fumbling is whether non-QB players coming to the Patriots from other teams noticed a change in ball feel.benm: Agreed, the report seems to be focused primarily on these two Pats personnel, with a looser link to Brady.neil_paine: If I recall correctly, the WOWY (with or without you) evidence with players going to/from New England wasn’t very convincing after removing special teams plays.benm: But what do you do in a situation where the team benefits from one person in the organization bending rules? USC has lost national championships for less.neil_paine: Right, was going to say, that’s the kind of moral question that often haunts college teams forced to vacate wins/titles. (And unrelated players are faced with future bowl bans.)benm: And again, just to be clear. I’m not saying the Pats did gain some huge advantage from this. But the odds of that have gone up substantially.cwick: ok — can we talk about the data appendix for a minute, because I was floored by the detail.benm: Indeed, the science-y stuff “floored” me more than the stats.cwick: To your eyes, is this the most high-profile statistical model of the year? and were you impressed by it?andrewflowers: What I love about this report is the various extents the researchers went to make their analysis iron-clad: the natural experiment of comparing the Colts (control group) and Pats’ footballs; the statistical inference (p-values!) in examining the differences in the pressure changes; and the hard-science engineering to test the environmental effects. I mean, just look at this photo…andrewflowers: Someone also apparently “simulated” whether it’s possible to deflate 13 footballs in under 1 minute and 40 seconds. Apparently it is.benm: Honestly, it’s probably overkill. But that is, in a sense, a product of the incredibly strong statistical case. So I kind of give them credit for going so far to address alternate possibilities. A model a lot of stats people could probably learn from. I mean, once it’s clear that this didn’t happen by chance, the discussion moves to: So what explains it.benc: What do we think the odds are these guys were getting paid by the hour?andrewflowers: Very high.benm: Law firm: Yes — paid by the hour.benc: Because this has a definite, “Hey, is there another test we could run?” element to this.benm: And you think FiveThirtyEight is nerdy.andrewflowers: Honestly, today’s report is the best thing for the “Ideal Gas Law” since Bill Nye the Science Guy aired.cwick: Final question: What stat analysis does this report make you want to run out and do?andrewflowers: @benm’s point about the relationship between fumble rates and ball pressure.benc: Chart of “humor of references to Tom Brady’s balls” over time.benm: There’s definitely more to be done on the Patriots fumbling to isolate for the fact that they were the most consistently winning team, the types of plays they ran, their personnel, how that period fits in historical context (have other dominant teams had similarly bizarre quirks), etc.neil_paine: And perhaps another look at Brady from 2007 onward in general. That season was very much out of step with his previous performance. And what followed was very different as well. Do other QBs suddenly get that much better, at that age?benm: WOWD: With or Without Deflation.neil_paine: Lolbenm: Even if org isn’t culpable, it’s a pretty massive shift in the conversation about Pats. Suddenly we’re faced with the possibility of having to discount some amazing sports accomplishment. Again.neil_paine: “Behind every great fortune is a great crime.” This afternoon the NFL released the results of an investigation into whether or not the New England Patriots intentionally deflated footballs below league standards. The report was so sensational that we had to gather some of our best sports minds to talk about it. Here’s an edited transcript of our Slack conversation. read more

first_imgThe report highlighted a number of cases were the 30 day time frame agreed for handing over information was breached during investigations.GSOC said it had wait a year and half for information relating to one mater and said the watchdog was refused information on other occasions.A State investigative body, undertaking important enquiries, has been obliged to justify why it needs certain items germane to its enquiries to the very body whose members’ behaviour is under investigation. THE GARDA WATCHDOG has blasted the force  for  ”unacceptable delays” in handing over information about its members following complaints from the public.The Garda Ombudsman Commission today slammed gardai for not cooperating with its investigations and failing to comply with requests for details on members accused of misconduct.Earlier this month, the Commission raised concerns about delays in obtaining information from gardai for its investigation into collusion between the force and convicted drug dealer Kieran Boylan.Figures released in GSOC’s annual report show gardai received 2,089 complaints from members of the public last year which contained 5,449 allegations of misconduct by members of the force.The Garda Commissioner referred 72 incidents to the Commission, including seven that involved fatalities. As stated, undue justification, refusals, part disclosure, or part access, were never envisaged especially as in these cases the matters asked for are considered by GSOC to be non-contentious. We consider this situation unacceptable.The report also raised concerns about the length of time it took officers to process disciplinary investigations which in 21 cases took more than two years.The were 567 disciplinary investigations in 2012 and the watchdog said they were very rarely completed within the agreed 12 week time frame.Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan accepted there were delays in handing over information and said he had established a dedicated office to deal with future requests.Read: Callinan: Informants are “difficult to handle” >Read: Callinan “has no axe to grind” with penalty points whistleblowers >last_img read more

first_imgThat athlete is Nigerian weightlifter Chika Amalaha who was tested on July 25th. That athlete has now been suspended from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.”Amalaha snatched a best of 85kg before managing 111kg in the clean and jerk for a total of 196kg, to become the youngest Commonwealth weightlifter gold medallist. Amalaha kisses her gold medal. Source: Alastair Grant- © AFP, 2014English cricketer banned from wearing pro-Gaza wristbands during matchA Jamaican not named Usain Bolt won 100m gold at the Commonwealth Games last night NIGERIAN TEEN WEIGHTLIFTER Chika Amalaha has been provisionally suspended from the Commonwealth Games after testing positive in a doping test taken after she won gold in the women’s 53kg category, the Commonwealth Games Federation announced this morning.The 16-year-old Amalaha provided an ‘A’ sample on July 25 which revealed traces of diuretics and masking agents.She will have a ‘B’ sample tested at a laboratory in London on 30 July.Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive Mike Hooper said: “We [have] issued a formal notice of disclosure to an athlete following an adverse analytical finding as a consequence of an in-competition test.last_img read more

first_imgHow much would you pay to view a movie in the comfort of your home while it’s still in theaters? Comcast and Universal Pictures are hoping you’d pay $60. The duo is planning on testing this first-run video-on-demand concept with the upcoming movie Tower Heist.Subscribers with HDTV set-top boxes will be able to order the film for $59.99 three weeks after its release on November 4. Comcast isn’t the only one offering VoD movies, though. DirectTV started testing a similar thing back in April. The DirectTV “Home Premiere” service costs $29.99 and allows users to buy movies starting 60 days after they premiere in theaters.Movie theater owners and executives at the largest chains in the US (AMC, Regal Entertainment, and Cinemark) were already furious about DirectTV launched its VoD program. We’re guessing they’re even more upset about the prospects of Comcast’s service since Comcast will release movies only 21 days after a film has been in theaters whereas DirectTV waits 60 days.We realize 60 bones for one movie seems like a lot, and it is. This would really only make sense for people with large families since it can cost an arm and leg for tickets, popcorn, drinks, and for the gas it takes to get to the theater. Unless you have a giant TV at home, plenty of seating room, and no qualms about charging your friends an entrance fee (money, beer, pizza?), paying $60 for a movie doesn’t really seem worth it. We’re also guessing the Comcast movies won’t be in 3D, which would actually make spending $60 to watch a 3D movie at home a lot more reasonable since one ticket to a 3D IMAX movie can cost up to $20.Universal is the first studio to jump on the offer with Tower Heist, and if enough people take advantage of it and box-office numbers aren’t significantly affected by it, then more studios may follow suit.Comcast is testing this new VoD method in Portland, Ore., and Atlanta, to about 500,000 digital cable subscribers. Universal is also offering the same release of Tower Heist to other cable and Internet companies who want to test out the VoD service.What do you think? Would you pay $60 to watch a movie that’s still in theaters just so you don’t have to leave your couch?via LA Times Bloglast_img read more

first_imgBungie is set to open beta access to Destiny in early 2014. Gaining access to that beta requires you to pre-order the game and then follow the instructions to reserve your spot. However, this week there’s another way to gain access, and it doesn’t require a pre-order.Bungie has tweeted using the official Destiny The Game Twitter account, that all this week they will be randomly sending out beta codes for the game. Each day, tweets will appear at random from that account containing a valid code. To use it you just need to be quicker than anyone else at copy-pasting it into the sign-up page.In order to make the process of entering the code as fast as possible, you need to visit the Bungie code redemption page and join ASAP. This will take at least several minutes to complete as your newly created profile has to be verified, which will include waiting for an email with a verification link in it I’d imagine. Once that’s done you should be able to login and remained logged in for when those all important codes start appearing. Then it’s just going to be a case of who is fastest with their mouse and CTRL-C, CTRL-V actions.Bungie has been accepting beta requests since March of this year, but signing up just put your name into a hat from which the developer selected a lucky few participants. The player count is going to ramp up quickly as we head into next year, though.Is Destiny for you? It’s described as an open world shooter with gameplay footage showing a heavy emphasis on playing with friends. So it’s almost like an MMO FPS.last_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Greek department of the Victorian School of Languages (VSL) in cooperation with the Educational Office of the Greek Consulate General in Melbourne is organising a seminar on December 10 at the VSL in Thornbury. The seminar will see the presentation of the book Text Types in Greek, which is a practical manual to prepare students for the VCE exams. The seminar would benefit Greek teachers currently teaching lower levels, who may wish to teach VCE in the future. Despina Katsavou and Maria Foscollos will be presenting and explaining the book. Alexandros Giannadakis will also present the new Grammar books for years 5 and 6 that are produced from the Greel Ministry of Education.last_img read more

WWE Smackdown Live Ratings Viewers up on December 11 Still below two

first_img Pinterest WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus confirmed for WWE Smackdown premiere on FOX Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter Facebook WWE Smackdown Live Ratings for December 11 are in.This week’s episode from Las Vegas drew an average of 1.97 million viewers on Tuesday night according to a report by is up slightly from last week’s show that averaged 1.95 million viewers. WWE came in at No. 3 for the night on cable in the 18-49 demographics, the same as last week.Although the show did see a slight bump from last week, it was the second week on a row that the show averaged below two million viewers overall.Demographic Ratings for Smackdown LiveSmackdown Live, headlined by Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka, averaged a 0.68 rating among adults 18-49. This is up from last week’s 0.66 rating.center_img Wrestleview Weekly: Predictions for tonight’s Clash of Champions event in Charlotte WhatsApp Google+ WWE Draft confirmed to be taking place as a two-night event starting on October 11 last_img read more

Emery insists Arsenal must improve away form

first_imgArsenal manager Unai Emery insists his side must improve their away form if they’re to be successful this season.The Gunners, who currently sit in fifth position in the Premier League, have failed to win any of their last five league games on the road.“It’s our challenge. Each match is our challenge away,” said Emery, according to FourFourTwo. “We are working on that. It’s also the opposition team.”Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“Like here [at West Ham], for example, they are with their supporters they feel good and strong and can push. We need to take more confidence, more performance collectively, being competitive away to change this moment. We started the season away well, being competitive and winning.”“And then sometimes we are doing but like today [Saturday] we need to do more to be more competitive and to impose our idea and our quality. Today West Ham also have very big players.”last_img read more

Pinsent Masons reports a 224 mean gender pay gap

first_imgInternational law firm Pinsent Masons has reported a 22.4% mean gender pay gap for fixed hourly pay.The organisation has reported its gender pay gap data in line with the government’s gender pay gap reporting regulations and ahead of the private sector submission deadline of 4 April 2018. Its data reflects the law firm’s employees across England and Scotland, and does not include data on its partners’ pay and bonuses.The gender pay gap reporting regulations require organisations with 250 or more employees to publish the difference between both the mean and median hourly rate of pay for male and female full-time employees; the difference between both the mean bonus pay and median bonus pay for male and female employees; the proportions of male and female employees who were awarded bonus pay; and the proportions of male and female full-time employees in the lower, lower middle, upper middle and upper quartile pay bands.Pinsent Masons’ median gender pay gap for fixed hourly pay is 22.4% as at 1 April 2017.Its mean gender pay gap for bonuses paid in the year to 1 April 2017 is 47.4%, and the median gender pay gap for bonus pay is 40%. Over this period, 35.8% of female employees received a bonus payment compared to 33.9% of male employees.More than half (approximately 54%) of employees in the highest pay quartile at Pinsent Masons are female, compared to approximately 62% in the second quartile, around 77% in the third quartile and approximately 73% in the lowest pay quartile.To address its gender pay gap, Pinsent Masons has compiled a set of priorities for the next three years. This includes investigating whether the structure of its bonus schemes is contributing to the gender bonus gap, encouraging a better gender balance in the recruitment of legal personal assistants and junior business operations roles, making career development and promotion processes more transparent, and communicating the firm’s mentoring programmes more widely, such as its reciprocal mentoring initiative and its Great Minds mentoring programme, which are available for both men and women.Over the next three years, Pinsent Masons will also develop the next phase of its inclusive behaviour training, roll out agile working more widely across the business, encourage open and honest conversations between employees and line managers to aid skill and career development, and ensure that the organisation has visible male and female role models. The law firm will also look more closely at the issue of gender diversity within its business operations teams and focus on the benefits of gender balance for both men and women. This would include, for example, encouraging men to take-up shared parental leave, which mirrors the organisation’s enhanced maternity policy.These initiatives will build on existing measures that Pinsent Masons has implemented over the last five years. These include requesting gender balanced shortlists for external hires, developing a more proactive approach to career paths, placing more emphasis on flexible and agile working, and the introduction of online and coaching support for male and female employees who take parental leave. It now tracks practice group talent pipelines more systematically to ensure gender balanced promotion shortlists, and has established a nominations committee to provide a transparent approach to senior appointments.Over the past five years Pinsent Masons has also changed its approach to bonuses to reward performance rather than matter-related hours targets, and introduced inclusive behaviour training to tackle unconscious bias.Richard Foley, senior partner at Pinsent Masons, said: “While we compare favourably with our sector overall, our gender pay gap emphasises the importance of our programme to remove any unintentional hindrances to progression.“The firm is committed to ensuring that all roles in our business are accessible to those with the skills and experience who wish to work there regardless of gender, and we will continue to take steps to encourage all our people to reach the highest level to which they aspire.“We believe in creating a level playing field where everybody has the opportunity to reach their full potential.”last_img read more

Pak books 2611 attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed for terror

first_imgLahore: Pakistani authorities on Wednesday booked 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks mastermind Hafiz Saeed and his 12 accomplices for “terrorism financing” in 23 cases, amidst growing international pressure on Islamabad to act against terror groups. Pakistan’s counter-terrorism department (CTD) said the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief and his aides used five trusts to “raise funds for terrorism financing”. Also Read – EAM Jaishankar calls on European Parliament President David Sassoli Advertise With Us “Hafiz Saeed of JuD and other leaders were booked in cases of terrorism financing,” the counter-terrorism department statement said. The cases have been registered in Lahore, Gujranwala and Multan for collection of funds for terrorism financing through assets made and held in the names of trusts, including Al-Anfaal, Dawat ul Irshad and Muaz Bin Jabal. Also Read – This is why Denmark, Sweden and Germany are considering a meat tax Advertise With Us The counter-terrorism department said investigations have been launched into matters of JuD , LeT and FIF regarding their holding and use of trusts to raise funds for terrorism financing. “They made these assets from funds of terrorism financing. They held and used these assets to raise more funds for further terrorism financing. They will be prosecuted in Anti Terrorism Courts for commission of these offences,” it said.last_img read more

Judiciary kept enough patience Sinha

first_imgChief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha. File PhotoChief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha on Sunday said the judiciary has kept enough patience.“Here is your petition. We, the judiciary, have kept patience, kept enough patience,” the chief justice told senior jurist M Amir-ul Islam during the hearing on finalising the code of conducts for the lower court judges.At this stage, the chief justice referred to the Pakistan Supreme Court’s order that removed country’s prime minister and said, “[I] will only say that we need further maturity.”The full six-strong Appellate Division bench headed by the chief justice fixed 8 October to issue the next order in this regard.Earlier on 6 August, the Appellate Division gave the government time until 20 August to finalise the code of conduct for lower court judges and the matter was produced before the court today, Sunday, as a follow-up.At the beginning of the hearing, the attorney general placed a petition for extending the time again.SK Sinha said it was said during the last hearing that there will be a discussion. “But with whom?”In response, the attorney general replied, “The law minister.”Senior judge of the Appellate Division Md Abdul Wahhab Miah said, “With all judges of the Appellate Division.”Chief justice said, “A discussion was supposed to be held. You didn’t even discuss the matter.”Attorney general asked, “What can I do about the policy-making affairs?”Sinha said, “You [all] speak a lot in the media, but say differently in the court. I am not telling you, rather speaking of you all.”Addressing the attorney general, the chief justice said, “Tell me. When will I fix the date? You all will sit together.”At one stage, the attorney general said, “A surge has cropped up centring on all things.”Sinha replied, “We’re making no comments. You [all] are doing everything. When do you want the next date?”Mahbubey Alam said, “One week after the vacation.”Chief justice said, “We are fixing the date as per your demand. We fixed 8 October.”At this stage, one of the key counsellors of the Masdar Hossain case Amir-ul Islam stood up for placing his arguments over framing judges’ code of conducts and the chief justice told him, “Here is your petition. We, the judiciary, have kept patience, kept enough patience. Pakistan Supreme Court has…, [I] will only say that we need further maturity.”The judiciary was officially separated from the executive in November 2007 but the disciplinary rules for the lower court judges are yet to be formulated.On 2 December 1999, the SC, in a landmark verdict in the Masdar Hossain case, issued a 12-point set of directives to the government, which included framing of disciplinary and appeal rules and code of conduct for trial court judges.On 7 May 2015, the law ministry sent a draft of the rules to the Supreme Court which is similar to the Government Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 1985.Later, the SC had amended the draft in light of the 7-point Masdar Hossain case verdict which cited about formation of the lower court judges code of conduct and asked the law ministry to issue a gazette notification, after incorporating the amendments.This is for the 22nd time since October 7, 2016, the government sought time for publishing the rules for lower court judges.last_img read more

Rangamati Science and Technology University gets 64 acres land

first_imgRangamati Science and Technology University (RMSTU) has got 64 acres of land for its permanent campus in Rangamati district.Rangamati deputy commissioner Mohammad Manjarul Mannan, in a function at his office on Saturday, handed over the land ownership document to the university grants commission (UGC) chairman professor Abdul Mannan, said a UGC press release on Sunday.UGC chairman professor Abdul Mannan attended the programme as chief guest with Rangamati DC Mohammad Manjarul Mannan in the chair, reports UNB.Bangladesh Agricultural University professor Manik Lal Chakma was also present in the function.The site for permanent campus of the university is located at Jagrabheel mouza, about six kilometres away from the city centre.UGC chairman announced that with the help of the local community, it may be possible to shift some of the classes of the university to the permanent campus by the middle of the next year.Currently, around 300 students are enrolled in the university and their classes are held in a local high school.Later, the UGC chairman handed over the documents to RSTU vice-chancellor Pradanendu Bikash Chakma.last_img read more

Abbott Aims To Reassure Houston Business Leaders Over PreK Funding

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Andrew SchneiderGovernor Greg Abbott addressing the Greater Houston PartnershipGovernor Greg Abbott was in Houston Tuesday to speak to the Greater Houston Partnership. He used the occasion to reassure business leaders nervous about cuts to state funding for pre-kindergarten education.The governor said Partnership CEO Bob Harvey had pressed him on the fate of pre-K funding in the Legislature, pointing to recent newspaper articles. Abbott said he’d told Harvey, “Your first mistake was reading the newspapers.”“It’s not ‘if’ pre-K education is going to be funded. We’ve gone beyond the ‘if’ point. The battle right now is over which strategy is going to be the appropriate strategy to be used to fund pre-K education. The House has a plan. The Senate has a plan. The governor has a plan. Between those three, we’re going to work out something in conference committee.”During the last session, the Legislature approved $118 million in funding for the governor’s high-quality pre-K grant program. This past January, in his State of the State address, Abbott called for legislators to double that amount, saying “Let’s do this right. Or don’t do it at all.” They took him at his word. The House and Senate zeroed out funding for the grant program in their respective budgets, though both chambers provided funding for alternative pre-K programs.Pre-K education is a major priority for the Partnership, whose leaders see it as critical for training the city’s future workforce. 00:00 /01:13 Listen X Sharelast_img read more

first_imgNobody enjoys the aging process. Parts of your body start to ache for no apparent reason, injuries take longer to heal, your hair falls out, and it’s impossible to hide the fact you’re getting older because of wrinkles. However, MIT believes it has solved the wrinkle problem, at least temporarily, with the development of a second skin.It is very difficult to hide wrinkles. You can have them fixed with cosmetic surgery or Botox treatments, but risk looking like an expressionless doll. There’s also make-up, but that can only do so much and becomes less effective the older you get. This second skin takes a different approach.It’s a polymer film roughly 70 thousands of a millimeter thick that’s applied as two creams one after the other. It then sets as a second skin, supporting the underlying tissue and visibly looks like younger skin due to particles in the second cream that diffuse the light. When applied to especially wrinkly areas, for example, below the eye, it can make an enormous amount of difference. And such is the strength of the polymer, pinching that area sees it return to the youthful look. You can even go swimming without it falling off.Such a product is sure to be extremely popular with celebrities who will try anything to keep their youthful looks for as long as possible. Now they’ll be able to cheat, and will likely/happily pay a large premium to do so. The fact this second skin only lasts a day means it has huge sales potential as an over-the-counter product. I’m sure the major cosmetics companies are already clamoring to be the first to do a deal with MIT and the two spin-off companies that helped develop it: Living Proof and Olivo Labs.It’s not just cosmetics where this second skin treatment could benefit people. The polymer can be used to protect our skin from UV rays, prevent moisture loss, cover birth marks, help treat skin conditions such as eczema, and be infused with drugs that slowly release over the course of a day. It may even find a use as a wound dressing, only nobody would know you’re covering it up as it would look like natural skin.last_img read more