2. then after a period of time when site, that included the home page, content page is not included, or included in the page, not included the home page. Included in or out, update the article to be included. New articles have also been included. But the amount included overall did not increase. This is normal, because you are new sites. It is the same with the new employees of the company. Love is like the same for Shanghai to submit. The candidate must have a probation period. Then look at your performance? Love for Shanghai is the same, a website should have a probation period. This period of time to see how the content of your website, will often change some elements. The content will not be useful for others like. After this period, you will Baidu preliminary approval. Would have included out, your collection will increase.

search engine changes frequently, sometimes wrong." At the beginning should understand in their minds.

please indicate the original articles reprinted from the blog address: Zhao three eggs.

4. update snapshot snapshot delay. This is not just for some construction techniques applied by many Shanghai Longfeng sites, most of the time is the love of the Shanghai database, rather than the problem of its own web site. Zhao Sandan believes that there is no need to worry about.

1. well sites, then submitted to the search engine. What is the next thing you have to do, almost everyone knows, the need to wait for is site:www.***贵族宝贝. Love to see whether Shanghai has not included your web page, is not. Don’t worry, after submitted to love Shanghai. Every one or two days to see your weblog (general spatial support and built-in log files), see the love of spiders in Shanghai (Baiduspider) have to crawl log. If yes, then update the regularity of the waiting included out.

3. a lot of the beginning of Shanghai dragon man will be scared (I was scared by). The thing is, at the beginning of Shanghai Longfeng, almost a lot of basic knowledge is hazy. Don’t know where is wrong, one day I site. That is not the first home page. Then the love inside the Shanghai input "why home site site no longer first?". You point in an answer. Write "site home is no longer the first time. Obviously, your site is down right." At that time my anxious. Worried. I’ll be right down? What is the reason? Looking for reasons. Later found not ah. My site included. Keywords ranking is no obvious fluctuation. Directly enter the domain name also found home. After consulting some predecessors. I know site no longer home first, is not necessarily the right to be reduced. A senior is replied to me: "your website site is no longer the first page. Do not indicate any problems in many cases."

this article following the "why the media conference is more and more soft fire" for writing, people fear most is the continuous solution of plane of their own shortcomings, young people’s love is the highlight of their advantages, which are the two extremes of personality. You want to progress, you will break, you have to in the workplace do you want to ride, put my sword, to sharpen their own these two extremes, we can go to the end of the world, the workplace, learn to face the two extremes, learn what the solution planing yourself, what time do the show itself, in the face of their own life be neither humble nor pushy workplace.

2, negative press. Some enterprises accidentally touch a website accidentally see, there is a bad news, the general practice is to delete this, give some clear adverse effects.

night, today temporarily concluded here, if there is love friends, welcome to join the fat exchange group: 140319029 with the exchange and learning by internet. The forwarding of A5, the fat Shanghai Dragon (www.pangzi Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep the original link.

3, love Shanghai related domain. General soft Add URL, if your site in these media sites, will increase the weight of love in Shanghai, other outside is a lot of reprint and increase the content of the web site included. This is what we love above five reasons A5 investment.

it may not at the same time, when they can’t have the time, there is an even one, you will not lose. Because the soft media to a certain extent can help website promotion or marketing.

. A few years ago when the text is not very fire, all weights can output the URL, which gave Shanghai Longfeng Er will reduce a lot of work, but the existing portals and region attaches importance to Shanghai dragon, not the output weights, because now the media in a crackdown. This is a blow to the head hair media.

1, brand promotion. As the promotion of reason to release a large number of portals and places to do the next line, cast a wide net, in which place, can have the harvest.

Four aspects of

so, so, so Shanghai dragon. Today the fat in order to media identity, and the effect of the soft media track behind the story, going on media marketing for what is

4, the weight of ?

time flies, Qiazhiyisuan do Shanghai dragon is not short of time, during this period also saw a lot of knowledge about the Shanghai dragon, do a lot of combat keywords ranking, overall, the Shanghai dragon and the dependence of the increasingly deep feelings. From the main page just opened the title, later on, to the layout of the page within the chain, to change the long tail, some of the columns are every little bit accumulation, feeling Shanghai Longfeng learning can not be instant success, also need to understand in practice. As a webmaster or Shanghai dragon ER, to what kind of conditions can put their Shanghai dragon

first, how to understand some program

do? can not work not completed


understand some of the program in the first place, because for a large website, SE for website crawling not only in a small number of pages, so there is a problem with the site itself leads to repeated SE crawl or included not to, then you need to make adjustments, the program for another, website, so need to upgrade considering the factors of Shanghai dragon. If you know how to solve the program, many articles are very block, can do the best to the greatest extent. Otherwise, the program on the search engine to suck it will let us do Shanghai Longfeng discount.

tool is not terrible, is not afraid to use. In simple terms, CMS is a simple tool, now many webmaster use CMS website, and the performance is good. In addition to CMS, there are a lot of tools we must learn to use, such as webmaster query tool, group tools, various batch script etc.. For many webmaster tools group, is not optimistic, which is mainly used for the sake of you over, if used properly, will have a lot of time. For batch script, sometimes also need skilled use, especially large sites, sometimes need to bulk import and export, add or delete, use these scripts can reduce a lot of work.


second, using the tool

many webmaster do not worry to Shanghai Longfeng keywords ranking, with emphasis on the overall site right and tail mining, as the Shanghai dragon ranking, we all know that takes time, so we cannot persist finally cannot realize the Shanghai Dragon Charm, also cannot realize the Shanghai dragon technique is effective. Do webmaster > healthy

Why did

for small and large web sites, two different angles, depending on the basis of Shanghai Dragon technology is also different. Some small sites even if the implementation of Shanghai Longfeng foundation is not strict, included not too much influence, because the page itself is too small, does not embody the importance of the Shanghai based phoenix. But for large sites, do not pay attention to the basis of the Shanghai dragon is a large number of pages not included, directly cause a very big impact on traffic. So, Shanghai Dragon technology must be solid, so as to lay a solid foundation for high flow site.

third, Shanghai Dragon technology must be solid

two common link of the site is to have a relationship, and friends to make those and their close friends character, so the website is like this, like my site is doing the lottery software development www.88856856.cn, I added to Links and lottery, the related software, so try to for those and myself the same, even if his weight to low to do.

lottery software development site outside the chain there was growth of 10 a day, but in a sudden increase of 100 this unstable growth will be the love of Shanghai considered cheating, this is easy to be reduced permissions, so to do outside the chain of stable growth.


, the chain do not focus on

we all know the chain for the importance of Shanghai dragon, we are wrong to think that the chain is the site to send links to OK, but it will be really OK? Simply send links such a large extent is to let a lot of people not to return, because the definition of foreign chain search engine the user is really recommended on this page, then we should be how to do it, I experience from the optimization of lottery software development site to give you some suggestions.

Don’t let me

four, the chain had sent their own

buy the chain although there are benefits, can be ranked rapid increase, but there are many disadvantages, besides love such as Shanghai search engine for the purchase of the chain is not love, so the lottery software development website is not to buy the chain.

seven, IP

five, the chain can not buy

with a IP chain not too much to do, otherwise the search engine will be targeted, so.

chain increased as a result of optimization is excessive, I do Links, I won’t do in my lottery software development keywords in the increase, such as if you steal something also labeled you steal the label. Do you like to do the usual link link. This link is the best effect.

two, the weight of the site to do

six, the chain had better not

for the chain weight high not excessive pursuit, because not all the chain can achieve high quality, to achieve the nature of the chain, the new website he is from the high weight of the old site from the low ranking, the only way I lottery software development sites to be able to get good rankings in Shanghai love search engine.

when I did the lottery software development site outside the chain chain will all concentrate on our website home page, the chain must also be on the navigation page, the lottery software development website second nights third pages in the content page, the anchor text, I also have friends of the chain chain.


three, the chain to the steady growth of the

but do so long I need to know the Shanghai dragon search engine, after all their own blog weight is not very high. It took nearly 1 hours, through the search engine the site inquiry found that the article was collected (below). Such a fact that adding "website article being copied the code in the website code and will not affect the site included the.


? )

this paper, from the Tang Dynasty 517: 贵族宝贝tc517贵族宝贝 original welcome to reprint reprint please indicate the original author

we all know there are many novel sites of novels are unable to replicate, today I blog for a pen name "Ming emperor paraselene" friend added "novel" module, used to publish his novel "dream" regeneration. In order to protect the intellectual property rights, the author to the Internet to find a code of the website article not copied function. But the problem, add this code will not affect the website article? By love Shanghai search, find the answer "yes" or "no" each half, while the search engine only included the label is not included in the article. Does it really affect included

in order to further clear the reason, I see some literature found: just a spider who did not add the corresponding influence of the code, the search engine spiders will identify some HTML code, remove the code content included. In fact, some relevant contents of this truth as accumulation in the website, and through setting the background color to deceive the search engine. (the user can not see the accumulation of content, but the search engine can be included in the.


today, my colleague told me that he was responsible for the site was K, leaving only two home page and the inside pages. So we talked about some problems, I found that his understanding of the site optimization is different with me. Maybe he is a novice, there will be these errors.

training courseThis is not to say that listening to

tutorials, those useless, but if you must listen to, must have a certain foundation, otherwise they will be very confused. That sounds good, as all know, is in a complete mess. Because the audio-visual tutorial said something really is also limited to the surface.

here I just say a little one, inside and outside the chain chain industry believes that the golden ratio is 0.8:1, and he told me that according to his analysis of many stations are 1:20 or 1:15. I have to admit that outside the chain as the theme of the network world, this phenomenon is very normal. But it does not mean.

long time no system written to share things about the Shanghai dragon, about a year’s time, has been doing the work of the construction of the external links. Although doing not too happy, but also to accumulate certain resources and the release of the chain skills. Now finally made a choice, now do rankings. In this month, like a lot, but also a lot of experience, here and share some understanding about Shanghai dragon

error: love to listen to the YY Shanghai dragon

this advice is that the best is to read more books, paper books. Careful, slowly, some thought, it will form their own understanding, to become their own things.

these two days the mood is somewhat relaxed, also a little nervous. Relax because these days are in a good mood, the body has been restored, may also have relationship with the weather! Nervous because is now in the hands of the station has already reached more than a dozen, soon to sprint to the home page, but is the feeling of lack of what was very unhappy.

through communication with colleagues, I found that he seems to want to know more about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge in a short time. Code optimization, software, always thinking about swordsmen. Of course, this spirit is good, but if the foundation did not play well, excessive pursuit of some skills that will just try. Try to cheat once inadvertently, will cause bad effects on the site later, especially when love Shanghai adjusted

error three: to optimize the good standing as a reference model for

error two: follow the prescribed order to complete

my proposal was to have the heart, have their own ideas, develop their own plans to practice, do not do too much. All in accordance with the white hat to do, know what to do, why to do so, the natural means of black hat, you are far away, don’t worry more love Shanghai for our surprise adjustment.

The search behavior of

is the biggest quiz to exchange platform, the platform management than any inquiry platform must strictly, the webmaster want to promote your site has some difficulty in Shanghai know love. Although the love of Shanghai is very strict audit mechanism, can curb the advertising content, but to improve the quality of QA content is not much, I often love Shanghai SOSO know and ask the two platform to promote their own websites, for the love of Shanghai to work through the examination of the answer. Basically you can explain the purpose of promotion has been reached, but the SOSO ask is not the same, even has been approved, and was selected as the best answer, the promotion you may not be able to achieve the desired results, the reason is that SOSO launched a platform to ask more benign development mechanism. The promotion of the webmaster may at any time to other users of the content covered, I personally experienced. We look at this picture that

SOSO ask for advertising review although there is no love Shanghai so strict, it is much easier to add links. May be this reason inside, that is Soso Ask the link after the jump, but not to transfer the weight, not contaminated by the chain the Shanghai dragon staff. But this mechanism can strict audit mechanism than the love of Shanghai have better effect on the quality of the content, answer can be greatly improved, even if you fall in love with the sea and then how to answer is not comprehensive, as long as is selected as the best answer can have a very good display position, but not how to SOSO, if your answer is not complete, the content is not comprehensive, even.

you see, my answer was the top to go back, so that in Soso Ask your answer on the promotion content quality must be very high. If you love to answer, want a simple answer is adopted as the best answer. Others can bring you the top down. At this point I think Soso Ask know do better than love Shanghai, because some things are needed to update the need to improve, like Shanghai Encyclopedia of the need for real-time update according to the situation, or an answer at the time may be useful, as the technology continues to be more new, now useless, that may mislead others are not the same. Then we do the promotion also need to maintain their own these problems in real time. But Soso Ask can also choose the two best answer.

general search can be divided into the following three types: navigation type search and product search and search for the three kinds of questions and answers. Do believe that Shanghai dragon’s friends and even with a promotion, then the inevitable question and answer type promotion is indispensable. Chinese’s two largest Q & a platform is a love of Shanghai know, second is search ask. As long as the questions promotion friend I believe is not let go of the two platforms, I also in the two Q & a platform for further research, found that the heavier Soso Ask the quality of content, and love Shanghai know they hate advertising.

some time ago, the line on the website, in order to lead the spider, in an article in the Journal A5 copyright plus the new link. Here, the first to thank A5 I will recommend the article to the home page, attracted a lot of visitors and get a lot of Webmaster Platform. Through the love of Shanghai webmaster tools can see the statistics of the chain can be seen, most of them are all webmaster information reproduced the chain. This is the first page, not more than a word in the screenshot, I did not deliberately do the chain under the condition of pure text. This article has reprint accounted for more than eighty percent of the chain.

recently I on a new station, because there are many other things that haven’t been deliberately done outside the chain, the article also has a no one in. It is because the chain data is not complicated, so I found a phenomenon in the 2 days before analysis, that is how to use only pure text link resources to achieve the effect of keyword ranking.


then we will now only hope that when reproduced retain the copyright for the link name to search, the results are as follows:

but we are looking for the chain resources are usually found, can send the anchor text link platform is too small, not easy to find that there are a variety of advertising, make the effect is not satisfactory, but can put pure text links to place more, many platforms can bring on the signature the web site. So a lot of resources really want to ignore? Pure text links true for keywords ranking had no effect on

Is there a

look at the link name, but also just select the one shots, is the most reprinted shows this:


? .

we all know, the chain click it is divided into two kinds, one is able to click, one can click on the. Remember 2 years ago there was a statement by the majority of people: the anchor text helps the keywords ranking, Web links and text URL can increase the overall weight of the site, including pure text. The worst effect. Some people even ignored the role of plain text.

can see, love Shanghai selected from punctuation. The link name is left after the start of the interception, we do to cater to the rules of this chain can, perhaps.

George W. Bush was the anchor text experimental effect? Because I stand and this sentence is not 10 fen. See here, I should know what is way of it. Although the word does not have any competition, can not show this is much effect, but a serious lack of resources in the chain now, mosquitoes are more small meat. But we should also pay attention to the skills, the last time I see the article:

from the macro perspective, I think the Shanghai dragon has three of the most important rules, that is the original content and the high quality of the external links and persevere appropriate optimization.


highlights important

screenshot from 360 search (so贵族宝贝)



Keywords: lists several important keywords can not too heap >

Title: the only emphasis can be important keywords appear not more than 2 times, and on each page, title to be different, as shown below:

and reasonable

Description: the web content highly summarized here, the length should be reasonable, not too much stack keywords, each page of description to be different, as shown below:

is to build a very important link in the website, this article mainly from the perspective of front-end to explain the implementation method of the Shanghai dragon. The work is mainly responsible for the front page of the HTML+CSS+JS, and optimized these aspects will lay a solid foundation for the work of Shanghai dragon. An important content can make the search engine to determine the focus of the current page is what, to enhance web access speed can make the search engine spiders smoothly, fast, a lot of grab web content, so here I will focus on in order to highlight the important content and enhance the site speed mainly to sum up.

now search for the weight of these three items is gradually reduced, but still hope to be able to write them reasonable, just write something useful, don’t write novels here, to express the key.

In front of the


title, description keywords

(Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon, is the legend of the search engine optimization, optimization refers to the behavior in order to increase "in the search engine natural search results included in the number and improve the ranking position and do. I think this is a simple to say, but the operation is complicated, only to be sensed, not explained. As an engineer, do not need to be proficient in Shanghai Longfeng, but must understand it. Shanghai dragon has an invariant criterion is that it never change, because there is a heavy optimization scheme for everyone to use the same. But we can still find some basic or recognized rules for the web site of the Shanghai dragon. It is more important for us to have their own practice, to find suitable for their own effective methods of Shanghai dragon.


I reiterated the view: I was in view of this phenomenon, I personally do not agree with this approach.




chain, is bound to do, but we should change our original concept of quantity to seize the market, but good quality occupy website ranking. Below I said my personal for some outside the chain of view:

early in the morning I open the computer, published a paper "query as a good website optimization Shanghai dragon Er — don’t revel in the hair of the chain A5 yesterday!" included and reproduced, was surprised to find that an article is actually a boycott of my writing. I took a look at my curiosity, in which point of view is wrong, or I have sinned against this man, or deliberately looking for?

before I found that there is a very serious phenomenon, many webmaster every day. The hair of the chain, ctrl+c, ctrl+v, and n (n = 10) with a platform published an article, the chain is surging, perhaps there will be a sudden rise in the website ranking, but do original website ranking, even no? Is good, but because of persistence, number of repeat, but be right down, the rational and who is to say? To love Shanghai complaints platform, now Baidu would you

I have read carefully again: "resolutely resist" Shanghai dragon Er – don’t revel "the chain", as it is this man, Dawu! Did not read my article, and impose their own ideas. This is the man you are wrong, if you respect the author’s works, please read carefully, any does not agree, can exchange or what? After all, the article only on behalf of the author’s idea! If you want to criticize the can, but please respect the author works, the author expressed the idea to be read again, say. Otherwise it is not deliberately finding fault



I have such a meaning above, I made several websites, on-line the first day included, half a month later with the webmaster tools query, BR is 1, the prediction flow is 5, from the line to half a month, the chain I do very little, but the quality is good, the encyclopedia. Until now, the site for two months, the keywords ranking has been stable in the home page, keyword index at around 100, the chain more than on the number, but also to the quality in advance, so the site has been relatively stable. If the 2013 often do new friends, you will find that the website ranking is fast, it is easy to fall

: the first chain of title is very important. If you are one of the title of the party, congratulations to you, now is the need for such talent. The title of the party, is not only suitable for the station, more suitable for the outside of the station, a good title, there will be more people to click. As an outstanding Internet webmaster, we should always pay attention to the news, when writing the title, the combination of news writing, more attractive. PS: no title >